15 February, 2011

Happy Human Girl

A few years ago I bought Lonely Werewolf Girl by Martin Millar. It was in the horror section of Waterstones, but I wouldn't call it horror - although there is a lot of killing and fighting in it. It is also funny, hip and a bit sad in places , and there is a huge cast of characters. I was quite sad when I finished it. I'd check Amazon for any more books but was there wasn't any.
On Sunday I was trawling Amazon and The Good Faries of New York has been reissued. I thought I might buy it, when to my joy I saw that Lonely Werewolf Girl has a sequel called Curse of The Wolf Girl. and I could download it on my kindle! Deep, deep joy. I've just finished reading and loved it as much as I loved the first. In fact I loved it a little bit more than the first.

12 February, 2011

Romance and happy tears

I have always loved crime books : hard boiled, cozy, supernatural but not true.As i am getting older though I am starting to appreciate romance. I LOVE Rivals and the endings to The man who made husbands jealous and Score! are just the best ever! They bring a happy tear to my eye.
It is lovely , lovely escapism and in Score there is even a murder or 2.
I find that as I get older I get more sentimental. Children singing carols, the Gold medal wards ceremony, the winner of the grand national - all make me choke up. But it is nice having a happy cry , isn't it? In a lot of ways crime books are just as escapist as a romance. it is just that men read them.

07 February, 2011


We've had a long weekend off this week. Unfortunately Mr Robbo came down with a nasty cold Friday night. He tends to succumb to the bugs when he has time off, poor thing. Sunday was our anniversary and we went to see the King's Speech(v. v. good) and had a drink. We were supposed to be going out for dinner but I could tell he was feeling rough and so we went home and had a chilli loaded pizza. Chillis are always good when you have got a cold.
So , Steve is a bit fed up that he feels rough etc, so to cheer him up I suggested rather than going out today we watch a film on the telly. We watched Surveillance.
I chose it cos Bill Pullman is it and he tends to be in good films, or he lifts the film he is in. OMG!! it certainly took Steve,s mind off his cold. Even though I had my suspicions early on, the film still really freaked me out. And I can't remember the last time a film did that.

06 February, 2011

Up and Down

Been reading a few blogs, where the writers talk about their depression and how they cope not cope.
This is my take on it. Depression is extremely frightening as you can not trust what you are thinking. For me it took anti depressants (which are not a quick fix or happy pills by any stretch) and one to one therapy.
I remember a Doctor telling me that depression comes in waves, with the waves becoming more and more spaced out over time. I found this to be true.
But depression is so awful that when you are feeling down or low, which is natural,you start to panic that you are slipping into depression. So now you are feeling low and panicking. Not good.
I have a book that I write down my worries and stuff and I find that just getting all down on paper really helps.
The best way I found was to remind myself that this feeling will pass. I will feel better. And if it is the starting of depression: so what? I beaten before I can beat it again.