28 February, 2009

Big clean

Since I've been working in London Steve does the majority of the cleaning. Which is fantastic. But on Saturday mornings I run the place over with a duster. Give the kitchen a quick wipe down. I may clean the fish tank.
Today as well as those jobs I bleached the thingy that you put in your kitchen drawer and store your cutlery in. What is that called?*A cutlery holder? I was shocked by how manky it was. The Robbos must have excellent immune systems. We do keep the house clean-honest! , but some things just get over looked. As I had all the cutlery out I bleached them as well, and in a fit bleaching also added the mugs.
Then in a cleaning frenzy I pulled out our big bed and cleaned away all the dust bunnies. I say dust bunnies but dust monsters is more like it.
Now I don't need to do all this. Steve polishes and vacuums during the week and if I asked him to do bleach the cutlery and mugs he would. I think cleaning the house for me, is like Tommy peeing up against stuff on our walks. I'm marking my territory.

*A cutlery tray. It is called a cutlery tray. I was making a cup of tea and it suddenly came to me.

26 February, 2009

Facebook friends

This Facebook thing can you make you feel well left out. All my Facebook friends are real friends. That is I know them in the real not virtual world. There is one girl who I consider a good friend. We don't meet up that much, but I thought it was because we're both busy doing the stuff you have to do making a living, blah blah blah. Now, thanks to Facebook I realise she rarely returns calls, meets up because she is too busy going out with all her other friends. So I now I consider her a good friend I used to have.
Still I shouldn't feel too bad. My mum hasn't even got round to accepting Angela ( my sister, her daughter) as a friend yet. That is just harsh!

25 February, 2009


I was reading Duma Key. I was all alone in the house. It was dark. I had got to the bit where Edgar sees the little twin girls on the stairs. I should I say Edgar sees the little dead twin girls ...and I heard children's voices at the front door. I nearly wet myself before I remembered that the Little Dudes were due round.
Stephen King - you write some scary sh!t!

15 February, 2009


I was reading the Most Romantic Film Moments on 'tinternet and was amazed to see that Shrek wasn't on there. The bit where Shrek tells Princess Fiona she is beautiful, being tears to my eyes every time. He doesn't say "you are beautiful to me" which would imply , yeah you're big and green but I like you. He simply says she is beautiful. *happy sigh*

14 February, 2009


As I was polishing - the speaker fell off the stand and banged against the plug socket and now the plug socket is hanging off the wall. Sh!t and double sh!t. I'm going to have a husband with the hump when he gets in.

08 February, 2009


We went round our friends last night. I asked them if they would rather be a vampire or a werewolf. And they did not think it was an odd question and had an answer straight away. They would rather be vampires. Maddie wondered why I'd rather be awerewolf -all that hair! I suppose vampires are sexier, but I still stick by my choice.

07 February, 2009

Vampires and Werewolves.

We were watching Underworld last night. Well I was watching it and Steve was playing on his DS.
"What would you rather me a werewolf or a vampire?" I asked.
Steve actually looks up from his game and stares at me "I don't know". Steve said it as if that is the most stupid question he has ever been asked.
"You don't know?" I suppose that is the difference between a Buffy fan and a non Buffster.
Well I'd rather be a werewolf. Because a. I like dogs and wolves; b. In The OtherWorld series werewolves have super fast metabolisms and can eat loads; and c. I find the blood thing with vampires a bit icky. Really I'd like to be a Were greyhound, but I don't think that they exist.
I felt a bit sorry for Michael Sheen who was it. He and Kate Beckinsale used to be a couple, but she went off with the director. Imagine you're both got in a job in the same film, and you're thinking "Oooh that will be good, spending more time together" and she runs off with the Director. I mean I could be wrong, Michael might have been going off Kate anyway.

06 February, 2009

10 years

The Robbos have been married 10 years today. I think that has been the fastest 10 years of my life. We celebrated by having a v. delish lunch at an Italian restaurant.
Even better, Mum came out of hospital today, after her eye operation. We popped into see her and she looked surprisingly well. When she had the operation before (about 5 years ago) she looked like she had been punched in the face. Today her eye looked a bit swollen. The wonders of modern medicine.

05 February, 2009

I always said that Tommy was a tiny Greyhound.

Your Ideal Pet is a Little Dog

You're both high strung, hyper, and cute.

You're one of the few people who can get away with carrying your little dog in a little bag.

Ha! ha! ha!

Mum had an operation today. She had it under local. I was talking to her tonight and she was laughing uproariously at all my jokes. I told my sister that I thought she was high. Angela said that Mum has seemed normal to her. Could it be that I am funnier than I think I am?

04 February, 2009

Brrr and Hmmm

Brrr - Today is been the first day I've been out since Sunday as I was laid low with a tummy bug. Good job the people at work know me - because to ring in sick when London has come to a standstill with snow is a tad whiffy. Like my bathroom was, but we won't go into that. Feel loads better but am shattered.

Hmmm - agreeing to disagree. There's this bloke that me and my friend both know. And he is a very clever sex pest. By clever I mean, he does/says something and it totally wrong foots you . You're left thinking - have I taken this the wrong way ? Have I imagined that? After this happened to me twice I thought - oh no you don't sunshine and I have avoided him ever since. My friend says that apart from that he is a nice bloke. Buttocks to that, I say. I think he uses his nice bloke persona to lull you into letting your guard down. She just can't see it.