27 April, 2010

The Whistlers

On my way to work I walk along Lower Thames Street. This is one of the main roads in the city.It is a tedious walk. However this morning it was livened up by The Whistlers. This is my name for the motorbike police who escort VERY important people in their big cars. They speed along , blowing whistles at each other ( I think it is some type of code) and ensure that the important cars whizz through the traffic with out having to stop at red lights and suchlike. However such is the gridlock of Lower Thames Street the important car was going slow enough for me to have a good old nose as it passed and the important person was Gordon Brown.

25 April, 2010


Last night I went round my parents to watch Dr Who on their HD telly. I now so want a HD telly. The detail is fantastic. Although I should point out that they have a HD telly and a HD source for the telly.
The Times Rich List has been published today. I hate it, it makes me feel poorer than I am already. I bet those people on the Rich list have loads of HD tellies.

19 April, 2010


As I don't have children my maternal feelings get directed elsewhere - the dog, my nephews and, I know this may sound daft, my house plants. Sometimes it goes a bit haywire...
Sitting in the canteen at work I notice a young boy sitting by himself at a nearby table. I say young boy - I think he was about 15 and on work experience. He has a teenage complexion and looks too tall for his body. He has a Tupperware container with his sandwiches, a bag of crisps and is clutching in one hand a bottle of Dr Pepper. He caught my eye as he is twisting round, looking around. I think he is looking for some one. I start to worry for him, I hope they turn up. I am really trying not to stare, as that is all he needs, being bogged at by some middle aged woman. I can't concentrate on my book. After a few minutes , some ladies join him with their lunches. Ah, the people he is looking for. I still can't settle. He seems very shy and is eating his sandwich awkwardly(don't stare Gina!don't stare!)Towards the end of lunch he is more relaxed and laughing with them. THANK THE LORD!! I, on the other hand am a mess , and go back to work drained.
So why did it affect me so? I think it made me reqalise it won't be too many years before the Little Dudes are doing their work experience and I hope people are kind to them.

18 April, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Tommy having a rest after his walk.


Yesterday I had an eye test. My eye sight has improved slightly -which is mote really as I still can't see a thing with out my glasses. I hate going to the opticians.I pay 25 quid for the eye test and the optician trys to flog me stuff. All opticians do that, not just the one I went to see yesterday. I told her I wanted the eye operation and as they don't offer that service she shut up.
I've ordered 2 pairs of glasses ( buy one get one free) from Glasses direct.com. I got my present pair from them, and are happy with them. I paid around £100.00 as I got a 10% discount. Back in the old days when I bought glasses from the high street it would cost me hundreds.
This ash cloud that stopping the planes from flying is all very Gaia. It is as if the earth is fighting global warning on her own terms..

14 April, 2010


Started watching Dan in Real Life. I like Steve Carrel and had high hopes. I lasted about 20 minutes. How come his family noticed straight way he was down when he came to the house , but didn't notice that he was looking at Juliette Binoche with love eyes?

11 April, 2010


What is the secret to staying married? Reading about Dawn French and Lenny Henry splitting up after 25 years,made me feel sad.Not that I know them or anything daft like that, but 25 years is such a long time. I assumed that you have navigated all the tricky relationship issues. Or perhaps you reach the end of your tether.

Watching the new series of Doctor Who and am loving it. I think Steven Moffat is the best Dr Who writer ever.

Am sky plussing repeats of House Busters, as it is being show at half past four in the morning (!!) It is so early there have the little person signing in the corner.

06 April, 2010


This blog has been quieter than usual as I was concentrating on the Soul Coaching. I finished it yesterday, although I think it would be a good thing to do it once a year. A soul spring clean.
I enjoyed working it through, and am made up that I completed it. I read each section on the train to work in the morning and update my progress blog in the evening.
Why did I find it so good? It gets you thinking about your past, how you may appear to others and how you treat your body. Oh and there is some clutter clearing - and I love clearing clutter!!

02 April, 2010


Today I met up with parents and sister and I cooked this, it was scraped clean!