25 November, 2008


Steve bought a Nintendo DS lite for his birthday and raved about it. he reckoned that  I would really like one. I wasn't keen on spending £1oo or so  on a game thing- as I am more of a book gal. Steve tried to tempt me with a second hand Nintendo DS, he thought they would cost about £60. Still more than I wanted to spend. I wasn't even sure I wanted the thing. Worn down by the Robbo nagging  I said I'd be happy to spend £20, knowing that he'd never get a Nintendo that cheap. And I was right he didn't get one for  £20, he got  one for £12 from E bay. £12!!  
And now I'm madly addicted to Mahjong.  Just one more game, one more game...I blame Steve.

21 November, 2008


 I was reading AOJ  's blog about precious items of jewellery and it got me thinking about what item I own means the most to me. My nan left me her gold locket. I don't wear it every day (although Nanny Sarah did, and she had the clasp taken out so the that a mugger couldn't rip if off her neck. Well, she did live through 2 world wars) . The necklace has a peculiar story. dad had bought it for a girlfriend who threw it back at him when they split up. It is a very nice necklace and I think Dad must have liked her a lot, but Dad always acts like he didn't even notice girls until he met Mum, so  I don't know the story behind it.  Then he did meet my mum (only she wasn't my Mum then), and reader he tried to give her the necklace!!! how cheap is that? I'm glad to say Mum told him to shove it and buy her a brand new necklace. So dad gave the necklace to his Mum, and now it has been passed down to his daughter. Weird eh?
However the piece that means the most to me are the diamond studs Steve got me. I didn't ask for them, I know (because he told me later)  he spent ages looking for just the right pair and he got it right. I've worn them more or less every day for the last 8 years. 

20 November, 2008

Well I never!

I was talking to my neighbour this evening, and she was telling me that she hasn't turned on her heating yet. I laughed and said she must be wearing a thermal vest.
"I'm not!" she said and lifted up her jumper to show a remarkably saucy bra for a Grandmother to be wearing.
Its not often I'm at a loss for words...

19 November, 2008

I don't believe it

At our works canteen there is a big flat screen telly that is tuned into News 24. At lunch there was the Breaking News tab.  I watched it thinking - is it interest rate? is it stuff about Baby P? No, it was announcing that John Sargent had left Strictly Come Dancing and the Direct General of the BBC was very sad that he is leaving.
Blooming hell! That is misuse of the Breaking News tab!

16 November, 2008


One of the reasons why I have a high embarrassment threshold is my Dad.  he is what people call a character.  
he rang me up this morning. This is the conversation:
Dad: You all right?
Gina: Yeah, you ?
Dad: Angela rang me this morning. You and Angela sound alike don't you
Gina (thinking has he only just realised that. Angela has been around 37 years and been talking for about 35 of them): Well we are sisters.
Dad giggling: Only Angela rang this morning and I thought it was you mucking about! And she kept saying it's Angela and I said naw its you Gina, mucking about.
Gina; What was she doing , asking for money?!

Afterwards I rang up Angela. She said it was the most bizarre telephone conversation she has ever had.

BTW I have never rang my parents pretending to be anyone other than me. Oh apart from that time I pretended to be calling from Mum's temping agency pretending to offer her a job as an usherette, but that was years ago.

15 November, 2008

Random bits

Bought a big Christmas stocking /bag thing and one of those cheap temporary Christmas shops that are in the High Street. Since we got Tommy we daren't put up a proper Christmas tree (the temptation to make his mark would be too great) so I put all the presents in a stocking. I notice last year it had got a bit thread bare so I bought a new one. Realised that I am really looking forward to putting up the Christmas decorations. I put them up on the first and take them done on the 27th.  

Talking of Tommy, I think he is cleverer than he lets on. The other night we were downstairs eating dinner and Tom was upstairs (sprawled out on his bed, or looking out of his bedroom window guarding against cats) and  I asked if he had finished and were the left overs for the dog, and Tom came running downstairs and sat opposite Steve, tail wagging. Then later that evening I asked where the dog was and he thumped his tail against the floor (he was lying on the floor the other side of the settee) it was if he was answering me!

On 11th November we observed the 2 minute silence at work. During the silence I pray - The Lords Prayer or Hail Mary. This year was the first time I thought - there's no one there. It was an uncomfortable feeling, but if I'm really honest with myself I don't believe.

Am fed up to the back teeth about the arguments against gay marriages. Especially "but they can't have children"card. AAARGGGGH!!!

09 November, 2008

Old Bags

Years ago I used to buy stuff on E bay. that was in the days the Robbos only had one computer between them (how did we manage?) and I used Steve's account. Then after a drunken episode bidding for shoes (the shame and don't ask) I kept away from E Bay. For years.
Mum announces that she would like a small shoulder bag for Christmas.  That poor woman has hardly any handbags (a small note of sarcasm there) I looked around Southend today, but wasn't too impressed with the stuff I saw within my budget. So I signed up to Ebay today and put a bid on a Tula bag. And got outbid in the last few seconds.  I was strangely relieved as I'm not too sure that Mum would have been overly thrilled with what is someone else's old bag.
Mum wants a bag because she borrowed a Radley bag when we went to Center Parcs, but those little babies go for 75 quid!

08 November, 2008

Random thoughts on a drizzly day

Wouldn't it be nice if today was the last day people let off fireworks until New Year's Eve? What do you think the chances of that happening?
When I was younger  I thought it was really sad that married people didn't bother with special Christmas presents. My Mum would explain to me that when you're spending out of the joint bank account, it isn't the same. And reader its true! Steve and I don't buy each other presents any more. I could try putting a spin on it and saying that when you know you love each other you haven't got to prove it by buying a present. 
Why  do other people's houses feel cold?