25 June, 2008


I have started writing again. Just bits and pieces, nothing major. Just playing with a few characters. The Open University are accepting registrations for their level 3 Creative Writing course. I'm not sure whether to register. I know what I need to do - just sit there and write. It slipped by last year - although last year was MAD (I didn't write about it on the blog because it was stuff happening to other people)but I'm back to writing again. Using a pen and paper- a PC is just too distracting for me. I really enjoyed the last course, and found the tutor's comments helpful and encouraging - but I'm not sure. Anyway I have got till September to make up my mind.

24 June, 2008

But I miss him!

Steve has got a (unpaid) Saturday job at Phoenix FM last night he went to the staff meeting. And although I had a pleasant evening to be truthful I'm always a little bit bored when Steve's not about. Its weird because when we are in the house together we're not often in the same room. Take now, Steve is downstairs, probably mucking about on the laptop and I'm upstairs in the computer room. I am happy in my own company ... but I like knowing he is about.
Mmmn I hope I'm not coming across a a smug married. I hate smug marrieds, they make me want to shag the husband just so I can wipe the grins off their smug married faces. I know that that might be a tad of an over reaction.
BTW I think Steve told me to pay attention when he was speaking to (at) me earlier. I didn't take him up on it (cheek!) as I wasn't sure he said it, as I was, in fact, not paying attention

18 June, 2008

That dress

As I'm off work I caught a bit of "This morning". They were doing bridal fashion. The bride to be was wearing this big meringue number but had this big f off dragon tattoo down her back. Now you'd think tattoo girl would like something a more edgy to get married in wouldn't you? But there is something about that big ol' wedding dress. Now I was 30 when I got married. It was a small wedding held at a registry office. I imagined a trouser suit, or a chic designer dress. Reader I ended up in a big ol' white dress, a crown and a veil! I don't know if it is hormones or what but there is something about that white wedding dress that is irresistible.


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

17 June, 2008

Surprise! I bought a book! From a bookshop!

After yesterday's post about boring book shops, I popped into Waterstones, more out habit than anything else. Looking through the horror section, I saw "Lonely Werewolf Girl" . The title seemed to be a bit of a pee take - there a lot of werewolf /vampire books that could have the same title (or perhaps lonely, horny werewolf/vampire)- that I started to flick through the book, liked what I saw and bought it. I'm really enjoying it. Good characters, good words and a nice sly sense of humour underlying it all.

16 June, 2008

Book shops

I'm getting fed up with bookshops.Being a book junkie I never thought I'd be saying that. But these days shops don't sell books that I want to read. They seem to sell a very narrow range of authors. I'm sure that this has to do with with economies of scale and all that sort of stuff, but it means I end up using Amazon when I'd much rather spend my money in a book shop. Its nice whiling away an hour, picking up books, having a quick flick to see if I want to buy it. These days I find bookshops boring and samey. It is a shame. And I don't get the same "hit" buying books from Amazon.

15 June, 2008

10 niggles

I ripped this from Ms Mac. its about 10 things that wind you up.

1. Whilst in the hospital I noticed that the nurse would take Steve's blood pressure, temperature without introducing herself or saying what she was going to do. A Doctor asked Steve to open his mouth, took a look and then walked away.Why? A quick explanation would have been nice.

2. Drivers not indicating.

3. Queuing up and the person being served having a chat with the cashier - and keeping us all waiting.

4. Before we got the dogs - clearing up cat sh!t in the garden, when we don't have cats.

5. Selfish dog owners.

6. Getting the washing out of the washing machine and realising a tissue had got in with the wash. White papery bits everywhere.

7. People that a strong moral view on something that doesn't affect them. For instance it is relatively easy to decide gays should sacrifice having a family if you yourself are a fertile heterosexual.

8. Women (and I'm afraid it is women) who go on and on about their diets. I've got my own weight issues (and they are boring enough) I don't need to hear yours. And we all know the answer - eat less, move more.

9. Cars blocking the garage. it rarely happens - but even that is too often.

and finally...Mr Postman, Mr Takeaway Menu Man....SHUT THE GATE! SHUT THE GATE!

And I thought I was easy going!


Steve had his operation yesterday, to remove a cyst on his scalp. The doctor did a really brilliant job. We thought that he would have to have his head shaved, but he still has his full head of hair. Aren't hospitals boring and depressing? I think Doctors and Nurses must have a real vocation - the hours are horrendous and the wards are pretty drab.
I've been (trying ) to look after Steve, but I'm not a nautural nurse. Although I did get up at 7 this morning and walked the dog for an hour so that Tommy wouldn't disturb Steve's sleep. How good am I ?!

13 June, 2008

Sex and the City

Saw the SATC film this afternoon and really enjoyed. Laughed out load a few times, but the film isn't as funny as the series. the film was more serious - forgiveness is the main theme of the film. It makes me wish that they would do another series - there is still life in those four women. It also made me go out and buy loads of fabulous clothes!
I read on Oh No that Coutney Cox wants to a Friends film,that might be interesting.As long as they didn't split up Ross and Rachel (again).

12 June, 2008


Hurray!!! 2 weeks and 1 day off work and it starts NOW. I'm hoping for lots of lie ins and laziness.
Read The Woman in Black by Susan Hill yesterday. I read it really, really fast, because I needed to know what would happen. It is very creepy book. I had to get up in the middle of the night to let Tom out for a pee and I got the willies thinking about the story.
Meeting my Mum tomorrow and we are going to see "Sex and the City". I loved the TV series so I'm hoping I won't be disappointed. I've ignored the reviews because most of the reviewers have been men. I'm not being sexist but surely SATC is the ultimate chick flick?
Ugh not going to write anymore because this PC keeps playing up.

08 June, 2008


Friday evening I had to get the train home from Liverpool Street rather than Fenchurch Street because they were dismantling the bomb.
This is what the station announcer said "Those using the C2C service, this service is leaving from platform18. Stand right along the platform. Do NOT stand at the edge. let people off the train FIRST."
Well really, us C2C commuters know to do that. We were all behaved, standing quietly waiting for the train. He made us sound like dangerous hooligans, all standing in a clump teetering on the edge and forcing our way past the poor people trying to get off the train.

05 June, 2008

Bombs away

There has been "disruption" on the railway due to an unexploded bomb. . Its weird to think that a bomb that would have wiped out my Dad's family (they refused to be evacuated) made me late for work, sixty years later.

01 June, 2008


Last night we went to Tim and Sharon's for dinner. And very nice it was too. However we left at about 10.30 because all of us was soooo tired. Its shocking. In our younger days if we all met up the we'd consider leaving at 1am an early night; Sharon and I would be quite drunk. Now it is an early night and (relatively) sober.
Sharon and Tim haven't got children either and we were all discussing how he hate it when politicians talk about families when they actually mean parents. I don't have children but I'm still part of a family.
Talking of families its my parents' birthdays next week. Although there is a 6 year age gap there is only 4 days between their birthdays. Bit inconsiderate if you ask me. Dad is a nightmare to buy for because he never wants anything but I'd feel v. mean not getting him anything.