31 January, 2009

So this is why I don't buy magazines

On the train last night, someone had left a woman's magazine. It has been ages since I read a one of those, the celebrity gossip I can get off the Internet and I found the life style articles just made me feel not good enough. Any way in this magazine I was reading that were hyping up a new diet - a day on/day off diet. On your on days you can consume 500 calories and on your off days 2000 calories. They based their weight loss predictions on a 5foot 7 woman who weighed 10 stone.
Now I know why I don't read such silly magazines. For starters a 5 foot 7 woman who weighs 10 stone does not need to go on a diet. When I was 10 stone (all those years ago) I was a size 12. And as to 500 calories a day - that is beyond starvation - you might as well skip food that day. And when your body thinks it is going through a famine it holds on to the fat for dear life.
I think it is irresponsible, magazines printing rubbish like that.

29 January, 2009


Since my sister has got Face book, I've been a little more active on my Face book page. Really it is just lazy blogging: Gina is glad to be home! Gina is waiting for the washing to finish! Gina is waiting for the takeaway to be delivered!Gina should get a life!
I've also installed Stumble - and am busy reading other blogs and neglecting my own. There are a LOT of cooking blogs aren't there?

25 January, 2009

Pets and fiction

There is a review of tips for budding writers type book in the paper today. One of the tips is that pets shouldn't have a higher profile than a chair. I disagree. One of my pet peeves (see what I'm doing there) is having a pet being mentioned and then not doing any thing with it.
For example Karin Slaughter's Grant County series. The hero Sara has 2 greyhounds. They are mentioned and that's it. What is the point of them? Sara never worries about having to go home to feed the dogs, or letting them out. There is no emotional connection. In fact I can't even remember their names.
Abby Cooper in Victoria Laurie's Psychic Eye series has a dachshund. Eggy is well loved and is part of the story. Not a big part, but I can see why she has the dog.
The best writer to use pets in books is Sara Paretsky . Vic's love for peppy and Mitch shines through and it deals with the downside of owning a dog. ie you to walk them, even when you don't feel like it.

Property porn

I live a short stroll from the sea. Why doesn't my house look like this?
Property porn is my shameful weakness.

23 January, 2009


It was the Little Dudes's birthdays this week. They had a joint birthday tea last night. Amongst their many presents they got MP3 players. Steve showed then up to download some toons. I was impressed with their music choices - they both really like David Bowie. The Littlest Dude was walking around, listening to his player, playing air guitar. He thought he was sooo cool. I remember thinking that I was cool when I was in to Blondie. I was probably about the same age as he is now.
As I have to get up v. early during the week, I don't normally go out during the week. This was bought home to me when I realised I couldn't remember the last time I didn't change my bed on a Thursday night.(Don't panic everyone, its ok, I've done it tonight!) But how regimented is that? Must make more of an effort to go out on a school night.

21 January, 2009

My New PC

My old computer started to stand like an airplane about to take off. Steve tried ot fix it, buut it was an old computer. Steve sorted out the spare computer for me (yes, we have spare computers at Robbo World) but it took ages to bring anything up. Now I 've got a new (to me) PC and it is brilliant. Quiet and quick. I've been sorting out my book marks and thought I'd write a blog to celebrate. I've even updated my Facebook status for the first time ever.
Mmnn Facebook. I was horrified when I went on to my home page and saw all these old drinks requests and stuff that I haven't accepted because I didn't know that they were there. It all seems bit of a faff.

19 January, 2009

False memory

We had friends round on Saturday and Steve was telling them about the time his Dad locked his car keys in the car. I've heard this story before but started to pay closer attention when Steve mentioned me being there. I wasn't! I didn't know him then! Steve took some convincing, he was sure that I had been there.
It reminds me of the time I was certain that we had watched the Doctor Who film with Paul McGann as the Doctor, together. Steve swore blind we hadn't. I had to look it up on the Internet Movie database to realise he was right(for a change). We hadn't met then.
It is like a weird false memory couple syndrome thingy.

17 January, 2009

Just a thought

It has been pretty nippy lately. We managed to keep the house nice and toasty warm. It made me wonder how people who live in converted barns, or have open plan living manage to keep their places warn when it is below zero outside. It must be an expensive nightmare. I think the Victorians and Edwardians got it right: lots of big-enough rooms carpeted and curtained rather than large 'spaces' with wooden floors and huge uncurtained windows.

11 January, 2009

My favourite things

I've been thinking that they are little luxuries that help me get through life. Not that I have a hard life at all, but there are a few things that make my life more pleasant.
Bath oil or bath foam. A bath with out bubbles just isn't the same.
Candles. In these dark long nights, it is nice to get in from work and light the candles. I find the glow relaxing and forgiving. the gentle glow hides the dust!
A good book to lose myself in. At the moment Kim Harrison's All Hallows series is going it for me.
Tommy -when I get home there is all ways someone literally jumping for joy that I am home.
Steve -at least there is one other person that laughs at my jokes.

08 January, 2009


Just got back from the dentist and am a bit confused.
last time  I went for a check up the dentist directed me to make an appointment with the hygienist.  I think I've written before about the stains on my front teeth. The dentist has told me that the enamel is wearing thin there. Normally he cleans them with an abrasive thingy do-dah and he gets rid of it. But no matter how I clean my teeth the stains come back. Any way last time the dentist said he couldn't get rid of the stains and I'd have to consider veneers- but go to the hygienist first.
When I sorting out the appointment I was told to my dismay that the appointment was about 50 or 60 quid ( I can't remember, the horror has blocked my memory). I didn't book it.  It was too expensive.
So today I'm a tad nervous about seeing the dentist with my disgusting front teeth. 
This is what happened:
Dentist (as I'm lying on the chair) : So Gina you didn't see the hygienist.
Gina: I'm broke.
Dentist laughs: Oh well that is a very good excuse! Any problems.
Gina, thinking what is the point of bringing up my stained teeth : No, no niggles.
Dentist has a poke around and gives me the all clear.
Dentist: Are you sure everything is ok?
Gina,wondering if he means my financial situation or my teeth : How much are veneers?
Dentist ; £200 per tooth. Why do you want veneers?
Gina bursts out: You said I'd need them for my stained front teeth! those teeth really get me down!
Dentist shocked: You don't want veneers for that! I'll use my abrasive brush.
And he does and my! the stains have gone.
Dentist: Gina never let your teeth depress you. When those stains come back, visit me straight away and I'll sort it out for you.

I thank the Dentist and leave , paying my NHS charge of £16.20.  I felt like I had been in an episode of the Twilight Zone.

07 January, 2009


I like watching the Dog Whisperer, but can't watch it if Tommy is in the same room. I suppose it is a credit to our sound system, but Tom barks along with those naughty dogs. Strangely he doesn't bark at other times when dogs are on the telly. Tom is a strange dog indeed.

03 January, 2009

But he's my life!

I was talking to a male friend of mine the other day. A few years ago he went out this gril and it was by all accounts a very intebse relationship. She announced to me that she loved him. this was the first time I had met her and was pretty surprised by the announcement.  I don't go round telling people I love Steve. I think I answered something like "Oh good".
I was pretty surprised a few months later that they had split up. bloke friends are different from girlfriends in the fact that when they tell you they have split up, you don't pry too much. Whereas with girlfriends you  go through things with a fine tooth combe and analyse everything that ever happened. 
Any how after several years my friend (oh how  I wish I could use their real names - no one reads this anyway!) started to tell me why they broke up. He couldn't do anything right in her eyes. The wrong presents, the wrong ideas, the wrong shirt.  I thought how can this be? when she was talking to me it was all how wonderful he was, how they were soul mates etc etc. I've been thinking about this and I think sometimes you build up someone in your mind so much you lose sight of the actual person. He is your soul mate! you were born to be together! You think about him all the time! So when he gets things a bit wrong- like buying Roses when you prefer Celebrations (for example) it is devastating to you. You were never make that mistake about him. Perhaps you aren't the centre of his world, but he is the centre of your world.  Then you get resentful and he cops an earful and he has no idea why. or even worse you expect him to be a mind reader. That really is a lose/ lose situation.

01 January, 2009

A Clear head

I must be grown up, this is the second year that I haven't had a hangover on New Year's Day. The worst ever hangover I had was 1/1/00. We had celebrated new year with the Murphys and we had stayed over. The next afternoon (none of us surfaced before 12) we were eating bacon sandwiches ( the Robbos were meat eaters in those far off days) and watching the Matrix .  I had such  a headache  I thought my head was going to explode. Funnily enough watching a blockbuster helped. Or watching Keanue Reeves more likely!