31 August, 2007


We've got a new fridge. It seems really small after our big fridge. Small but perfectly formed.
Big Brother final tonight - although I haven't got in to it so much this year, I'll still watch it. I hope the twins win. Perhaps I'm in to it more than I thought.

30 August, 2007


The Robbos seem to be having a few months where every thing is just costing. In July we had unexpected expenses hospital visiting (those train fares mount up - it resulted in a couple of hundred quid we weren't expecting). Then I changed jobs - but my London weighting hasn't come through yet so this has been a bare month and NOW we think the fridge may be broken. And the MOT is due soon.

Stop Press- the fridge has broken. It is official.

29 August, 2007

I'm so excited!

Oh please let this be good.


A few years ago I read a REALLY scary Stephen King short story called 1408. 1408 is the number of a hotel room (add the numbers up it makes 13!! Corny but good.)It was a story that stayed with you afterwards. Now I see that it is a film with John Cusack in it. Hopefully the fact that John Cusack is in it will mean it will be true to the spirit of the story. I don't know if I will be brave enough to see it at the pictures, although I could smuggle in scary film cushy *in.

* The cushion I hide behind when I watch scary films at home.

28 August, 2007

Back to work

Still liking the new job. Still got loads to learn. Still referring most of my phone calls. Need to remind myself that I've only been there 2 weeks.

27 August, 2007


First of all I have been asked to make one thing clear. In my previous post I mention Steve's auntie. This was shorthand - it was actually Steve's Uncle's girlfriend - but I thought that was long winded and just used the word Auntie. It is important to Steve that I clarify that it was his Uncle's girlfriend and not his Auntie. I suppose I should have called her Common- law Auntie.

We went to the garden show today and took Tommy. This bloke (weirdo?) more or less had poor Tommy in a bear hug and kept telling us how much bigger his dog was than Tom. I think the man had dominance issues. If Penny had been there she would had growled at him. A little while later the man made a bee line for Tommy again - but we just kept walking.

26 August, 2007

I blame my parents.

Steve and I went to a wedding this weekend. Steve is half Brum ( on his Mum's side) and the wedding was in Solihull. When I started talking his Auntie remarked that I haven't lost my accent. WTF?! I haven't gone anywhere to lose my accent. I live (as the crow - or pidgeon - flies) about 30 miles from my birth place. Why would she think I had lost my accent? I blame my parents. It's their fault I'm a Londoner.
BTW the only time I did lose my accent was when I lived out in Australia. I started to end every sentence on an up.
Another BTW - I like my accent. I don't want to lose it.

23 August, 2007


The other day I was talking to Mum and said I needed a wind proof brolly. Viola! i come in from work and there is a windproof brolly on the kitchen work top. I was really pleased ...until I realised that today is market day. i hope they didn't buy it from Del Boy...When I rang Mum up to thank her (you shouldn't have! I hope it didn't cost too much!) Mum said she got it from TK Maxx. That means it should be windproof.

21 August, 2007


I'm finding that the journey to work can get a bit tricky. A couple of mornings I have got a bit panic-ky. As in needing to take a few deep breaths to calm down. Then I need to use the loo (but don't - I think I'm worried that the loo will be out of order and I'll wet myself) and spend the rest of the journey trying to calm down. Most of the time it works, I manage to calm myself. It is pretty horrible at the time though. As the journey home is fine I think it is nerves about the day ahead. I'm sure that I'll get through this. Although tonight I'm worrying about tomorrow morning's journey. So in short I am worrying about being worried tomorrow.You don't need to tell me that's mad. Anyone got any tips in how they deal with their own irrational behaviour?

18 August, 2007


I was in Southend today, shopping. I went into the bank to pay in a cheque that I've been carrying around in my handbag for a week. I get to he paying in machine (hardly ever works anyway) rummage through my bag and then realise I haven't got work handbag with me. Arrgh. As I go to leave I see Little Dudes and big Dude (their Dad) sitting in the waiting area. Actually I didn't see them - they had to holler my name several times. The first thing I notice is that they are wearing matching sandals. I know Angela likes to dress the boys the same , but I didn't realise she was including her husband in that. Joe had a big tear across the knee of his jeans. I wasn't sure if that was on purpose and asked him. He cheerfully told me it was the mark of death. Mark of death? The Little Dudes are obsessed with all things horrific.
When I got home Steve and I had a row because I muttered "fecking basic"* under my breath. Now I'm having to endure him telling me stuff and then adding -"but I thought that would be fecking basic."** I'm getting my own back though. During the Robbo row he accused me of just pretending to love him so I'm calling him Pretend Husband. The Robbos are not sophisticated arguers.

* He hadn't put the door stop against the door, so it was in danger of slamming on Tommy. I said "You haven't used the door stop" and then muttered "fecking basic". Steve demanded to know what I had muttered (he didn't believe my answers of "nothing" "love you?")so I said very slowing "fecking basic" and it went nuclear after that. He is sooo touchy.

** Obviously we were using a different word.

16 August, 2007

Blood ties

Watched Blood Ties on Living tonight.It was surprisingly faithful to the book. The actress who played Vicky Nelson looked a bit like Anatasia when she was wearing her glasses. It was a pity Henry didn't have an English accent. Afterall, he is supposed to be the illegitimate son of Henry VIII. Still I think it is a keeper.
BTW I've been wiped off all the system at work, and they got my pay wrong. Aargh!

15 August, 2007

Count to Ten....

I like to think of my self as easy going, empathic and even tempered. And most of the time I am. Sort of. But tonight I really lost my temper with Mr Robbo. I'm sorry Mr Robbo. I was out of order.
BTW we are definitely not one of those couples that get off on arguing. You know when it leads to hot sex. Arguing just gives us both a headache. In fact I've just taken some panadol.

14 August, 2007

How Rude!!!

Warning - I'm banging on about the commute:

Where work is about a 20 minute FAST walk from the station. And on the way back it is uphill (but weirdly seems faster.) My legs ache.

Gina: Even the muscles in my bum ache.
Ruthie: Its all the talking you do from it.

Well really - and Ruthie is supposed to be a friend :0)

13 August, 2007

First Day

The first day wasn't too bad. I don't regret changing jobs. The journey's ok. People were friendly and Imanaged ot get up at 5.45 AM. I do feel tired now - but Ithink I'll feel better after dinner.
I travelled in with Ruthie. She threatened to blog about me...

12 August, 2007

Packing for Work.

I've started to sort out stuff I need to take with me to work tomorrow. I took all my appraisal stuff home as I didn't have the balls to bin it. I won't bother trawling that to London yet. I think it will stay buried in the kitchen cupboard for a while. I did bin my 10 year service certificate though as I thought what would be the point in taking it home to bin it there.
Sooo - here is what I've packed to take in with me tomorrow:

My pens (as I don't like using work issue pens -they get blobby too quickly.)
A pebble Claire gave me. I use it like a worry bead when I'm on a call from hell.
Plastic glass for water. I drink a LOT of water and those little plastic water beakers don't do it for me.
Mug and spoon - for my Nestle Coffees - as I don't like the vending coffee.
Pack of Nestle coffees.
My diary.
Framed photo of Penny and Tommy.
Framed photo of the Little Dudes.

I don't think I'll have room for my packed lunch. Ruthie suggests that I take a packed lunch as it is expensive other wise. I normally get the Boots meal deal at £2.99 - but there isn't a Boots near my new work. I think I'll treat myself to a sandwich for the first day.

I was reading the TV guide and was (way too) excited to see that there is show on Living on Thursday. Its on at 8 and its called Blood Lines (or something like that). It is based on the Blood books by Tanya Huff. I read that a year or so ago and really enjoyed them. I hope the programme is as good. I've set it up on my (I suppose I should say our)personal planner.

11 August, 2007

Leaving Do

I had my leaving do - and very nice it was too. Didn't get too drunk and woke up this morning feeling un-hungover. Perhaps I have finally grown up and can drink in moderation...I will be still working for the same company but it feels funny leaving Southend after 14 years. Lots of people had an opinion on commuting to London. I got fed up of telling them that I've commuted before. True enough I lived closer to London then but I was about 1 1/2 miles from the station- that was some walk- and I could never get a seat on the train.

06 August, 2007

Another crush bites the dust..

I was watching telly and the adverts came on. There was an advert for a film with Nathan Fillion in it. Captain Mal *sigh* Imagine my disappointment - he looks like he has wig hair. I don't think it is a wig but that he has dyed his hair wig brown. Now I hope they don't bring Firefly/ Serenity back. Nathan - why?
Ruthie and I were discussing Brangelina. neither of us think Brad is right for her.
Gina: I don't know why she didn't go for George. he's more political.*
Ruthie: And gay.

*Get me talking as if I actually know these people.

Special offer

We've taken up a non contract - one off payment Sky offer. Installation, digibox and variety channels for a one off 75 quid. After 6 months I lose the pay for view channels. Fair enough.Ever since Sky have been sending me direct debits forms - I ring up and state the special offer number and they say I don't need to fill it in. Until tonight when all the channels were turned off. I rang up Sky AGAIN. I was really shocked by the operator's attitude - he kept talking over me and HE was getting angry with ME! I don't know why - he wasn't paying for the call. I think it was because I was asking questions he couldn't answer.
Steve ended up having to take the call over (that's how bad it got). Its sorted out again. They don't need to know my bank details. I'm not holding my breath though. Stupid special offer.

05 August, 2007

03 August, 2007

Secret Grudge List.

I think most people tend to think that I'm easy going. And most of the time I am. But I do notice things and although I might not say something at the time, I do remember. You could say they go on my secret grudge list. I shouldn't keep a secret grudge list because when it gets full up I go mad. And the poor person on the receiving end has no idea why. To be fair to myself this happens very rarely. Yes you guessed it - I blew a friendship out of the water today.
In my last job i made really good friends with the girls I worked with. When I left I was confident we'd still be friends. But there was a lot of little things - I felt if I didn't make the effort to see them- popping up on their floor, inviting them to lunch - I didn't see them. Of course I should have mentioned this, but it went on my secret grudge list. They were invited to my parents' party. One girl couldn't go because she had an operation (I'm not totally mad - I'll accept a sick note) the other said she may come if she didn't have plans. She didn't let me know if she was coming, she just didn't turn up. That hurt my feelings - but I didn't say anything - it just went on the secret grudge list. And I also made excuses - they're busy etc. I invited them to my leaving do, fully expecting they would come. They said they would - but now plans have changed for them - they can met me for lunch but can't go out next Friday. One of the girls was having a friend over Friday or Saturday. As you can imagine that went straight to the top of my secret grudge list. At first I agreed to go to lunch - but inside I was stewing. I hate going out work lunch time as I can't relax, having one eye on the clock. I sent them an email saying I couldn't make lunch. They suggested another day - and that's when I lost it. (I thought, come on - I'm leaving Southend to go to London - this is a big deal for me.its not like I'm just going to work on a different floor.) My words weren't horrible but my tone was. I handled it badly and I was really upset.

I pretty much think the friendship is over. They made it pretty obvious they don't want to spend an evening with me and I made it pretty obvious where they can stick it. I suppose you could argue that the friendship had really been quietly dying for some time. But I wish I had told them the things that were bothering me. At least they would have known. Instead they thought everything was okay, I'd be all right about being blown out and they got a shock when I growled. When I growl like that I shock myself. So that it what I going to salvage from this - no more keeping secret grudge lists. They don't work.

02 August, 2007

My Poor Feet

I bought a pair of shoes. They are described as comfortable. They should be - you know some shoes are f-me* shoes? well these could be described as a cup of tea and a biccy shoes. No sex appeal whatsoever. The shoes are black and flat. And they f'ing killed my feet. My poor toes are a sea of blisters. And if these shoes aren't comfortable what is the point of them?
BTW once when I was high on hormones I bought a pair of killer f-me shoes. They're black and purple and when I wear them I'm six feet tall. But f-me I can't walk in them to save my life.

*Although Gina Robertson curses in real life, it doesn't feel right for Gina Robbo.

01 August, 2007


I'm sorting out my leaving "do" and I have to collect deposits for the meal. Now I know for sure who is coming and I will be able to book the right number for dinner. I can't believe it is next week.
At my new job I'll need a new pass. This means a new photo. Yikes. Shall I do Boy George's trick and paint my chin and neck black so it looks like I've got a thin face?