29 March, 2010


We had a fantastic time at our pamper weekend. The last of my birthday treats. We even got our rooms upgraded- the last time that has happened to me was on my honeymoon.
I feel totally chilled, relaxed and glamourous. A nice combination!

22 March, 2010

Where I live

I took this photo the other day when I was walking Tommy. This is a five minute walk from our house. Aren't I lucky?

21 March, 2010


I took photos of some of the presents I got. I didn't get a rocking chair or a settee - the cushions are presents!

19 March, 2010


I'm sooo glad, that I don't have to put myself through this, anymore.
It is funny though...


Isn't 42 supposed to be the answer to everything? Well all I know it is a very grown up age.
I got lots of goodies for my birthday : the new Simon Brett ( Ilove the Fathering mysteries. It is a shame that they are not available on kindle}, a handbag, necklace, candle and vase. Mum and Dad are treating me to a health spa.
Steve and I stayed in London last night. We went to Gourmet Burger, I had never been there before, v. delish. We had a romantic stroll down the Thames. This morning we wandered to Borough market and I got some herbs and cheese.
On Wednesday me and Mum went to see Alison Weir give a talk on Anne Boleyn. Alison really made it come alive and me and Mum both asked questions, emboldened by the complimentary wine.

14 March, 2010


Last week I bought Soul Coaching by Denise Linn. It is a 28 day programme. And I thought I would work through it. You are asked to keep a journal. I set up a blog ( only I can read it)and it is very open and honest. And I live in terror that I will update this one by mistake - how funny would that be!
I'm on day 8 now. its a bit like therapy by book. I'm finding helpful.

08 March, 2010

Another Birthday treat.

Steve and I booked a hotel in London so I will be having a mini break for birthday. I'm excited because although I work in London - that's all I do, work! It will be nice to have time to take in the sites and go to some good pubs.

07 March, 2010

2 Things

2 things happened this week that I thought would never happen.
1. the wart thing on my leg FINALLY fell off. Well. ok it didn't fall off, I may have helped it on its way a little bit. The wart remover had turned a pink wart to some horror thing - it looked like I had a pork scratching hanging off me. It was disgusting! and I am very happy that it has gone. Yukky, yuk, yuk.
2. We got a new hoover and it is a upright. Steve has always insisted on cylinder vacuum cleaners and I hate them. I hate cylinders as the cylinder bit gets caught behind chairs and corners and you have to go back and get it unstuck. And Steve always corrects me if I say hoover , pointing out it is a brand name.; But we now have a hoover, so I can call it that with the irritating lecture and it is an upright .

03 March, 2010


Kindling - to waste time browsing the kindle store, downloading samples.
Kindling makes me very happy *sigh*