31 December, 2010

Happy New Year

You Should Stay Home for New Year's Eve

By the time New Year's Eve comes around, you are usually exhausted. You just need to rest.

That doesn't mean you won't celebrate, but you'll definitely be toasting the new year in your own low key way.

You'll reflect on the year that's passed and make plans for the year to come.

And when the clock turns over at midnight, you'll be cheering along with anyone else. You'll just be in your pj's!

Funnily enough we are staying in!


I watched Toast last night. I think it was set in the late 60s and early 70s and it started to make me think about food of my childhood.
I was born in 1968, so my earliest memories are of the 70s. My memories are of toad in the hole (which I hated at the time, but now really like)liver and bacon (oh triple yuck - but even though Mum knew me and my sister hated it she would still cook it, AS IT WAS GOOD FOR YOU)roast dinners, Yorkshire puds.
When Dad was growing up there was an Italian family living near by, so he knew about pasta dishes. Although we didn't say pasta , we called it spaghetti.He showed Mum how to make spaghetti bolognase. Spaghetti, mince onions, tomato puree, crowned with a bed of peas. Reader, I loved it, it was my favourite meal ever. When I got home from Brownie pack Holiday Mum cooked it as a welcome home meal.
Mum used to bake a lot too: fairy cakes, butterfly cakes, fruit cake. Which is something I never do, bake cakes.
Living in the East end, we also used to eat cockles, winkles, jellied eels, scallops. All splashed with vinegar. If we went out to eat it would be Chinese or a Berni Inn.That would be a very special occasion though. I don't remember us having take aways, unless it was fish and chips. Mum and Dad didn't drink wine, it would be Guinness (dad) and something and slimline tonic (mum) and they would go to out to drink, they didn't drink in doors.
Mum would get a lot of her food from the market. We would walk there and back, and Mum had a push chair that she would pile the bags on. We didn't get a car until I was 13.
Mum was a lover of grapefruits and cottage cheese. THESE WERE GOOD FOR YOU AND HELPED YOU LOSE WEIGHT. We even had cottage cheese sandwiches. Soggy brown bread mess. Since I left home I don't think I've eaten a grapefruit or cottage cheese.

28 December, 2010

Hostess with the mostest

The Robbos are "at home" tomorrow. Of course the Robbos are at home everyday, however when one is "at home" it means that one has invited people over.
My sister is a natural hostess. Angela has hosted Body Shop /gold/interior design parties as favours to friends. Angela always lays out a good buffet and the wine is always topped up. Angela seems to take all this in her stride. And she is very good at it.
As for me ...well years ago we would have friends over for dinner. I enjoyed getting the stuff all ready and I think people had a good time. But times change. Friends now have children and it is easier for us to go to them. Friends live further away...I can't pin point the exact reason, but apart from immediate family we haven't had any one over for yonks. By yonks, I mean I can't remember the last time - it may have been earlier this year, but I'm not sure.
So I've invited some friends over tomorrow. I'm doing a buffet, which isn't actually easier than cooking a meal because you worry you haven't got enough stuff and just before the guests arrive you get Buffet Remorse. Why didn't I just cook dinner so much simpler!
Still, now, at this moment I am really looking forward to it. It should be such fun!

19 December, 2010

It's official....

...and I do so love my kindle.

You Are a Kindle

You are a true lover of books and a hardcore reader. You love to get lost in what you're reading.

Even though you like spending time online, you know that it can distract you from what you should be doing.

You are rather serious and down to earth. You don't give into frivolous notions.

If you will truly use a gadget, you'll buy it - but you don't buy anything just because it's the latest and greatest.

18 December, 2010

Deep and crisp and even

Today I was supposed to have my holiday haircut and got out tonight with some friends. Unfortunately we have had "disruptive snow" so none of those things have happened. However I do get to spend the whole with Mr Robbo - so I suppose every clod has a silver lining.

12 December, 2010

Liar !Liar!

You Can Definitely Spot a Liar

Maybe you have good instincts. Or maybe you just have a lot of experience with liars.

Either way, it's pretty hard for someone to pull a fast one on you. You're like a human lie detector.

And I need to start preparing dinner instead of doing these silly quizzes!


I watched Sex and The City 2 last night ..and was cringing by the end of it. What happened to the cutting edge, insightful humour? The series was always glamorous and escapist but it also had a hard edge - Charlotte's disastrous first marriage that she really tried to make work, Samantha's cancer. This was all just fluff - Miranda's problems at work were completely glossed over, so much so I wondered why they were mentioned in the first place. What I did like was Carrie and Big's (he'll never be John to me) decision that they didn't want children -and that wasn't turned over by her getting pregnant at the end of the film.(Yes, Four Christmases I am looking at you). However I am bit worried that they will be saving that for Sex and the City 3..

also watched It's Complicated - mainly for the gorgeous interiors rather than the story. In fact I do that a lot whilst watching films, clocking the accessories.

Christmas is Coming

Your Christmas Sprit Level: 55%

You have a lot of Christmas spirit, and it's evident to most people who know you.

You love most things Christmas, and you do your best to make sure everyone has a great holiday.

While you like the more commercial aspects of Christmas, you truly know what the spirit of Christmas is about.

You're all about giving, being kind, and sharing the spirit of Christmas with everyone you know.

I did this quiz a few years ago and it is still at 55%! And I thought I was gettong more festive.

If you want to keep an eye on how Father Christmas is doing - click here.

04 December, 2010

Big Weddings

I was watching Sarah Beeney's Restoration Nightmare, where she restores her stately home. Actually it is a measure of how likable she is that I could watch the show -rich people's problems and all that.
At the end there is a wedding held there. The bride comes in on a horse drawn carriage, there is a Master of Ceremonies and to finish, a firework display.
Now, everyone to their own, and who am I to judge - but I hate stuff like that.
Why do I hate that wedding magazine stuff? Because it is seems the bride and groom have become characters out of a story. The bride will often say how she has dreamt about this day ever since she was a little girl, and the bloke is reduced to a walk on part. And the cost! You could put down a deposit for a house for how much these things cost.
When I was planning my wedding I bought a wedding magazine - and nearly had an asthma attack over all the little expensive stuff I *needed* to get. Stuff like favours, colour themes, table displays, hire cars ...the list went on and on.
And I can see how easy it is to be sucked in to all of that,but we need to remind ourselves it is just ONE day.
And while I'm talking about weddings, a frined is getting married and she went to a shop and a wedding dress shop and told them her budge was £1000.00. and the shop assistant got sniffy with her! WTF!

Snow week

Thank the Lord it is Saturday! and the snow is melting, a little bit.
This week getting to and from work as been exhausting.Although the trains have been delayed and cancelled, I have been amazed that they managed to get through the snow at all. It has taken me about 2 hours to get to work, door to door this week.
I dug out my wellies and am proud that so far, I haven't even fallen over!

29 November, 2010


I hate snow. I hate the slippy mush. I'm prone to falling over in the stuff. I've looked out of the window and there is a light scattering of snow outside. It has given me the right raving hump.
I just hope it doesn't snow on London, because crossing Southwark bridge is a b!tch.
Bah humbug!

14 November, 2010

I Knew it!

You Are a Geek

You love to learn, especially when it's about technology. No subject is too obscure for you.

You enjoy tinkering with things to see how they work. You aren't a traditional learner either... you need to hack around to figure things out.

You may have the brains to be a super rich Silicon Valley geek, but you're truly content to have your own favorite projects, subjects, and toys.

For you, being a geek is not about the glory. It's about a love of digging deep and truly understanding the world.

And another thing..

I watched New Moon last night. Bella and Edward don't have much fun do they? I like it because it does remind me that first love is so very intense and serious. I want to shout "Bella! hang on! by the time you get in to your 20s you will have lighten up a lot! You will come to realise that true love is not painful and all consuming!"
Any how I worked out why I like werewolves better than vampires. It is because werewolves are alive.

Stuff and Nonsense

I got a strange e mail the other day. A friend of mine got 2 kittens in the summer and it has got a bit much for him. He is looking for someone to take them off his hands,otherwise he will take them to a rehoming charity.
I'm astounded, because he isn't a frivolous man. He wouldn't have bought the kittens on a whim and then changed his mind. But then I believe if you may animals you are making a commitment and unless your circumstances totally change or you find you are severely allergic to it, I can't understand why you would hand them back.

On a lighter note I lent Mum my kindle to see how she gets on with it. Mum has needs to read large print, and you can alter the font on a kindle. But I am really missing it.

01 November, 2010

Diamonds and Marketing

I stumbled over this blog, Rowdy kittens.. It really struck a cord.
I love diamonds. I rather I did. I used to love looking at jewellery websites and fantasise over all the lovely rings. I've blogged before about how I'd like to change wedding rings (wearing the same old ring day in day out..)
Then 2 things happened. I watched the WAGS Come Dine With Me , and was repelled by their massive melon farmer of diamond rings. Then I went to a Pampered Chef evening, and looking round at the other ladies there. all of us wearing our solitaires and wedding bands...I felt like a Stepford Wife.
So it made me have a little re think, which is a good thing. Enough of the diamond madness!!!

23 October, 2010


Would like to say haven't blogged the last couple of weeks because I've been on holiday/having exciting times/have a glamorous life. However I would be lying. I have had flu. It was horrible and draining and I felt v.sorry for myself. Pleased to say I feel tons better now. However as I have done eff all for the last 2 weeks I haven't got much to blog about.
I think the dog knows when I'm poorly. he didn't bother me for walks and he did try and take a few liberties. I woke up from an afternoon nap to finds him sprawled out on our (me and Steve's that is) bed. He wouldn't dare do that normally!

10 October, 2010

Comfort food part 2.

Ocean Jen, this is what Shepherds pie looks like (well, the one I make anyway!)

This is what I had for lunch at work on Friday, raised the spirits after a hard week's work!

13 September, 2010

Comfort food

When I'm at work , my comfort lunch is : cheese and coleslaw and cucumber baguette,cheese and onion crisps (with some of the crisps in the baguette) and Diet Coke.
At home it is spaghetti hoops and cheese on toast and a cup of Earl Grey.
My comfort dinner at home is :lasagna with a glass or 3 of merlot. Or a shepherd's pie, in fact I am cooking a shepherd's pie now.
Food that sinks the spirits: oven chips and a bean burger.

10 September, 2010

Now we are wed

I was reading Anna and the Ring, a blog about a girl's preparations for her wedding. it got me thinking, I've been married nearly 12 years. What are my words of wisdom?
The first year of marriage sucks. You will argue loads. I still don't know why this should be, it just is. Like gravity.
Never forget , that he is now your next of kin. HE CAN TURN OFF YOUR LIFE SUPPORT. Bear this in mind in your daily dealings.
After the first year, things do settle down. You remember why you got married in the first place.
You may have married your best friend, but with time he becomes more than your best friend.
These are the people who I take notice of and who can change my mind, in order:my husband, parents and my sister.
I can go off and do new things because I know he is there in the background to support me.

05 September, 2010

When white goods go bad

I have had quite a busy time and there is a lot of stuff that is blog worthy. But that has been over shadowed by my washing machine scaring the ba jaysus out of me.
We've had the thing for at least 8 years. Steve thinks we had it at the flat, but I'm pretty sure we bought it when we were living here. Any how I put a small load on this morning ( I like to start the week with an empty washing basket) and then there was a big BANG and it died. Steve changed the fuse in the plug, but it was still dead. Steve then went off to do his radio stuff and I took the dog for a walk.
When I got back I could smell burning rubber. Going in to the kitchen, smoke was billowing out of the washing machine.
Now , this is when I surprised myself. I never think of myself as a practical person. But I ran (ran!) the under stairs cupboard to switch the mains off. After opening the windows, I then tried to take the plug out of the washing machine (which is on the side of the machine). To do this you have to move the washing machine to the right. But it was burny hot to the touch! Undeterred I got my trusty oven gloves and wrestled with the fecking thing (as I was now beginning to think of it) and took the plug out.
I dread to think what would have happened if I hadn't had got home when I did.

21 August, 2010

Out of date

Steve got stung by a was today. Under his toe. OUCH! After I pulled the sting out with a pair of tweezers (to my amazement as I am a bit cack handed)I hunted around in a medicine tin for some sting gel thingy. I found some , but was shocked at all the out of date stuff we had. Stuff like Deep heat spray, stuff you put in your ears if you have an earache, cystitis powder, vitamin c - were years out of date. The only stuff in date was the panadol. So I had a throw out and will have a re stock.
Re the wasp sting - the thing that helped was ice cubes. Steve is feeling ok now.

15 August, 2010

Class Words

I was watching a programme on the English class system.

I say:
living room, settee, loo, serviette, dinner is my evening meal, my house has fitted carpets.

I know I should say:
sofa, sitting room, napkin, (not sure about loo - is it smart to say lavatory?) have wooden floors.

I'd be interested in learning how Americans tell class origins.

07 August, 2010


Steve and I have been talking about getting another dog.
Then I came upon this.

02 August, 2010

Sterling v Dollars

Hurrah!Q Sterling is getting stronger against the US dollar. Not that I'm going to America- but my kindle downloads will be cheaper. I still *love* my kindle..

21 July, 2010


I downloaded Under the Dome by Stephen King. Now I do like my Stephen King - I've read the full version of The Stand- so I had high hopes.
Reader, I gave up after the first few chapters. The goodies seem too good and the baddies seem too bad - where are the shades of grey? I felt I knew where the story was going in that Barbie will be framed for Angie's murder and it will all go a bit Animal Farm/Lord of the Flies....I just lost interest.

17 July, 2010


However much I have enjoyed myself that day/evening out my bestest bit is coming home. Coming home, giving the dog a cuddle for being such a good boy when we were out,changing in to my dressing gown and watching something on the telly from the personal planner to unwind. Oh and after yesterday at Latitude, using a loo that flushes!

11 July, 2010

Chick Flick

I was watching a chick flick - a respite from football and grand prix- I won't say which film as I'm giving the ending away. At the end the heroine is told :you made a difference to him, you changed him
And I thought : DON'T SAY THAT! That is where women get all fecked up in relationships and get bitter and feel let down. They want to change the men. They want ot make a difference. No, no, no! How would you like it if someone tried to change you? The transformative power of love is a dangerous fairy tale.
I would have liked it better if they had said: he could really relax and just be himself round you.

08 July, 2010


When I got in today Steve was in the bathroom. "I'm in the bathroom!" he yelled.
Note to reader: we have one bathroom in the house and it has the only loo, sink and bath.
I made myself a drink and went upstairs to empty the washing bin. I heard the bath room door bolt lock. "Its all right I don't want to see you on the loo!" I yelled back. I put the washing on, drunk my drink and started to think...he is taking his time. I also heard him grunting and hoped that he would at least open the bathroom window when he had finished his "business".
"You can come in now" Steve called. Oh yuk, why would I want to do that?!?! But I went in anyway (in sickness and in health and all that). And you know what he had been doing? He hadn't been douing his "business" He had been changing the loo seat! Instead of the rickety pine seat we now have a brilliantly clean, white plastic seat.

05 July, 2010


The Littlest Dude knows that I like reading and bought me a second hand copy of Stephen King's Dark Half. I'm very touched by his generosity. I really like Stephen king and had read the book many, many years ago. I'm re reading it and enjoying it, but it is so violent and even has the c word in it a few times. It is a really inappropriate gift to get from a 10 year old!

01 July, 2010

My Feet

This week I attempted to wear my Clarkes "super soft" soles sandals to work. Reader, my feet are cut to ribbons. In this heat I have had to wear large plasters over the blisters covered by my sockettes and sturdy shoes. And reader these were not sexy sandals - they were big, black sensible things.
I don't know how Carrie Bradshaw does it.

24 June, 2010

Marriage and babiesand happiness

Reading the paper today I came across an article of the "don't leave it it too late to marry and have a family" type.
This used to make me cross, but now I think , oh well they probably print rubbish like that to get letters in.
I think it is simple. Marry when you meet the person you want to get married to, and not a moment before. Try to get pregnant when you want a baby. There are no guarantees whatever your age.
I've seen some very unhappy people who got married, because it was the "right time" and had children because it was the next step. I also know unhappy single people and childless couples. There isn't a formula for happiness.

23 June, 2010

Mum celebrates England's Win

I ring Dad to talk about the England win. the phone rings for ages (that is nothing new, they can never remember where they left the cordless). The phone is then picked up and it sounds like it has been dropped.
Me: Hello? Hello?
Mum: Is dad with you?
She sounds about 80. She sounds feeble and sick
Me: Mum, are you all right?
Mum: Is dad with you?
Me, v. worried, what is going on?: Mum its me, Gina. Are you ok?
Mum: I am sozzled.
Me: What? Where's Dad?
Mum: I'm sozzled.
Me, patiently: Why are you sozzled? Where's Dad?
Mum: I went to the pub with Angela and Jo. I've no idea where Ted is.
Me: Do you want to call him?
Mum: No.
Me: have you had any water?
Mum: Bye.

I give it 5 minutes and call again.
Dad: hello
Me: what's going on with Mum?
Dad: We went to the pub with Angela to watch the football. She had 3 glasses of wine. Your Mum can't take her drink anymore.
Me: She doesn't even know you're there Dad.
Dad: I bought her home!!!

We're through!

We won, we won, we won!
Now the worrying about Sunday starts...

22 June, 2010

20 June, 2010


I was 28, single and living at home. I was fed up. I recently ended things with my boyfriend, although really he had end it with me. Well , when someone tells you that they don't love you anymore but stick around because they may change their mind..... you leave. Well I did anyway. I think that is a very cowardly way of dumping some one - dumping with out the responsibility.
Any hoo, I was fed up. I was never going to meet any one. Angela suggested I move out and get a place of my own. But I didn't want to do that, I liked living at home. I know that is not a coll thing to say but I did. My Mum and Dad are good company, and if they were yearning to have the place to themselves they didn't let on.
I wanted a dog. In times of emotional upheaval I want a dog. We got Goldie when I started senior school(new school , new area and hormones - what a combination)We got Tommy after the failed fertility stuff.
Dad did not want to get a dog. he pointed out that I would meet some one, get married and leave the dog with him.I pouted , we got a dog.
Terry was a tiny black and white Jack Russell. I had read about the breed - intelligent , good dogs the books told me, easy to train. The books lied. Terry was a wonderful dog - but feisty - a terrible escape artist and thought she was a huge dog. terry was hard work.
5 months after getting Terry I met Mr Robbo.
Terry did become Dad's dog. He tried many things to stop her escaping out of the garden, she always bested him. Dad would put her on diets (as she got older she did get a bit porky) and she would sit in front of him, barking - demanding food.
Then on Friday at the age of 14 she had to be put to sleep. It was a good age and she was a good dog. As long as she got her on way!
I did feel sorry for Dad, he lost his dog on Friday and then England played awful at the World Cup.

13 June, 2010

Sunday Stuff

I bought 2 books for my Kindle today. The only sad thing about Kindle is that sometimes that the books I would like to buy aren't available to download in the UK. Mr Robbo has told me that I can not trick Kindle that I live in the US, which I think is rather mean of them.
Mum and Dad came round to watch the footie on our wonderful telly. Reader, imagine our disgust when ITV HD suddenly cut to commercial break, just when Gerrard scored. Unbelievable. And the apology was a mockery - experiencing an interruption indeed.
I read the latest Kim Harrison book Black Magic Sanction . One of the things I like about her books that is the ambiguity of the characters. I really like Kelley Armstrong's OtherWorld books but the characters are either good or bad. I find Kelley is more of a comfort read - I'm not going to get any nasty surprises.

12 June, 2010

Cut and Colour

Nothing lifts the spirit like a nice hair cut. My grey (white) roots have been today and my hair has been cut on a spiky asymmetrical cut. I feel quite groovy. I've painted my nails (typing this v. gingerly) and now off to meet Mum.
Obviously will not be going out tonight -COME ON ENG-ER-LAND!

10 June, 2010

Guilty Pleasure

Steve is out this evening. So I made myself a delish curry and am watching SATC (the first one)on my ( I mean our) brilliant HD telly. I taped SATC from HD Sky movies and now we have got the new amp I am listening to it in 5:1. It is brilliant!!!

31 May, 2010

Sex and The City

Sex and The City 2 has been released and all the reviews have been bad. All the reviews I have read have been written by men. This may be a sweeping statement but NO HETEROSEXUAL MALE WILL EVER LIKE SEX AND THE CITY. Straight men are not the target audience- its the gals and the gays that like it. We are the ones that "get it". To be honest if the producers were aiming at the male hetero audience, SJP wouldn't be in the lead role- it would be Meg Ryan (before weirdy face) or Julia Roberts.
I haven't seen the film yet, but I will. I can believe that these women are really friends ( unlike Desperate Housewives. I love the opulence of it all, how they are all insanely rich, the clothes , the places where they live ....I just love it all. It is pure escapism.

28 May, 2010


I got my first award for blogging. Thanks Alex!
Now the rules are I have to post 7 things about my self:
I'm left handed.
I don't like the taste of coffee, but I like the smell.
I wear make up every day, except if I'm poorly.
I have dyed my hair: black, dark brown, blonde and red. Not at the same time.
I laugh at my own jokes.
I can't drive.
I don't have any tattoos.

Next I'm nominating:
Ocean Jen andhttp://falconportal.com/family/blog_main.php

24 May, 2010

I don't have kids...

..but I have dealings with them. And of course I was a kid myself, once. A long time ago. this will have you chuckling.

18 May, 2010

Tweet, tweet

I have just had a clean up of Twitterers that I follow. Mainly media types that all tweeted each other about their fab life and where they were meeting for lunch. I thought, hang on, is this insidious advertising? Apart from that it got quite boring to read _ I wasn't part of this social whirl.
My social whirl was going to the SX festival with Mr R at the weekend. It wasn't perfect - and the weather was ropey,but it was great that something like this was happening at Southend. it felt quite punk, watching unsigned acts play. Is it me or are bands getting younger, you know like police men are? I'd deffo go next year.
Finally our HD telly has got its HD source. It is brilliant. I love telly I do *happy sigh*

12 May, 2010

Out Riders

I have been mainly watching the Election news since Friday. The thing I have learnt is that The Whistlers are actually called Out Riders.

03 May, 2010

Decorating part 2

We have finished the walls. Now we need to do the paint work. Steve thinks this is a "as and when" job. I think it is a next Sunday job. I wonder who will win?
Actually I am very worn out. I took Tom for a 2 hour walk to wear him out, s owe could get on with the decorating. When I got home , Tom went to sleep and I started to help Steve...

02 May, 2010


The Robbos are relunctant decorators. However this weekend we are painting the landing and hall way - a job that has needed doing for years. Now, I'm not a magnolia girl, we are painting the hall way lilac bloom. I painted this bit.

01 May, 2010


I got my hair trimmed and coloured today. It is the darkest I have been (apart from when I dyed my hair jet black when I was going through a punky phase in my teens). Steve took a photo of me on my new phone. Look at my English teeth! And I have gone to the dentist every six months ALL my life!

And here is a photo of Steve.

27 April, 2010

The Whistlers

On my way to work I walk along Lower Thames Street. This is one of the main roads in the city.It is a tedious walk. However this morning it was livened up by The Whistlers. This is my name for the motorbike police who escort VERY important people in their big cars. They speed along , blowing whistles at each other ( I think it is some type of code) and ensure that the important cars whizz through the traffic with out having to stop at red lights and suchlike. However such is the gridlock of Lower Thames Street the important car was going slow enough for me to have a good old nose as it passed and the important person was Gordon Brown.

25 April, 2010


Last night I went round my parents to watch Dr Who on their HD telly. I now so want a HD telly. The detail is fantastic. Although I should point out that they have a HD telly and a HD source for the telly.
The Times Rich List has been published today. I hate it, it makes me feel poorer than I am already. I bet those people on the Rich list have loads of HD tellies.

19 April, 2010


As I don't have children my maternal feelings get directed elsewhere - the dog, my nephews and, I know this may sound daft, my house plants. Sometimes it goes a bit haywire...
Sitting in the canteen at work I notice a young boy sitting by himself at a nearby table. I say young boy - I think he was about 15 and on work experience. He has a teenage complexion and looks too tall for his body. He has a Tupperware container with his sandwiches, a bag of crisps and is clutching in one hand a bottle of Dr Pepper. He caught my eye as he is twisting round, looking around. I think he is looking for some one. I start to worry for him, I hope they turn up. I am really trying not to stare, as that is all he needs, being bogged at by some middle aged woman. I can't concentrate on my book. After a few minutes , some ladies join him with their lunches. Ah, the people he is looking for. I still can't settle. He seems very shy and is eating his sandwich awkwardly(don't stare Gina!don't stare!)Towards the end of lunch he is more relaxed and laughing with them. THANK THE LORD!! I, on the other hand am a mess , and go back to work drained.
So why did it affect me so? I think it made me reqalise it won't be too many years before the Little Dudes are doing their work experience and I hope people are kind to them.

18 April, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Tommy having a rest after his walk.


Yesterday I had an eye test. My eye sight has improved slightly -which is mote really as I still can't see a thing with out my glasses. I hate going to the opticians.I pay 25 quid for the eye test and the optician trys to flog me stuff. All opticians do that, not just the one I went to see yesterday. I told her I wanted the eye operation and as they don't offer that service she shut up.
I've ordered 2 pairs of glasses ( buy one get one free) from Glasses direct.com. I got my present pair from them, and are happy with them. I paid around £100.00 as I got a 10% discount. Back in the old days when I bought glasses from the high street it would cost me hundreds.
This ash cloud that stopping the planes from flying is all very Gaia. It is as if the earth is fighting global warning on her own terms..

14 April, 2010


Started watching Dan in Real Life. I like Steve Carrel and had high hopes. I lasted about 20 minutes. How come his family noticed straight way he was down when he came to the house , but didn't notice that he was looking at Juliette Binoche with love eyes?

11 April, 2010


What is the secret to staying married? Reading about Dawn French and Lenny Henry splitting up after 25 years,made me feel sad.Not that I know them or anything daft like that, but 25 years is such a long time. I assumed that you have navigated all the tricky relationship issues. Or perhaps you reach the end of your tether.

Watching the new series of Doctor Who and am loving it. I think Steven Moffat is the best Dr Who writer ever.

Am sky plussing repeats of House Busters, as it is being show at half past four in the morning (!!) It is so early there have the little person signing in the corner.

06 April, 2010


This blog has been quieter than usual as I was concentrating on the Soul Coaching. I finished it yesterday, although I think it would be a good thing to do it once a year. A soul spring clean.
I enjoyed working it through, and am made up that I completed it. I read each section on the train to work in the morning and update my progress blog in the evening.
Why did I find it so good? It gets you thinking about your past, how you may appear to others and how you treat your body. Oh and there is some clutter clearing - and I love clearing clutter!!

02 April, 2010


Today I met up with parents and sister and I cooked this, it was scraped clean!

29 March, 2010


We had a fantastic time at our pamper weekend. The last of my birthday treats. We even got our rooms upgraded- the last time that has happened to me was on my honeymoon.
I feel totally chilled, relaxed and glamourous. A nice combination!

22 March, 2010

Where I live

I took this photo the other day when I was walking Tommy. This is a five minute walk from our house. Aren't I lucky?

21 March, 2010


I took photos of some of the presents I got. I didn't get a rocking chair or a settee - the cushions are presents!

19 March, 2010


I'm sooo glad, that I don't have to put myself through this, anymore.
It is funny though...


Isn't 42 supposed to be the answer to everything? Well all I know it is a very grown up age.
I got lots of goodies for my birthday : the new Simon Brett ( Ilove the Fathering mysteries. It is a shame that they are not available on kindle}, a handbag, necklace, candle and vase. Mum and Dad are treating me to a health spa.
Steve and I stayed in London last night. We went to Gourmet Burger, I had never been there before, v. delish. We had a romantic stroll down the Thames. This morning we wandered to Borough market and I got some herbs and cheese.
On Wednesday me and Mum went to see Alison Weir give a talk on Anne Boleyn. Alison really made it come alive and me and Mum both asked questions, emboldened by the complimentary wine.

14 March, 2010


Last week I bought Soul Coaching by Denise Linn. It is a 28 day programme. And I thought I would work through it. You are asked to keep a journal. I set up a blog ( only I can read it)and it is very open and honest. And I live in terror that I will update this one by mistake - how funny would that be!
I'm on day 8 now. its a bit like therapy by book. I'm finding helpful.

08 March, 2010

Another Birthday treat.

Steve and I booked a hotel in London so I will be having a mini break for birthday. I'm excited because although I work in London - that's all I do, work! It will be nice to have time to take in the sites and go to some good pubs.

07 March, 2010

2 Things

2 things happened this week that I thought would never happen.
1. the wart thing on my leg FINALLY fell off. Well. ok it didn't fall off, I may have helped it on its way a little bit. The wart remover had turned a pink wart to some horror thing - it looked like I had a pork scratching hanging off me. It was disgusting! and I am very happy that it has gone. Yukky, yuk, yuk.
2. We got a new hoover and it is a upright. Steve has always insisted on cylinder vacuum cleaners and I hate them. I hate cylinders as the cylinder bit gets caught behind chairs and corners and you have to go back and get it unstuck. And Steve always corrects me if I say hoover , pointing out it is a brand name.; But we now have a hoover, so I can call it that with the irritating lecture and it is an upright .

03 March, 2010


Kindling - to waste time browsing the kindle store, downloading samples.
Kindling makes me very happy *sigh*

24 February, 2010


Regular readers will be aware that next month is my birthday and I like a lot of treats for birthday. The first of my birthday treats have been planned. I'm going for a pamper weekend at a posh hotel, with my mum, Angela and Jo. We are all highly excited and can not wait.
It is very good value- English breakfast, lunch, 3 course dinner, use of spa(pool, sauna) and free mini facial. I love free mini facials.

22 February, 2010

700th post

This is my 700th post! In an odd way I feel quite proud. I know some posts are just blog quizzes but even so..700!
So I can't think of 700 things but here are 7 things I like about blogging:
1.We would never have gone on our lovely holiday to Wales, if I hadn't blogged, as I got the link from AOJ and The Lurchers.
2. It is interesting looking back to see what I was doing this time last year/2/3 years ago.
3. It is a buzz when I get comments.
4.It is a good way to let off steam.
5.I like to think I've made some bloggy friends - especially Ocean Jen!
6. it has got me reading other blogs. I've picked up some good recipes and book suggestions.
7. It has given me an interest.

20 February, 2010

Mocking birds

Most Saturday I meet my mum and we do a bit of shopping and then have lunch. today I realised that part of our routine is going round Marks & Spencer mocking their clothes. We says it is dowdy or overpriced. Today Mum pointed to a jungle print skirt and started singing "In the Jungle". we don't mock the food, underwear and home stuff. And I do like their perfumes.

18 February, 2010

Little Homes

I came across this web site, the Jewel Box Home . It is about small houses, how to decorate them and stuff. My normal property porn. When I looked at the photos I had to laugh. this is an American website and the American small home and the English small home are very different sizes.

16 February, 2010

Soppy Post

I was reading my celeb stuff- one of my guilty pleasures- and it was quoting Cheryl Cole saying all the sweet things her Ashley does for her - like running her a bath and leaving messages.
That got me thinking about the stuff Mr Robbo does for me:
He buys me bottles of wine that he thinks I would like. Even though he doesn't drink the stuff himself.
Mr Robbo has set up all my family's TV and computer stuff. Very kind of him. And doesn't moan too much when they think they have broken it. and he has to go and sort it out. And it is not really broken they just didn't press the button or something.
He painted our bedroom in a colour I loved and he is not so keen on. It is quite a girly colour. And he hates decorating.
He fluffs up the cushions because he knows I like them fluffed up. I know full well that when I die he will throw them straight in the bin and lead a cushion free existence.
If I ever get stranded commuting, he will always pick me up.
He dyes my hair for me. And does a good job.

15 February, 2010


I met Sharon yesterday for lunch. Sharon is giving up smoking and uses patches to help her. We popped in Superdrug so that Sharon could get her stash. Reader they are by the condoms! How funny it that? Instead of a post coital cigarette, you slap on a patch. I must admit I found it funnier than Sharon did.
Have started to give strangers kindle demonstrations - a lady in the canteen on Friday and a lady on the train this evening.

09 February, 2010

Another Kindle post

My emails are mainly from my friends at Laterooms, Amazon.co.uk and Argos. of course as Kindle is from Amazon.com and American I've started to get e mail from them. Imagine my disappointment when they are advertising paperbacks. I don't want American Amazon to tell me about paperbacks, I want to know about their kindle book offers. Get with it American Amazon!

06 February, 2010

Eleven years

I've got new computer. My old computer was second hand, and I've had t for a good few years. It was getting slow and I had to keep rebooting it. My monitor was doing too well either. Steve spotted a reconditioned flat screen monitor, 400 gig computer with 3.2 gig memory and a smaller keyboard - all for under 200 quid. Reader, I love it. I realise how crappy my old pc was.
It is our wedding anniversary today. Eleven years. it is the first time we haven't bothered with card - we both feel that we have bought all the nice: to my darling wife/ to my darling husband cards. And as I've got a new computer that my kindly husband installed for me, I'm not complaining. We off out tonight celebrating in traditional Essex style: a Chinese.

04 February, 2010

Ideal Home Part One

I'm sure that I have mentioned before that I am a sucker for Feng Shui and clutter clearing. I'm reading this book (on my kindle! on my kindle!) and it asks you to imagine your ideal house.
So on the way to work, I've thinking about my ideal house and stuff in it.
My ideal house would be near the sea. It would be set back from the road, but the road would have pavement. As a Londoner houses that are on roads that don't have pavement freak me out. The house would be made of pale yellow bricks and have a red tiled roof with a chimney. It would have big sash windows. The path to the door would be gravel, there would be off street parking and a garage. The blue front door would have a pointy porch. There would be tubs of bedding plants in the front garden. The house would be detached but our neighbours would be very friendly.
I haven't been inside the house yet, but I know there would be dog, an aquarium and a flat screen telly.
What's your ideal house like?

03 February, 2010

Vampires v werewovlves part 2

A little while I wrote about how would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf. I'd rather be a werewolf. Tonight opening a can of dog food I cut my thumb and there was blood all over my hand. Oh yuck, blood. Still rather be a werewolf.

Looks and Geeks

Someone once said to me that I didn't care what people looked like. She stated this as a fact about me. eg Gina has hazel eyes, is 5 foot 8 and doesn't care what people look like That took me by surprise. Did she mean that I had extraordinarily ugly people as friends. Was she insinuating that I was no oil painting but it didn't seem to get me down? That I had let myself go?
I didn't take it too seriously- after all you have to consider the source - but I think it is truer to say that I am drawn to the nerds and geeks. I've had some of the most interesting conversations with the wall flower or the nerd.I really enjoy talking to people that have a passion or an interest. As I'm nosey it is nice to draw people out of their shell. Although that could be because I, myself a nerdy wallflower and I appreciate it when people take the effort to get to know me...

01 February, 2010

Random thought

I'm married to some one who says"Well, I'll bid you farewell." at the end of a phone call. But then he doesn't say "farewell" He says "bye."
Must think of more interesting stuff to blog about..

28 January, 2010

Kindle Fetish

I have had my kindle for a week now and still loving it. I have downloaded a few books - with the price of the downloads I think the kindle will pay for itself.
I have a strange emotional attachment to it. I don't really like other people touching it. I feel really happy when I'm using it and I have caught myself stroking it a few times.
I think I have a kindle fetish..

23 January, 2010

Kindle Love

I got my kindle! I got my kindle! (sways sides to side, making circular motions with my arms). I also got my kindle cover, as you can't really take it out in its nude state.
I love it. I have downloaded samples - the first chapters of books I may buy and will decide whether or not to buy them.
I know that this is the first flush of love and I may grow disillusioned but at the moment:
I Love my Kindle, I love my Kindle.

20 January, 2010

Men and Women

As I get older I notice that I seem to get on better with men than I do with women. This is a huge surprise to me. Yesterday it dawned on me why this is. Most women my age have children. And they talk about them (nothing wrong in that!) but as I don't have kids I can't really join in. So the mothers are all chatting about children stuff, their common bond and I can either sit on the side lines, getting depressed or I can go over and talk to the blokes. Fathers don't seem to talk about their children much and so it is easier for me to find common stuff to talk about.
There is a Calpol advert where the tag line is : If you're a parent, you'll understand. (When I was going through the fertility stuff - that used to really hurt, I felt like it was personally directed at me.)Well the tag line to this is :if you haven't got kids you'll understand.

16 January, 2010


I have taken the plunge and ordered a Kindle. The main reasons being:
I ordered 99% of books from the Internet, as books I like don't seem to that available in English book shops. If I get a Kindle I can down load them (I've checked the lists) rather than having to wait for the post.
In the long run it will be cheaper than getting another set of book shelves. My book collection has started to overspill on the window sills.
The price has been reduced!

13 January, 2010


I had my hospital appointment - and everything is a-ok! The relief of it! So how did I celebrate ? by pushing a trolley round Asda. Still it is the ordinary things that makes life what it is. I might put the towels in the wash later.
Ladies I have a question - do the men in your life towel cape? By this I mean when they've got of the bath/shower they wrap a towel around their waist and a towel draped round their shoulders? I think its weird and not a good look.

11 January, 2010


I went to the Doctors a few weeks ago and she said, to be on the safe side she'd refer me to the hospital. I was okay with that and even pleased that I was getting stuff checked out. What a responsible Robbo I am. Todaywhen I got home from work there was the appointment letter for this Wednesday. I'm amazed how much I'm freaking inside. Aside from the fertility treatment (and that was by choice) I haven't had to go to the hospital since I was 6. And that was for my tonsils. I didn't like hospitals then and I've just realised that I don't like them now. Am concentrating on "living in the moment" and "being 41 not 6" and telling myself- well at least I'll get a lie in Wednesday morning.
Repeat - must be grown up, must be grown up, must be grown up...

09 January, 2010

Twilight Tweet

I've just watched Twilight. Mr Darcy, Mr Rochester,Rupert Campbell Black and Edward Cullen. We girls do like a challenge, don't we?

Snowed in Saturday

I don't intend on going out today. At all. I'm having a cozy day in. I intend to do chores - and I take my time doing them, as I haven't got anything planned for today. It is a luxury and I will make the most of it.
I do feel sad though as the Little Dudes were supposed to be coming over tonight, but the roads are just too treacherous. Treacherous is a word people are using a lot lately. The pavements are treacherous. The roads are treacherous. Severe weather warnings. Do you think Stephen King is writing a horror book : The Snow - and this time its treacherous.

07 January, 2010

More snow

And so it continues..I bundle myself in a big scarf pulled up high round my neck, woolly hat pulled over my ears, warm coat, sturdy shoes, gloves. I shuffle along the icy streets , scared that I'd fall over. We were supposed to be going out with friends tomorrow - but cancelled until the weather is better. It is tedious. Bah! Humbug!
The plus side is that it is delicious being at home, all warm and cosy. The stove is on, dinner is cooking in the oven and I'm with my honey.

06 January, 2010

Glad to be home

Tonight's journey home was horrible. Although the trains were running, the train company did not take in to account people were living work early. It was like a blizzard in the city. We all rammed into a 4 carriage train. 4 carriages - that's a baby train. The driver shouted at us at the West Ham stop to seat in the available seats so that new passengers ( or customers, I think they call us) can get in. Reader - there were no spare seats! Otherwise we wouldn't be rammed up against each other. Then at Basildon he shouted at the passengers trying to get on "Can't you see this train is rammed solid, another train is arriving 5 minutes after us. Wait for that" Reader- the train was empty compared to the carnage of bodies earlier.
Still at least I got home in one piece. Already to do it again tomorrow.

04 January, 2010

More Snow

When I let the dog out in the garden last night , the night sky was dark grey and the garden was covered in virgin white snow.
"Steve - its effing snowed again." I said.
I. do. not. like. snow.

03 January, 2010

Life saver

I 've ripped of lot off Dan's blog over the years - but men , this guide could make your lives a lot easier.


Just before Christmas, we signed up for the Sky Movies channel. Movies - to me they will always be films , although I've noticed that the Little Dudes call films, movies. Any hoo I digress. I watched a few chick flics -The Jane Austen Book Club and the Holiday. I couldn't believe how stoopid The Holiday was. As Jack Black was it it I thought that it would be at least okay. I was wrong it was really stupid and made no sense. Although I don't want chick flics for the plots , or even the acting. I like the props. The gorgeous homes they live in, the interesting knick knacks. The clothes and jewellery that the leading women wear. I loved the bathroom Kate Winslet had in the holiday. I liked the cosy cardy Jocelyn wore on the beach, and the over sized wine glasses Sylvia had in Jane Austen's Book Club.
I also watched The Mist. Although it was a big B movie it had one of the best endings ever. The ending made it worth seeing the film - and no, for a change, I won't spoil it for you!


Steve and I went to our local Indian last night. It has been years since we have been there, which is silly really as it is in walking distance, good grub and a very friendly atmosphere. Roger , the owner, plays it just right - friendly but doesn't impinge.
It was refreshing doing something off the cuff- normally I'm a planner - tables are booked weeks in advance. Sorting out what to wear and getting ready. All I did last night was put on a fresh coat of lipstick.

02 January, 2010

Crystal Ball

I went to see a clairvoyant this afternoon. The same one I went to see in 2007. I'm going to jot down what she said before I forget:
Next year The Robbos are moving! Same area but nicer house.
That will be interesting as Mr Robbo does not want to move.
At the end of the year we will be getting a new car - through choice
In 2007 when Chris predicted we'd get a new car - it was because some one rammed into it , when it was parked, completely writing off.
I'll stay in my job, and Steve's job will be safe. I'll be changing my job within the organisation next year.
There will be a family holiday and big celebration.
It is my Dad's 70th this year and we are all going to Centre Parcs.
We will be decorating the hall and replacing the carpet.
We'll need to if we want to sell the place.
Chris picked up on the fact that Steve is involved in radio.
All the family are worriers.
Too right!
Mr Robbo is a very lovely man and that we have a good relationship and I only have eyes for him.
Well, Chris can't be expected to get everything right ....