31 March, 2008


I'm really tired. We spent the weekend in a Norfolk barn with Steve's parents and his brother Dave. We also took the dog.To every one's astonishment it was warm! yesterday we went to Wells next to Sea and walked for MILES. i do like Wells, it has a beautiful harbour and interesting shops. Its all a bit arty crafty and, best of all for us, VERY dog friendly. All the dogs are on leads which is a blessing for us, as we always keep Tom on a lead. You never know what might trigger that race instinct-but it makes it tricky when dogs that are off the lead but are not trained show an interest in Tom. Inconsiderate dog owners really get on my nerves...but I'm not going to gone on about that now.
We got home about one-ish today and my new glasses have arrived. Reader, I look blummen gorgeous..but you are going to have to take my word for that, until I upload a new photo. Specs wearers will now it takes a little while for your eyes to adjust to new glasses, but I'm used to them now.

27 March, 2008

Robbo Rant

When I got home from work the phone book directory thingy was propped up outside the door- letting everyone know we weren't in. Why do I have to have a phone book? If I want a number I can look it up on t'internet. Takeaways deliver their menus so I don't use the book for that. I haven't looked up a phone number for years. They are big bulky things and frankly they get on my nerves. Can you opt out of having a phone directory delivered?

25 March, 2008

Ripped this from The Lurchers..

A- Available or Single? – neither!

B- Best Friends? – I don't believe in the concept of best friends when you are an adult.

C- Cake or Pie? – Cake

D- Drink of Choice? – Earl grey, red wine.

E- Essential item? – my purse.

F- Favourite Colour? – The colour of Steve's eyes...

G- Gummi Bears or Worms? – Neither

H- Hometown? – Born in East London, live in Southend.

I- Indulgence? – A big glass of wine, big bowl of "gourmet" crisps and a good book.

J- January or February? – Both. Little Dues born in January, our wedding anniversary in February.

K- Kids and Names? – No children, bit if I gad children it would be Little Gina Junior and Gino.

L- Life is incomplete without? – Hope
M- Marriage Date? – 6th February

N- Number of Siblings? – One little sister,

O- Oranges or Apples? – apples

P- Phobias/Fears? – heights

Q- Favourite Quote? – well its more of a motto -do as you would be done by.

R- Reasons to smile? – health, home , family.

S- Season? – Spring.

T- Tag 3 People? – Feel free to rip this off.

U- Unknown Fact About Me? – My weight -I don't even know that.

V- Vegetable You Hate? – Vegemite.

W- Worst Habit? – Picking my feet.

X- X-rays You've Had? – Dental and arm.

Y- Your Favourite Foods? – Chinese, my mum's cooking.

Z- Zodiac? – Pisces.


We spent the Easter weekend at Center Parcs. We had a brilliant time. My parents v. generously paid for it all for my birthday. We shared a chalet with them and Angela and her family were next door. We had views over the lake. The wildlife you see is fantastic, I even saw a rodent dear.
The weather! It turned into a snow covered winter wonderland. The photo is a view from the bungalow.
I'd recommend Center parcs to anyone. its fantastic for children, but equally it makes a brilliant break for adults. I had a facial at the Aqua Sana spa centre. it cost £55, but the level of service I got- £55 seemed cheap. I did a watercolour class that I was nervous about doing (I haven't painted for at least 25 years)but I really enjoyed it and it has inspired to me to carry on.
Steve and Dave went clay pigeon shooting. they were lucky that they did it just after a snow storm. Steve got 5 clays out of 10!
The Little Dudes were sad to leave and so was I.

20 March, 2008

Last Night

Last night we went to see Simon Brett at Southend library. Simon is one of my favourite authors and I really enjoyed the talk. it was very funny. We also had wine and nibbles. I managed to talk to him (me very stammering) and he signed my book for me. He even put happy Birthday.
I bet all the people who know me that were taking the pee of how I spent my 40th feel pretty stupid now.
Or perhaps they don't..

19 March, 2008

Today's the day...

...I finally turn 40. I got lots of cards. And lots of presents:
gold bracelet
posh crystal earrings (schwarskwi something I can't pronounce it let alone spell it)
foot stuff
lip glosses
bed cover - it is huge and makes the bed look like a princess bed.
water colour paints and pad
necklace (the pendant is made of glass. As Kath and Kim would say it is very unusual and nice)
photo frame (2)

Not bad eh?
Steve is taking me up to lunch. I think it will be a posh lunch because he is wearing a shirt.

18 March, 2008


Today I took the plunge and went blonde. Over the years I have been red, brown, black and yellow. Mum did the hi- lights for me. To be honest the faff of hi lights is one of the reasons that I've been brown for the past few years. It takes about 2 hours instead of 30 minutes normal hair dye. Still now I'm getting a tad older I thought I'd make the effort. You know I'm worth it and all that cobblers.

16 March, 2008

See which Greek Goddess you are.


I took Tommy for an early walk this morning- well early for me - it was before 9 and it is Sunday. Its dank, dark, drizzly day and lots of houses had their lights on. I sniggered to myself -my house (oh ok our house) is south facing and light and we don't need the lights on. The house gets flooded with natural light. Instead of feeling grateful I feel superior. Shallow Gina Robbo.

Walking past the posh flats (although I'm sure the owners call them apartments) that over look the sea I noticed that one of them had their bedroom at the front. My first thought was what a lovely view to have from your bed. My second thought that the view was totally ruined by me looking into their bedroom. Unless you are very uninhibited it is a bit shy making to be having a cup of tea, reading the papers with bed hair and strangers being able to see you. My third thought was Shallow Gina look at marvelous nature not at other people's houses!

The oldest Little Dude came home from his first ever school trip on Friday. He had been gone for five whole days. We all missed him, but poor Angela missed him dreadfully. Little Dude hadn't washed since Wednesday. He told me that he thought he had bruised his leg but it turned out to be dried on mud.

15 March, 2008


Been poordy/vomity the last few days - which was very annoying as I had to cancel my works birthday drink and I had REALLY been looking forward to that. Steve was going to come down and meet everyone. Feel better today but have come out in a load of spots around my nose. Will the misery never end?

12 March, 2008

Oh Gwen!

Just watched Torchwood. Oh Gwen you can't marry someone just because they really, really love you. You have to really, really love them back.
Being totally loved by someone you don't don't totally love back....well it gets on your nerves after a while.

10 March, 2008


On Saturday I had the first of the Big 40 celebrations. It was a traditional Essex Girl Night out - pub and a curry. Angela and Mum presented me with a photo album of my life. That was such a sweet thoughtful gesture - it meant to the world to me. Angela gave a speech. I was spoilt with a big WAITROSE (!) birthday cake. I'm very lucky with my family and friends. I had a humongous hangover the next day ...but it was worth it.
Thanks Mum, Angela, Jean, Esther, Mads, Sally and Sharon for a great time!

06 March, 2008

Super Cooper

Re-reading Riders by Jilly Cooper. I had forgotten what a sh!t Rupert Campbell Black was and originally you do feel a bit sorry for Helen. I think Jilly is one of the most under rated writers ever - if you've never read her give one of her books ago. I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

02 March, 2008


There is an article in The Sunday Times today about a healthy greyhounds being out to sleep and their body parts being sold. You can read it here. I can't believe it as we use the greyhound clinic. The vet diagnosed Penny's cancer and I found him to be humane and caring. Steve and I really felt that he loved and understood the dogs. I find it so hard to believe this story, I feel that there must be some sort of explanation - but I wished I hadn't left Penny's body there. I tell you one thing- it has made me anti greyhound racing. The dogs are just a waste product of betting.