29 May, 2009

Tommy's Teeth

Yesterday Tommy Dog had to have a few teeth taken out. poor little blighter. I took today off work to look after him. After a shaky start (he turned his nose up at breakfast but ate up his pain killers and anti biotics no problem, thank goodness) I took him for a shortish walk. I took over to see Danny dog and Rodney gave him pieces of cheese that he snapped up. As Tom was walking he had his mouth hanging open and I was surprised to see that he still has quite a lot of teeth left. The walk - or was it the cheese? perked Tom up. A bit later I fed him chicken which he wolfed down. As I type this he is having a snooze.
Tescos pet insurance excludes dental work. When I think of how much we have paid in insurance in the past 6 years we have had him it makes me go cold. We would have been better off putting the money in a savings account. So we are going to cancel the insurance and do just that.

23 May, 2009

Easy going?

Angela once said that I was one of the most easy going people she knew. Angela must know a lot of mad nutters. Let me explain:
On Steve's new phone he gets his email/Twitter updates. When he wants to show me an update instead of handing me the phone, he thrusts the phone right into my face and says "Read this!" Read it? At that distance I can't even focus.

Last night
Steve: Read this!
Gina: pushing the phone back a bit: Steve can you just hand me the phone? I can't focus
Steve: Ok
Gina then reads a Twitter - big Whoop.

Little later:
Steve thrusting phone right up to Gina's face : Read this!
Gina pushes phone away so she can read the blooming thing: Steve could you just hand the phone to me next time - it makes me feel a bit giddy.
Steve: Ok

This morning:
Steve, thrusts phone into Gina's face: Read this!
Steve: A lot of things you do make me feel sick
Gina: Oh feck off.

20 May, 2009

Too old?

There has been a lot in the news recently about a pregnant woman of 66. She will be 67 when the baby is born. People have had plenty to say about it- mainly that she is being selfish because she will die when the child is relatively young. Personally I don't think that is a reason against- no one knows when they are going to die.
I've blogged before about not being able to have children. I had some courses of fertility treatment and they didn't work. I didn't get pregnant but I did go round the twist. I stopped the treatment because I was at the end of my tether. I don't think I will ever get get over it: I work round it, I feel that I have come to terms with it. When I hear of women in their 60s or 50s getting pregnant ( and how old were they when they started?) it makes me think perhaps that yearning never goes away.

17 May, 2009

Off with her Head!

Yesterday Mum and me took the Little Dudes to the Tower of London. I have blogged before about how I think London is a great city, and that I am very lucky to have all that on my door step.
We had a wonderful but tiring time (all those steps!) The ravens were the size of Jack Russells and were very bold. There were signs in many, many languages warning that they bite. Each raven had a colour bank round it's ankle. (Do birds have ankles?)On one of the many leaflets we were given was a guide on the Ravens. The colour told you what their name was. How good is that?!
Amongst on the Towers is a Tudor House. It is called the Queen's House and Henry built it for Ann. The house faced the green where they executed people- including Ann herself.
We also went to the Tower where the important prisoners were kept. On the walls you could see where they had craved their names- one was Jane , who the historians think was Lady Jane Grey. it was a bit sad, really.
The main exhibition was "Dressed to kill" and showed the armour. There were interactive displays (thank goodness as I found out the Littlest Dude loves to touch things). If you have a chance to go there I strongly recommend it.

10 May, 2009

Tommy and Danny go walkies.

This morning I took Tom for a walk. As usual we stopped at Danny the greyhound's flat for a chat - and Tom got his pieces of cheese from Rodney, Danny's owner. And for the first time, I took them both out for a walk. Tommy and Danny that is, not Rodney. We didn't go far, but I really enjoyed it and the dogs loved it. Rodney said that he could see that I was used to walking two dogs. It did choke me up a bit as it reminded me of walking Tom and Penny. The leads only got tangled up once - when I was clearing up after Danny and the dogs got tired of waiting. Danny was very gentle on the lead, which was handy as he is huge. He dwarfs Tommy.
After the walk, Tom wanted to stay with Rodney and Danny. The little tinker!

09 May, 2009

Gina gets a Bread Bin.

RobboWorld has been bread bin-less for the past 5 years. I had a ceramic one but I broke the lid when I was washing up. It just slid out of my hand in one of those horrible slow-mo moments when you can see it happening but can't stop it. I wouldn't say I've been on the look out ever since - bread bins aren't the most exciting thing to buy - bit I've been intending to replace it. Today I have, which you may have guessed from the blog post title. I bought a cream tin one with Bread written on it in blue (matches the paint in the kitchen.) It cost £12.71.

04 May, 2009

May the fourth be with you

....Not that I like Star Wars, but I like that joke.
Took Tom for a walk along with my sports tracker. We walked 2.7 something miles - although we did stop for some chats with fellow dog walkers.
Not doing that much today - mainly stumbling - I found these interesting facts . When I had my gap year (although we didn't call it that then. We called it :going travelling)I was amazed how well informed Canadians and Americans were about their home states. They could quote the population/GDP at me.

03 May, 2009


I took Tom for a walk this morning. I used the Nokia Sports Tracker on my mobile. It shows where I walked, my fastest pace and all that. Having to stop for Tommy's sniffys and "comfort" breaks slowed me down. I'm going to use it on the walk to work - cos I'm flying then. Yep, I'm a geek.

02 May, 2009

What we did

Steve and I have had a busy few days. We went to see The Boxer Rebellion at La Scala Thursday night. La Scala is at Kings Cross, so rather than have to trog all the way home late at nigh we booked into a local Travelodge and had Friday off work.
The gig was heaving (at sometimes with the moshing - literally!) and I really enjoyed myself. it was nice just having a ten minute walk back to the hotel , rather than having to worry about tubes and trains. The next day we went to the National Portrait gallery. It has really changed - but then I don't think I have been there for about 20 years. How time flies. I've been reading a lot of Tudor history lately and it felt special to be able to look at the paintings that are always reproduced in the books. You know like the famous Anne Boleyn painting. There was also a cartoon of the famous Holbein of Henry the eighth. Something I found interesting was a lithograph of Anne Boleyn that referred to her has Elizabeth the first's mother. It gave her date of death but didn't mention that she was executed. I was surprised to see that as I had always imagined that Anne was not mentioned during Elizabeth's reign - as Elizabeth's parentage was bit of a touchy subject.