30 September, 2008


Today Angela went to see Chris the Clairvoyant.  One of the things she told Angela was that I should get another dog. Which is odd, as when we where in Wales  we were asked a few times why we've only got one dog.  It has been something we've been discussing - but I think at the moment we are happy as we are.

27 September, 2008

I'm Back

We've just come back from our holiday in Wales and to be honest am a bit down in the dumps because I loved it. We've taken the dogs on holiday with us before, but to be honest it hasn't been as relaxing as it could be. this is because the garden wasn't dog proof, the dogs couldn't get upstairs and you couldn't leave then unattended.  However Little Dumpledale Farm is completely dog friendly, nice settees with throws over then for dogs to snooze on, a dog proof garden, a little conservatory that (the one time we left Tom) we felt happy leaving him and he had the safe garden to roam in. We ok'd first with Carol and Trevor - who are very laid back, and friendly.  I admit we were extremely lucky with the weather - it didn't rain once. We had days out in Tenby and St David's but we mainly relaxed. At least Steve relaxed after he made the fire each day....it is so much easier to flick a switch!
When we were in St David's a Welsh woman asked me directions, I laughed and said that I thought she was more local than I was, but she didn't find it funny.
Learnt some Welsh by reading the (large) road signs - Awfan is slow, ysgol is school and Dim is no. At least I think they are.

19 September, 2008

Sad but true

Mum: Are you going to watch Tess of the D'urbanvilles *
Gina: Good God no! it was bad enough reading Thomas Hardy at school. Every one dies! Thomas Hardy is miserable!
Mum; Like Far from the madding Crowd. Who was in that?
Gina: Bathsheba**
Mum: So who is in Tess of the D'urbanvilles?
Gina: Mum!
Mum (sheepishly) Oh yeah!

*or however you spell it

17 September, 2008

It is only dinner

I enjoy watching MasterChef. I like MasterChef in all its forms - the celebrity, the professional and the ordinary.  I thinkMichel Roux jr is brilliant, he doesn't play up to the camera at all and I love him a little bit. However the look of terror on the contestants' faces, the self hatred when things go a little bit wrong does wear a bit thin. Has the director told them to look scared? If it was MasterDoctor or Master Surgeon I could understand it- you don't want to be cocking that sort of thing up. 

14 September, 2008

500th post

This is my 500th post (just in case you missed the title of this post). When I first started I worried that I would run out of things to say, but I've realised that is no big deal. If I can't think of anything to blog about,  I don't.  When I first started writing it I didn't think I'd get any readers and can still remember the thrill I had when I got a comment from some one I didn't know. 
There are things I steer clear of blogging about. Steve isn't keen that I mention his family, so I try not to do that too much. I try not to slag people off,  I just compose hate filled posts in my head instead.
I know that I'm not a blogging superstar, that I'm not going to get a book deal but I can't imagine not blogging now. I do love my little blog, it is something of my very own.
Why do you like blogging?


Your Independence Level: High
You are extremely self reliant and autonomous.
You are definitely into doing your own thing.
But you also wouldn't turn down help if you needed it.
You follow your own path, but you don't do so blindly.

Its funny, my family say I'm too independent but I never believe them. I think I'm one of the most dependent people I know.

13 September, 2008

Blue and Green should never be seen and other rubbish.

"If you wear spectacles you should not wear earrings"  I read. That's stupid. I hate,hate, HATE so called fashion rules. Like lipstick and nail polish should match, the colour of shoes and handbags should match. Gold and silver shouldn't be mixed. Socks and sandals shouldn't be worn together...oh hang on I agree with that one.

12 September, 2008


I haven't enjoyed today much.  I seemed to be manning the idiot phone line. Then on the way home I was sitting next to someone who had a wind problem.
Bring on the weekend!

10 September, 2008

Back home

We've just come back from a few days in Thursford. I've done one load of washing and the second load is swishing around. 2 loads and we were only away 2 days! We travelled there Monday night. The country is very dark at night isn't it? I like street lights and pavements myself. We had a day trip to Wells and was rewarded by the sun coming out. Tommy loved all the long walks and sniffings.
Definitely have lost all cravings for meat. Steve's Mum and Dad and brother (Linda, Pete and Dave)  ate chicken legs  and spare ribs last night and I thought "oh yuk!"

07 September, 2008

Thoughts on a damp day

Put the stove on last night and turned the radiators on this morning. Am typing this wearing a jumper and I'm wondering what happened to Summer.  Do you know I didn't buy any summer clothes this year? I couldn't have gone shopping that in that narrow window of opportunity!
Took Tom out for a walk and bumped into a couple that I used to work with, Gordon and Sam(antha).  When I left my last job they were in the process of buying their house. As I hadn't seen them I assumed it fell through (everyone knows everyone here) but no, they moved and been living here a year. They had their 2 dogs with them and the dogs all gave each other a good sniffing whilst we had a catch up.
Yesterday I was cutting a potato and nearly sliced off the top of my finger. Blood everywhere and it took ages to stop bleeding. There were drips of my blood all over the work top. Bit disgusting.

I've been meaning to blog about this for ages, I'm fed up of Da Vinci code type books boasting that they are better written by better writers than Dan Brown. I like Dan Brown books, they're exciting and you do care about the characters. I was lucky enough to read the Da Vinci Code, before it became famous.  When I started to read it, I didn't know what it was about. I knew it was a work of fiction but it did get me interested in the divine feminine. In fact before I read that book  I didn't know there was a divine feminine ( and me with my  RE O level).

The Robbos were shouting at each other this morning.
Steve:Not everything is about you!
That stung- that's my line! I said (or rather yelled) that first (cica 1996 or 97?). He stole one of my put downs! 

06 September, 2008


a quick blog while I ran my bath - Finally saw Mama Mia with Mum and Angela  last night and we all loved it. It is a complete chick flick.  There was one man at the cinema and he did look a bit fed up.

02 September, 2008

Hello Mum!

My mum has got a lap top and she's gonna use it (and shop, shop shop!). She'd said she read my blog , so....hello Mum!

You Are Much Closer to Your Family
You consider your family members to be your some of best friends.
And you can count on them more than anyone else in the world.

You're very similar to your family, and you find it easy to get along with them.
You know that they understand you and love you for who you are.