31 May, 2007

Plan b

Those of you who read Steve's blog will know that he is not a fan of changes to plans. Yesterday we had planned to meet my parents for Sunday lunch. It is their birthdays next week. Mum rang me today and said that Angela had invited herself along (well she didn't put it as rudely as that, I'm paraphrasing.) Angela works Sundays, so instead of lunch at the yacht club, we are all going to the Rosalyn at 7. Which is nice that we will met up (as 'Angela' is short hand for Angela, Dave , Joe and Aaron). Now all I have to tell Steve we are on plan b.
Me: You know we're going for lunch on Sunday.
Steve (suspiciously): yeah
me: Well, Angela is coming now so we're going to Rosalyn instead. In the evening.
Steve: But I was looking forward to lunch.
me (in a get over it tone): Well, yes.
Steve: It won't be late will it?
me: No, the boys have got school the next day.
(Now I don't know if they have got school the next day - but they are 9 and 7 - how late can it be?)
Steve (resigned) Oh ok then.

I sometimes feel that I torment the poor man.

Veggie Dog

I'm getting a new mobile phone and it is the exactly the same as Steve's! I get 500 minutes for 15 quid a month. It should be delivered tomorrow. I'm excited. One of the many things that is great about Steve is that he will set all up for me, he enjoys stuff like that.
I hear that some people think I am being unfair or even cruel to Tommy giving him vegetarian dog food. Please bear in mind the standard of meat found in dog food. I'm not depriving him of the finest meat. It is nasty, cheap cuts of 'meat' that isn't used for human consumption. Happidog is a vegetarian dog mixer food. But Tommy isn't living a complete veggie life style - he has pig ears and sardines. He is very partial to quorn mince. He eats our leftovers. Steve's parents always bring cooked bits of chicken when they come over. He has a varied diet.

30 May, 2007


It was a nightmare getting Happidog. That is the vegetarian dog food Magnus suggested we buy. There was a place in Wickford that was supposed to sell it, but they said they didn't any more due to lack of demand. So we ordered off t'internet and the bag was waiting on the doorstep when we got home from work. Added some tomato sauce to it (don't ask - Tom is a very fussy eater) and Tom has eaten most of it.

29 May, 2007


I did 1 1/2 hours over time today. In Gina terms that is a huge amount of overtime. I feel very worn out. In fact I was so exhausted I just realised I put the wrong amount of over time down on the signing in sheet. I under charged - I'll sort that out tomorrow.
Have you heard of a diet system called Lighter Life? One of my Mum's friends has lost 4 stone on it. I was impressed until I found out what the poor woman was allowed to eat. She was allowed 800 calories a day. This was served in the form of a thin soup. Eight f'ing hundred! F'ing thin soup! How can any one survive on that? I think it is a huge testament to her will power that she managed to stay on the diet and lose the weight , but I know I could never do that. I would be too miserable. I think it would turn me evil. I'm grumpy enough before dinner, it doesn't bear thinking what I would be like knowing I've got thin soup and a supplement to look forward to. I would look with eyes of hate at people eating. Steve would have to move out for his own safety.
What is thin soup made up of anyway? water and a bit of flavouring? And to think I used to disapprove of Slimfast. ( 'I'm even eating real food' indeed!)

28 May, 2007

Personality test.

I told you I was bored so I did a personality test:

clean, self revealing, open, organized, outgoing, social, enjoys leadership and managing others, dominant, makes friends easily, does not like to be alone, assertive, hard working, finisher, optimistic, positive, likes to stand out, likes large parties, respects authority, practical, high self esteem, perfectionist, dislikes chaos, busy, not familiar with the dark side of life, controlling, high self control, traditional, tough, likes to fit in, conforming, brutally honest, takes precautions

At least it is official - I'm clean.


Rained all day. Nothing to watch on TV. No new books to read. Read everyone's blogs. Googled myself (blog name and real name). Changed blog template and colours. Think I'll go and torment Mr Robbo now.

BTW -spoke to Joe, my 9 year old nephew who LOVES Dr Who and he didn't like last night's episode either.

I got a reply from G A McKevett!!!!

G A Mckevett has a MySpace page and I sent her a fan email as I love her Savannah Reid books. She replied and as I'm such a geek I'm posting her reply here:

Hi Gina!
Of course you can call me G.A. But my real name is Sonja (Sonja Massie) and you can call that, too. :)
How sweet of you to write to me. I do appreciate you taking the time to do that. People are so busy these days!
I'm finishing another Savannah this week, and after that I'm going to get some myspace lessons. A friend of mine, Melinda, set it up for me, and she swears she'll teach me how to use it. Let's see if we can teach an old dog something new. ha
Anyway, thank you for reaching out. I hope you enjoy your books. Let me know if you do. Don't tell me if you don't. I might be PMSing and I'd cry. :)
And I know exactly what you mean about reading books over again. I love re-visiting a good book, like an old friend.
Okay, break's over. Gotta go write.
All the best,
(G.A. McKevett)

What a nice lady.

Doctor, Why?

I met Mum and Dad for lunch along the sea front yesterday. It was very over cast which was a shame as the Airshow was on. You could just about make out the Red Arrows through the clouds. I say this every time I see the Red Arrows - how on earth do you practise being a Red Arrow? There doesn't seem to be much room for error.
When I got home Steve was beside himself with excitement.I thought he was happy to see me but the the excitement was because he could watch some American car race. He went upstairs to watch it and I watched my Rosemary and Thyme DVD. I lit my candles , snuggled down on the settee and munched too many bags of Walkers crisps and had a few glasses of wine. I'm very sad that the series has been discontinued.
This morning I got up and drew back the curtains. STILL raining.

Was very disappointed with the recent Doctor Who episode. Why didn't the Doctor give Martha the watch to look after as it was so important. When funny faced boy opened the watch why didn't John become the Doctor? But most importantly why have the writers made Martha so love sick for the Doc? It is a boring story line (come on this is a children's programme) and makes Martha into a drippy character. The only thing I did like about it is it explains why Barbara referred to the Doctor as her grandfather.
PS -tickled pink with the title on this blog. I'm really very good.;0)

27 May, 2007

Grand Prix

It is raining today. The Grand Prix in on this afternoon and Steve's Dad is coming over to watch it with Steve. They will be watching and using MY laptop to keep super up to date. The TV will be blaring so that they can hear the gear changes. (wtf..)I'm going out.

26 May, 2007


I can't believe I took the time to sit and read this cobblers.

Mix and match.

Steve wears a gold wedding ring and a stainless steel watch. I commented the other day that it was a pity that I hadn't got him a platinum wedding ring so it would tone in with his watch. Steve looked at me as if I was mad. Real men don't have matching jewellery (apparently). Graham -from -work also wears a stainless steel watch and gold ring. I was was talking to him about it and he said funnily enough his wife offered to buy him a new platinum wedding ring so that it would match his watch. He turned down her kind offer. I asked him why and instead of telling me to mind my own business and to let him get on with his work, he replied it was because he didn't care. It seems we girls do care about mixing gold and silver.
After all these interesting chats I found myself sharing a lift. I noticed that my companion wore a stainless steel watch and a white gold/platinum wedding ring. And do you know what reader - Steve is right - it did look gay.
I also learnt something about myself - I compulsively check out what jewelery people are wearing. And I judge them on their choices.

24 May, 2007

A Warning

Never ever ever ever go to Sainsburys lunchtime. It is horrific.

23 May, 2007

Gay Crushes

Well readers who could turn your corner for you? One of Steve's friends (and no its not Steve he wouldn't admit to a gay crush) although a heterosexual bloke is strangely drawn to Steve Gerrard. I felt a bit 'funny' when I saw K D Laing live.
Talking queerly it is great to see that some many young people are out. There are quite a few openly gay people at work. It strikes me that they feel (quite rightly) that they have nothing to be ashamed of. When I was younger it was more of a secret-some one might confide to you that they were gay but ask you not to tell anyone else.
Any way - who are your gay crushes? Come on don't be shy!

22 May, 2007

What I meant was..

Just re-read the post below. I meant that I was sad that Heroes has finished. Not 'sad heroes' has finished. (Altho I thought Nikki was sad - she was such a wimp and I didn't like how they all made the name Jessica sound like Jessika.And am I only one that think Americans make the name Claire sound like Cleere?)

Steve now has the lurgy. Will RobboWorld ever be free of this lurgy-ness?

ho hum

Sad Heroes has finished - but surprised at how neatly it all fell into place. Too scared to write too much in case you haven't seen it. If you want to know what happens look here

21 May, 2007

Store cupboard

Where I had been poordy last week I haven't been shopping. Yesterday I used the last of the washing tablets. This made me feel uneasy- even though I don't intend to be washing in the next few days. I bought some more after work. This got me thinking of things that I make sure are always plentiful in Robbo World:
tins of tomatoes
kitchen roll
(spare*) loo rolls
(spare ) washing up liquid
washing powder
(spare) soaps
tomato sauce
tea bags
kitchen foil

*spare denotes where I wouldn't feel comfortable just having one of these items. These items are so fundamental to Robbo World - there must be an emergency back up at all times.

20 May, 2007

Horse burger and chips please.

Watched the F Word this morning. Janet Street Porter was promoting horse meat - it is healthy, low fat, tastes like beef and is free range. Janet went to a farm in France and chose her horse. She said that she found this very difficult. Now although I don't eat meat I do admire people that do but also face the consequences. That is for me to eat this , this animal/fish has to die. If you have to eat meat the least you can do is make sure that the animal that has been reared for food as had a pleasant life and death. I think that is the JSP /Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall school of thought. I used to advocate not eating as much meat but paying more and ensuring it was ethical. However when I realised I couldn't kill an animal to eat it-nothing could ever taste that good that it warrants me killing it - I realised I couldn't eat meat any more. And lets get one thing straight - I don't not eat meat because I don't like the taste. (Just as few people give up smoking because they don't like smoking.)I'm not a vegetarian in a bid to lose weight either. I'm not a vegetarian because Steve is. I'm a veggie because it makes me feel better about myself.
However being a veggie is something else to feel guilty about, if I stood my ideals I should be vegan. I do admire vegans - their resolve and discipline is awesome.Also Tommy is not a veggie dog - I buy dog food which is (probably) made up of poor animals who had cramped nasty lives and horrendous deaths. If I was a good person I would buy expensive free range meat and cook it for him. Tom would love that.

19 May, 2007

Not that I believe in this...want to have a go?

You are The Moon

Hope, expectation, Bright promises.

The Moon is a card of magic and mystery - when prominent you know that nothing is as it seems, particularly when it concerns relationships. All logic is thrown out the window.

The Moon is all about visions and illusions, madness, genius and poetry. This is a card that has to do with sleep, and so with both dreams and nightmares. It is a scary card in that it warns that there might be hidden enemies, tricks and falsehoods. But it should also be remembered that this is a card of great creativity, of powerful magic, primal feelings and intuition. You may be going through a time of emotional and mental trial; if you have any past mental problems, you must be vigilant in taking your medication but avoid drugs or alcohol, as abuse of either will cause them irreparable damage. This time however, can also result in great creativity, psychic powers, visions and insight. You can and should trust your intuition.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

Waffling to a stranger.

As I'm feeling better today I did the "first time for days leaving the house" walk. My Dad drummed the importance of this walk into me from an early age - as sometimes you can just feel better because you haven't done anything for days. On occasion you can go on this walk and come back feeling like shite and realise with a sense of dawning horror - you are not actually better.
I took Tommy with me and we had a stroll to the Beach. A lady asked me if she could stroke Tom and I said "yes , but let him sniff your hand first". Not because Tom would bite but he has a habit of backing away from strangers. Note to readers - always let a dog sniff your hand before you try to pet it. It's polite.
'I did have another dog but she died a few weeks ago.' I told the lady.
Now why did I tell her that? Its not like she asked me if I had any dead dogs. As I walked home I thought about why I said that (especially adding that Penny had died a few weeks ago) I think it is because I still think I've got 2 dogs. Also I didn't want Penny to feel left out. Mad I know but there you go.
BTW - when I got home felt slightly out of breath ( as I can't breathe through my nose at the moment) but otherwise fine. I passed the walk test.

Better Gina

Haven't been sick since yesterday afternoon - Hurray!! Still blocked up (nasally)but can breathe easier. Anyway enough of my health.
We were meant to go to a Quiz night last night , but as I was FAR too ill, Steve went with out me. Steve and Ruthie went together and are both vegetarian. When they were tucking into their halftime dinner someone said to them :"it must make it easier you both being vegetarian."
"WE'RE NOT TOGETHER" blasted Ruthie.
Come on Ruthie, he's not that bad...

18 May, 2007

Sad Gina

Am getting fed up of being poordy. I've had a heavy cold and "tummy problems". Then yesterday I started to throw up- still feel very sick. How do people who are properly ill cope? Holly who mans the work sick line told me that other people have called in with cold/diarrhea/sick combos. I blame the comfort cooling it just recycles all the bugs. I'm going to stop typing now and go and hug the toilet...

15 May, 2007


I am very very poordy. Struggled into work , as the share price will collapse if I'm not there.(well you would think so for all the fuss they make about sickness levels) Am going to have a very hot curry tonight and blow those germs away.

13 May, 2007

2 Conversations over lunch

We had a family lunch today at the Yacht club today. I was sitting near Joe and Aaron.
Conversation 1
Joe is talking to Steve:Mum and Gina were really drunk last night.
Me: No we weren't!
(Note to reader - we really weren't drunk. We were pacing ourselves as we knew we had to clear the hall at the end of the evening)
Joe: Well you and Mum danced like you were drunk.
Me: Women in their 30s dance like that.
(note to reader - lots of hands waving -hands in the air.)

Conversation 2.
Me: Aaron aren't you going to eat your mange tout?
Aaron: No it tastes like diarrhoea.

Party, party

The party was fab. There may have only been two helium balloons but there were massive. People laughed at the right bits in the speeches. There was enough buffet. it all went far too quickly. My feet ache from all the dancing.

11 May, 2007

Don't read this if you're squeamish

Came on today and it is a real stinker. Every time I "powder my nose" I have to change my "protection". Its nothing like the adverts - I don't feel full of confidence and its not blue.

10 May, 2007


In case you were wondering what Tommy did when Steve came in - he sulked, (Tom that is not Steve.)
One of my party chores is to get the balloons filled with helium. Mum said that I've got to go in to Clinton's with the deflated balloons and the receipt and they will do it for me. Had visions of being crammed in the car amid loads of balloons.
Me : How many are there?
Mum; 2.
Me: 2!!!Whats the point of 2? All this trouble for 2 balloons!
Mum: Well there are seven pounds each. I couldn't get them with "40" on so I got a "4" and an "0".
Me:So if you could have got one with "40" on, you would have just got one balloon?
Mum (lying through her teeth); No.

So then I ring Angela.

Me: Guess how many balloons Mum's getting for the party?
Angela; No idea - how many?
Angela: 2!!! How she's been going on I thought she was doing a balloon bridge!

Still won't have to worry about getting them all in the car.

09 May, 2007


I have got a very sadly dog resting at my feet. Steve and I normally come in from work together. However tonight Steve is at hospital radio and I came in by myself. It must be the first time we have done that since penny died because Tommy is freaked out. Readers I am sure you are aware that when you get in from work you have things to do: empty the washing,put the washing away, put the kettle on, do the dog's dinner. All the time I was doing this Tom was crying and barking.(Making it very hard to concentrate on my chores) When I sat down he laid his head across my feet - he never does that. (As you know dogs have a keen sense of smell and my feet whiff at the best of times.) I think Tom thinks Steve is dead. Funnily enough Steve has just rang.
Steve: How are you?
Gina: I'm ok, Tom thinks you're dead though.
Steve: Oh!

Imagine how pleased Tommy will be when Steve does come home.

08 May, 2007

Elementary, my dear Watson.

Watched Midsummer Murders tonight. Guessed who it was half way through . Not because he had motive - just thought if he wasn't the murderer what was the point of the character?

07 May, 2007

Thanks for all the fish

Ive decided that I can't justify eating fish any more. As if I ever could really justify it. I 'only' eat fish when we go out for a meal/get a take away. This is me being mean- as a lot of vegetarian options on menus - well I cook better myself. Now have (finally)realised THAT IS NOT THE POINT. Could I go fishing and eat the fish I caught? No I couldn't. No more fish for me.

Weather with you.

I've got a confession to make. I don't like hot sunny weather. I think it is a bit presumptuous when weather reporters refer to hot weather as good. That is judgemental assuming we all like it hot. I'm one of those people who would be rather cold than hot but I've also noticed it is so much quieter on cold days. I love walking along East Beach on a winter's day. I don't care if it is raining . It is like having your own private beach, no one is there. So this morning I took Tom for a nice long ramble undisturbed by kiters and irresponsible dog owners. I've got nothing against kiters but Tom is scared of kites (why? - no idea - he is a lot better than he used to be but it still stresses him out). It wasn't even that cold it just looked like it might rain. Another thing I like about cold weather is that it makes your house all cosy. I put the stove on and light some candles - lovely. I like cool summer evenings when we have the patio doors open till we go to bed.
Talking of weather reports - I never listen to them I just look out of the window and see for myself. It makes me laugh (in an evil, nasty way) when people are dressed too hot/too cold because they listened to the weather report - and it was wrong.

06 May, 2007


Written my Dad's speech. Its short but I like to think to the point and I don't think Dad wants reams and reams he has to read. I hope he likes it and I hope it gets a few laughs. Anyway as I'll be in the audience I can always laugh loudly at the funny bits. Well funny-ish bit.

The little dudes are obsessed with Jaws at the moment. They kept talking about Bunny Jaws. I had not idea about what they were going on about, so they showed me the website. It is really funny - obviously we only looked at the child safe ones- but they are very funny. The little dudes were annoyed that I wouldn't let them watch Bunny Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Bunny Freddy v Jason. Kids of today, eh?

Grumpy Gina

I'm in a grumpy mood this morning. I'm I the only one that gets it? Take that stupid 'I'm not a plastic bag' Anya Hindmarch thing. Ooooh it by Anya Hindmarch. ooooh she is a designer. Oooh a designer bag for a fiver. Ooooh I'll buy loads and sell in on E Bay. Didn't Sainsburys see that coming? Of course they did but it is a good way to get free advertising isn't it? I'm not a plastic bag my arse. If you're that bothered buy a bag for life and re use that. Yes, just like I do.
I was reading Telegraph money the other day. To be honest I only read the article where someone famous talks about what they do with their money. This woman said she had bought a pedigree dog for £600, when she got have got a second hand dog from Battersea for about £70. A SECOND HAND DOG WTF?!!!! Dogs aren't hand bags or shoes they are living things. I bet she has got 'I'm not a plastic bag' bag.

Ah! Strange feeling of calmness descends after rant.

05 May, 2007

Worn out

Worn out, had the little dudes over this afternoon. Surprised that this PC still works ..

04 May, 2007

I hate MySpace

I've just re-jigged MySpace profile, in a shameless attempt to get more readers to this blog. I hate MySpace even more than I hate Windows Spaces. When people pimp their page it makes it very difficult to read.


Voted yesterday. I love voting. Walking down to the church hall, saying hello to people - it is all so civilised. I'm with Mr Robbo in that I think councillors should be local. I was tickled to see that I actually knew one of the candidates. However as said candidate always treats me like something they found on their shoe, they didn't get my vote.
We went on the train to Southend this afternoon. The station is by the college - what is this fashion for having your bum bum hanging out of your trousers all about? It must be a tad cold -unless they are wearing pants under their pants, if you see what I mean. And it just looks so stoopid.When I was their age I wore black all the time and had most of my hair shaved off (and the little bit left was dyed black). My parents must have been so proud.

03 May, 2007


My Mum and Dad are coming round tonight. Steve always finds my family a little ...headachey. To give you some perspective I'm the quietest one of the family.

02 May, 2007

Outfit relief.

Got the 'outfit' for the party. A pair of black linen trousers , a sparkly top and peep toe shoes. The shoes mean I've committed myself to painting my toe nails. I haven't worn going -out trousers for years, I usually wear skirts but I thought I'd try something different. I'll ask Mum if I can borrow her fab 70s charm bracelet, I'll think it will finish it off. I don't think she will be wearing it as she favours diamante.
The relief of finding the outfit is enormous. I don't mean to be sexist but I think it is a female thing. I'll probably have outfit remorse next week - when I try it on again (to check it still fits) and think it looks rubbish. It has already happened to Mum with her outfit, we all had to calm her down. I think outfit remorse is definitely a female thing.

Started to work on Dad's speech, looked up a few things that happened on May 13th 67. Yep that's right my parents got married on May 13th. I think they walk under ladders as well.

01 May, 2007


Dad has just asked me write his speech for the Ruby Wedding party.

Ho hum. I can't really say no can I?