28 November, 2006

Don't get me started...

Was browsing other people's blogs (why ? because I'm nosey). One person was up in arms about what she read in the Daily Mail. What does she expect? Those types of papers are always full of moral indignation.
Alan's blog made me laugh out loud - to the headline Tom and Katie get married - he had written - do I give a shit. the sad thing is i do - I looked up the wedding phots on the net. wasn't that impressed by the dress i must say. I'm gob smacked when iread Pamela Anderson and kid Rock are getting divorced. Apparantly a 'friend' confided that there were reasons why she didn't marry him before. WTF?
Am listening to a tribute to Alan Freeman- genius idea of his to play the hit parade in reverse. Steve actually met Alan Freeman many years ago. Steve said he was a lovely man.

27 November, 2006

Child free

I can't have children. this has made my life (since 2002 when i found out) horrible. I 've been on anti depressants and have numerous therapy sessions to help me come to terms with this. At times the only thing that has got me out of bed is the thought that if I don't I'll never get up. It has been horrific. But I don't want my life to be a horror story. i don't want to be sad Gina. I want to count my blessings. I need to realise that you can have a happy life with out having children.
I'm fed up with the negatives - here are some positives:
I've got a great, good looking,sexy, supportive husband
At the weekend we can have a lie in, read the papers, watch a DVD. we can do nothing.
We can spoil ourselves with our disposal income
I have time, aside from work I don't watch the clock
I have enough spare cash to sponsor a child
The house doesn't have to be child friendly
I have a great sister and brother in law who are generous with their kids - I get the chance to be best auntie ever.
I get to sleep at night.
I can go on holiday outside school holidays.
I've never been to Center parcs or Kids Kingdom.

Life is good!

24 November, 2006


I don't know why I look forward to Fridays- fridays afternoons are always soooo busy and hectic. I've got a stinking headache and feel worn out. Hope Dad wins the lottery this weekend. ( i don't do the lottery, but Dad does and if he does win I'm sure he'll give his daughters a cut. He has said that Angela and I would have to have a DNA test first though.)

23 November, 2006


I've finally got round to writing stories again. I had a bit of a break after the OU Creative Writing course and I won't get the final result until Christmas. I'm writing a horror story for my nephews, using them as characters. i used to write stories for them starring themselves before i started the course - but I never managed to really scare them. (Scare them in a good Doctor Who way not terrify them. I'm not an evil auntie). its nice to think about a story again, thinking of outrageous plot lines and how to reconcile them. FYI Aaron left an unfnished drawing of a house, that has been possessed by a demon and has trapped Joe in the drawing. the demon wants to burrow itself in Joe's brain. aaron has to find a way of saving his brother without setting free the demon. How does he do this you may well ask? I'm coming up with a few ideas...Really I should be getting on with writing that -so bye bye.
BTW -really getting into Agatha Christie- am reading the collected Hercule Poirot stories - v.good.

12 November, 2006


Feel a lot more relaxed these days, less driven- ie don't feel guilty having a lie in. I love having a lie in, snuggling under the duvet. I'm not hurting anyone (well perhaps Steve but consenting adults and all that...) so I don't know why I feel guilty. i read somewhere (somewhere proper like the The Times or the Telegraph) that too much sleep shortens your life. What? How ? Why?

Finally watched '5by2' - well read would be more accurate as it is a sub titled French film. (something else to feel bad about - between the ages of 11 and 16 i learnt French, i have an O level in it, which is practically a degree these days - and I can't understand French). Its about the break up of a marrage told backwards - so first you see them at the lawyers and at the end of the film it is how they met. Obviously it wasn't a barrel of laughs, but it did make me think. i think it was about how easy it is to be in love when things are going well, when you're happy. Don't watch the film if you are trying to give up smoking as they were lighting up all the time. Which brings me nicely to "Thank you for smoking" - no one lit up at all and it was all about cigarettes. it was v funny and had actors in it that should be more famous than they are.

Tried to post a (long rambling) message to Mark's blog and it wouldn't let me. I was forbidden. mark had gone a bit mad with his filters (well that his story..) but it got me thinking. Is this how friendships end in the 21st century - they just filter you out? i was amazed when I heard that people get dumped by text. In my day it was bad form to be dumped over the phone, they used to invire you out for a drink and you would get dumped as you sat and sipped a diet coke.

07 November, 2006

re below

In case you live in Mars (or America -Mark) I'm talking about Southend beating Manchester United. 1-0

Southend won!

Southend won!!!!!!!!Flahaven man of the match!!!!There's only one Freddy Eastwood. And I want Steve Tilson's babies!!

Dam Busters

Watched the Dam Busters last night. What a film! Talk about English understatement and the stiff upper lip. Wing Commander Gibson's quiet heart break when his dog dies (the name of the dog shows how much times have changed - the past is a different country.) I read that they are planning to remake the film but I can't see how it can be bettered - who is going to better than Michael Redgrave as Barnes Wallace? Whats all this about remakes- can you think of a remake that was better - or even added to - the original? The Haunting, LadyKillers, Psycho - the remakes were pale imitations.