30 September, 2009

Little fishes

Many years ago , before we even became dog owners, I bought a second hand aquarium from a bloke at work. We knew squat about keeping tropical fish so got books out of the Library and asked the nice people at the fish shop. However the first couple of weeks we had heavy casualties - it was like a fish holocaust. Eventually we either got the hang of it or the strongest survived and we even started getting baby fish. We didn't buy any more fish though- the balance seemed right, the fish were reproducing and we didn't want to upset it. At one point there were so many baby fish- we were giving them away.
Before we went on holiday I was giving the tank a clean and was surprised to count only 5 fish. The size of our tank could take 10 to 15 comfortably (when we were giving them away I counted 35). Yesterday we went to the Aquatic shop and bought 5 black widow tetras to join the platys. Touch wood, they seem to have settled in nicely.

27 September, 2009

Scottish Fun

We had a brilliant time in Edinburgh. We were very lucky with the weather- dry and warm. We did a Highlands tour and although the guide warned us it would be wet, it was mainly dry and sunny. We did all the tourist things - well we were tourists : Loch Ness, saw the clouds cover Ben Nevis, the Castle, Holyrood palace, Scottish National Art Gallery and the Scottish parliament. We trotted up and down the Royal Mile, many times and bought a Robertson tartan scarf. I wanted to buy a Robertson tartan rug but we couldn't see one. The only disappointment was the state of Princes Street. There are digging up a tram line and the road is one long building site. It was a place to avoid, which was a great shame. Driving back through London it stuck me how flat London is compared to Edinburgh. Edinburgh is sooo hilly.
So now we are back home. There is washing drying all over the upstairs and everything is unpacked.

20 September, 2009

No Dog

Steve and I are off to Edinburgh tomorrow. We have dropped off Tommy at Mrs S, the lady that looks after him. She thinks the world of Tom. Has a massive garden and a very lovely dog called Gemma. I know Tom won't be pining for us. But coming back home - the place feels dead with out Tom.
Still we've done most of the packing - just waiting for some clothes to dry. I'm really looking forward to our holiday, it feels like it has been a long time coming.

15 September, 2009


I was actually explaining the difference between a werewolf and a shape shifter to some one at work today. I am 41 years old. Do you think I'll ever grow up?
Mmn just read that last sentence and thought it would make a good tweet. Yep I've got a Twitter account. You have to be careful who you follow -some people tweet ALL the time and it gets a tad tedious. Although I love watching Location whilst reading Kirstie's live tweets.
On other matters, I 've been watching so much telly so we have got Sky Plus. Especially since we were away last weekend and I had all the programmes to catch up on. Its a bit mad, because with the exception of True Blood, Location and How Clean is your house - I 've seen them all before. Frasier is my favourite comfort viewing. Also been watching the new Miss Marple - but get a bit bored and end up watching them for the sale of it. 2 hours is too long.

02 September, 2009


I've just got in from work. It is grey outside and drizzling. I love coming home, out of the cold and wet. It feels so cozy. I love lighting the candles and (not although cold enough at the moment) and putting the stove on.
I do like summer , opening the windows, letting the air in. Doing the garden. But I love Autumn. Drawing the curtains, making everything snug. I even prefer walking the dog- neither of us over heats and we can go on longer walks. The only thing I don't like, it getting up in the dark. Oh man!