30 July, 2009

Well I did have the same top as her..

I just took the "Which Whedonverse Character Are You? (Buffy Angel Firefly Dollhouse)" quiz and got: Willow Rosenberg! What about you?

As we get older..

1.I find that as I get older, things slip my mind. there has been something I have been meaning to tell Steve for ages. I remember when I'm out at work...only to forget by the time I get home. its nothing earth shattering - just something I think he'd be interested in. If only I could remember...
2. I saw my boss having a senior moment. He got up from his desk - a look of confusion crossed his face - and he sat back down again, deflated.
3. I have this rogue black hair that spouts from my chin. I tweezer that fecker off!

22 July, 2009


I had the Little Dudes over Saturday night. We had pizza and watched Terminator 2. I even managed to hook their PSP to 'tinternet! The next morning the Oldest Dude was raving about how much he liked our bath. It pulled me up short as currently I hate the bathroom. It is small, the tile paint is peeling and the floor needs replacing. But he made me remember how thrilled I was that we had finally bought a house - and I loved the bath too. It is quite a long bath - I can stretch out in it. And as the Dude says, little bathrooms are cozy.
I still want it re tiled though!

18 July, 2009


I read an article this morning about how much food supermarkets waste. The Co Op wastes the least. This is because it does not have over stocked shelves and is not afraid of running out of things. That gave me pause for thought. I don't often shop in the Co Op as I find there off putting to see one lonely little box of mushrooms - it makes me feel I'm buying stuff no one else wants. WHICH IS RIDICULOUS!! Note to self - must use Co Op more often and not be bedazzled by psychological supermarket trickery.

12 July, 2009

I want

Oh dear. I am in one of those moods when I want things and I want to change things:

I want to... rearrange the living room lay out. I know Steve reckons the lay out is perfect but I'm bored with it.
I want ..to replace the ginormous settee with 2 smaller settees.
I want ...to get rid of the carpet and replace it with wooden flooring. Its mad having a carpet when you've got a dog. Sod the acoustics.
I want ....a bigger garden.
I want..... the hallway and landing redecorated, new flooring and vertical blinds on the landing window.
I want ...a big, fat, flat screen telly. And I want it on the wall.
I want....a big bedroom so I can put the rocking chair in there.
I want ...a new crisp, clean bathroom.

I don't like myself much when I get in these moods. I feel all antsy and can't settle.

On a different note. I took Tom for a walk this morning and as he "was doing his business" 2 men stopped and stared. It took me a while to realise that they were staring at us. I was confused for a second - why would they want to look at a dog taking a dump. I don't! I stare out in to the middle distance while all that is going on. Then the penny drooped. Holding up and shaking a poo bag at the 2 men I shouted "Its ok !I'll be clearing it all up!" And they walked off. Sad sacks.

11 July, 2009

Open Plan Rant

One of my property porn faves is The Home Show. Where George redesigns people's houses. George does love his open plan "spaces". One of my pet peeves is referring to a room as a space. Just seems a bit too up yourself. But my biggest peeve is when anyone says "the kitchen is the heart of the home". Its not! The idea that we all spend time giving dinner parties, cook meals every day that means we have to spend ages in the kitchen is a myth. I cook EVERY day (except Thursdays - take away night)and I don't spend that long in the kitchen. It doesn't take long to prep the veg, bung it in the oven, put water on to boil. I haven't got to be in the kitchen all the time I'm cooking. I wander in and out. I put stuff in the oven, look at my watch and think "mmn check this in 20 minutes" and go and do something else. I haven't got kids, but kitchens are not child friendly - knives, boiling water, hot ovens. You want to keep the kids well away whilst you're cooking. And kitchens get messy. I don't want to be looking at that mess whilst I'm eating my dinner. When I eat my dinner I want to be watching telly. I eat my dinner, sitting on the settee watching telly and admiring my dining table that I use about once a year.
If you have all open plan than an utility room is a must. You need to be able to shut out the noises of the washing machine and a place to dump all your crud. Perhaps there are really posh noise-less washing machines I don't know about.
And another thing - these spaces are typically wooden floored, curtainless affairs. The acoustics must be awful- echo, echo. And hard to keep warm.
Aah rant over.

What I watched on telly this week

I spent this week watching Torchwood Don't read any further if you haven't watched it

...So it was a sad ending. I was left thinking "Is that it?" won't they be doing any more series? I liked the fact it was an uncomfortable ending. That Stephen didn't "cough" awake afterwards. It made the story seem more true.

I couldn't believe cry baby Jayne won Celebrity MasterChef. I thought it would be Wendi or Iwan. Wendi was the best cook and Iwan had improved the most. In the team challenges they had both helped Jayne when she couldn't hack it.

The Mentalist - - I know it is supposed to be light hearted but I thought it was just a tad silly this week.

And that is what I have been mainly watching this week. Oh - apart from the Frasier re runs that I have been Sky -plussing. Oh and aside from the property porn programmes that I love.

05 July, 2009


Yesterday evening we were invited round Sharon and Tim's. It was their 9th wedding anniversary. Sharon cooked Mexican which was delicious. As it was a warm night we sat out in the garden chatting. And it was really, really nice. We have all been through some pretty hard times ..and as we sat there relaxing and enjoying each other's company I thought how lucky I was. I felt at peace.

03 July, 2009

Freaky Friday

On the train home tonight(well this afternoon really - I got the 16:45) some "rowdies" got on. They were singing, swearing - even dancing at some points. They were young lads - about 14? 15? And the rest of the carriage completely ignored them. It was like we were shunning them. People talked in their mobiles, gazed out of the windows, read their papers. We all acted as if they weren't there.
I, the other hand, have most definitely not been shunned. I've spoken before about how commuters ignore each other. Well, when I got on the train this morning, a fellow passenger remarked ot me about the weather. The man that always sits beside me said "morning". I almost looked around to see who he was talking to - he has never eve n made eye contact before. The bloke who let me get off the trains said "you're welcome" when I thanked him. ( I always thank people but this is the first response I've had). Lastly in the lift at work (no one ever talks in the lift. I think it might be against the law) the sole other occupant started chatting. Weird!