21 August, 2010

Out of date

Steve got stung by a was today. Under his toe. OUCH! After I pulled the sting out with a pair of tweezers (to my amazement as I am a bit cack handed)I hunted around in a medicine tin for some sting gel thingy. I found some , but was shocked at all the out of date stuff we had. Stuff like Deep heat spray, stuff you put in your ears if you have an earache, cystitis powder, vitamin c - were years out of date. The only stuff in date was the panadol. So I had a throw out and will have a re stock.
Re the wasp sting - the thing that helped was ice cubes. Steve is feeling ok now.

15 August, 2010

Class Words

I was watching a programme on the English class system.

I say:
living room, settee, loo, serviette, dinner is my evening meal, my house has fitted carpets.

I know I should say:
sofa, sitting room, napkin, (not sure about loo - is it smart to say lavatory?) have wooden floors.

I'd be interested in learning how Americans tell class origins.

07 August, 2010


Steve and I have been talking about getting another dog.
Then I came upon this.

02 August, 2010

Sterling v Dollars

Hurrah!Q Sterling is getting stronger against the US dollar. Not that I'm going to America- but my kindle downloads will be cheaper. I still *love* my kindle..