24 February, 2010


Regular readers will be aware that next month is my birthday and I like a lot of treats for birthday. The first of my birthday treats have been planned. I'm going for a pamper weekend at a posh hotel, with my mum, Angela and Jo. We are all highly excited and can not wait.
It is very good value- English breakfast, lunch, 3 course dinner, use of spa(pool, sauna) and free mini facial. I love free mini facials.

22 February, 2010

700th post

This is my 700th post! In an odd way I feel quite proud. I know some posts are just blog quizzes but even so..700!
So I can't think of 700 things but here are 7 things I like about blogging:
1.We would never have gone on our lovely holiday to Wales, if I hadn't blogged, as I got the link from AOJ and The Lurchers.
2. It is interesting looking back to see what I was doing this time last year/2/3 years ago.
3. It is a buzz when I get comments.
4.It is a good way to let off steam.
5.I like to think I've made some bloggy friends - especially Ocean Jen!
6. it has got me reading other blogs. I've picked up some good recipes and book suggestions.
7. It has given me an interest.

20 February, 2010

Mocking birds

Most Saturday I meet my mum and we do a bit of shopping and then have lunch. today I realised that part of our routine is going round Marks & Spencer mocking their clothes. We says it is dowdy or overpriced. Today Mum pointed to a jungle print skirt and started singing "In the Jungle". we don't mock the food, underwear and home stuff. And I do like their perfumes.

18 February, 2010

Little Homes

I came across this web site, the Jewel Box Home . It is about small houses, how to decorate them and stuff. My normal property porn. When I looked at the photos I had to laugh. this is an American website and the American small home and the English small home are very different sizes.

16 February, 2010

Soppy Post

I was reading my celeb stuff- one of my guilty pleasures- and it was quoting Cheryl Cole saying all the sweet things her Ashley does for her - like running her a bath and leaving messages.
That got me thinking about the stuff Mr Robbo does for me:
He buys me bottles of wine that he thinks I would like. Even though he doesn't drink the stuff himself.
Mr Robbo has set up all my family's TV and computer stuff. Very kind of him. And doesn't moan too much when they think they have broken it. and he has to go and sort it out. And it is not really broken they just didn't press the button or something.
He painted our bedroom in a colour I loved and he is not so keen on. It is quite a girly colour. And he hates decorating.
He fluffs up the cushions because he knows I like them fluffed up. I know full well that when I die he will throw them straight in the bin and lead a cushion free existence.
If I ever get stranded commuting, he will always pick me up.
He dyes my hair for me. And does a good job.

15 February, 2010


I met Sharon yesterday for lunch. Sharon is giving up smoking and uses patches to help her. We popped in Superdrug so that Sharon could get her stash. Reader they are by the condoms! How funny it that? Instead of a post coital cigarette, you slap on a patch. I must admit I found it funnier than Sharon did.
Have started to give strangers kindle demonstrations - a lady in the canteen on Friday and a lady on the train this evening.

09 February, 2010

Another Kindle post

My emails are mainly from my friends at Laterooms, Amazon.co.uk and Argos. of course as Kindle is from Amazon.com and American I've started to get e mail from them. Imagine my disappointment when they are advertising paperbacks. I don't want American Amazon to tell me about paperbacks, I want to know about their kindle book offers. Get with it American Amazon!

06 February, 2010

Eleven years

I've got new computer. My old computer was second hand, and I've had t for a good few years. It was getting slow and I had to keep rebooting it. My monitor was doing too well either. Steve spotted a reconditioned flat screen monitor, 400 gig computer with 3.2 gig memory and a smaller keyboard - all for under 200 quid. Reader, I love it. I realise how crappy my old pc was.
It is our wedding anniversary today. Eleven years. it is the first time we haven't bothered with card - we both feel that we have bought all the nice: to my darling wife/ to my darling husband cards. And as I've got a new computer that my kindly husband installed for me, I'm not complaining. We off out tonight celebrating in traditional Essex style: a Chinese.

04 February, 2010

Ideal Home Part One

I'm sure that I have mentioned before that I am a sucker for Feng Shui and clutter clearing. I'm reading this book (on my kindle! on my kindle!) and it asks you to imagine your ideal house.
So on the way to work, I've thinking about my ideal house and stuff in it.
My ideal house would be near the sea. It would be set back from the road, but the road would have pavement. As a Londoner houses that are on roads that don't have pavement freak me out. The house would be made of pale yellow bricks and have a red tiled roof with a chimney. It would have big sash windows. The path to the door would be gravel, there would be off street parking and a garage. The blue front door would have a pointy porch. There would be tubs of bedding plants in the front garden. The house would be detached but our neighbours would be very friendly.
I haven't been inside the house yet, but I know there would be dog, an aquarium and a flat screen telly.
What's your ideal house like?

03 February, 2010

Vampires v werewovlves part 2

A little while I wrote about how would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf. I'd rather be a werewolf. Tonight opening a can of dog food I cut my thumb and there was blood all over my hand. Oh yuck, blood. Still rather be a werewolf.

Looks and Geeks

Someone once said to me that I didn't care what people looked like. She stated this as a fact about me. eg Gina has hazel eyes, is 5 foot 8 and doesn't care what people look like That took me by surprise. Did she mean that I had extraordinarily ugly people as friends. Was she insinuating that I was no oil painting but it didn't seem to get me down? That I had let myself go?
I didn't take it too seriously- after all you have to consider the source - but I think it is truer to say that I am drawn to the nerds and geeks. I've had some of the most interesting conversations with the wall flower or the nerd.I really enjoy talking to people that have a passion or an interest. As I'm nosey it is nice to draw people out of their shell. Although that could be because I, myself a nerdy wallflower and I appreciate it when people take the effort to get to know me...

01 February, 2010

Random thought

I'm married to some one who says"Well, I'll bid you farewell." at the end of a phone call. But then he doesn't say "farewell" He says "bye."
Must think of more interesting stuff to blog about..