31 March, 2007


Just been checking other people's blogs (for a change)and I would like to say how much I hate Windows Spaces. They takes ages and ages to load, they often cause my system to crash and there are have been too many times when I've tried to add a comment and it wouldn't take. If you've got Windows Spaces I'd be interested to know why you choose it over Blogger or MySpace. I'd really like to know the benefits.

For instance I like Blogger because it is easy to use - template changes , adding photos. It is easy to browse other blogs through "next blog" or "random blog". Unlike MySpace the onus is not on all the friends you have. I've got a MySpace page, thank God for Tom because I'm a right Billy no mates.

Clever people like Mark create their own space that is easy for a reader to load and navigate, why can't Windows Spaces?

Little dudes

It is so much easier baby sitting the little dudes now that they are older. As long as you keep throwing food and drink at them they are fine. I played a few hands of Top trumps with Aaron. I'm sorry to say it but I think he is a cheat. We watched The Weakest link , Doctor Who Special. That shows how much I must love Joe and Aaron - its the first time I have watched The Weakest Link - and the last. I drew the line at EastEnders though, they watched that in the other room. When it was bedtime they got changed into pants and dressing gowns as they are too cool to wear pjs. BTW the definition of babysitting is looking after other people's children. It makes me laugh when Dads (and I'm sorry but it is always Dads, but not all Dads) refer to looking after their own kids as babysitting.

A note to some of my readers - vacuuming in the corners is not pouffy. A lot of women find that an attractive quality in a man.

Don't forget Doctor Who starts tonight. Digital Spy will be busy.

30 March, 2007

Rushing, rushing

The Robbos are rushing - we're late back from work, the dogs need sorting and we're baby sitting. And this is poor little entry is just so I don't miss a day. I'm getting quite anal about these daily entries.

29 March, 2007

My Name is Gina.

I went to Sainsburys before work this morning. I prefer going before work as it is not so busy. I just needed to get some olive oil. I go to Sainsburys quite a lot and there are some cashiers I try to avoid, like Mute Man and Evil Cheese Lady (she laughed when I didn't see the two for one offer on cheese.) However there is a cashier called Gina (according to her name tag) she is always pleasant. For ages I wanted to have the Gina conversation but felt too shy. Anyway we had the Gina conversation today. When 2 Ginas meet we always say:
"My name is Gina too!" -Me
"Is it Gina or Georgina"- other Gina (this is important - Georginas are not real Ginas. And don't get me started on Geena)
"Its Gina"- me
"Me too!" other Gina
"There's not many of us about!" both Ginas chorus.

28 March, 2007


Steve was saying how much he likes his routine. That made me think. Every morning I make myself a cup of tea and watch GMTV. I hate GMTV, bleeding tabloid TV. Why do I watch it?

27 March, 2007


The car went in for a service today. Steve and I kept telling each other how we weren't worried- if work needed to be done, work needed to be done. It shouldn't be too expensive. We weren't worried. One of the Robbo rules states that if we are going on about how unworried we are, we are in fact worried. The car did need stuff doing to it but it came to under £200, so we needn't have worried.

26 March, 2007

Yin and Yang

Still feeling nicely chilled after my break. I'm trying to see work as a necessary yin (or it is it yang) to my yang (or yin). If I didn't work we wouldn't have all our nice stuff. it is good to earn your own money. That's what I keep telling myself.

I was reading the Cozy Chicks blog and they were talking about what fictional people would you like to have at a dinner party. Here are my four:

V I Warshawski - we could talk crime and politics whilst she cooked some great Italian nosh.

Rupert Campbell Black - before he met Taggie obviously. I don't normally like fox hunting Tories but I would make an exception for him.

James Bond - although I think he would get fed up of me saying " Go on say it, say it!" all evening.

Mrs Bloxby from the Agatha Raisin series- because she is kind,perceptive and would do the washing up.

25 March, 2007

End of Holidays

I have really enjoyed the past week off work. I feel refreshed. Had the last of my birthday treats last night. Steve, Angela, Dave and I went out for the evening. We went to the casino first for drinks. It was very busy. Apparently a footballer had been gambling £500 chips. Then we went to Tiffins, a new Indian restaurant. It was very tasty. I got a bit (bit!)sozzled though. I got up in the early hours and took some panadol and had a big glass of water, so I didn't wake up with a hangover. When I woke up Steve greeted me with the words 'You all right Piss head?'

24 March, 2007

Things that we have learned

Every one's comments on their life lessons were interesting. I still can't get over someone blitzing their face with hairspray (second lesson - keep your eyes closed.) Hannah's comment about life being too short to do a job you don't like struck a nerve. I'm not that crazy about the job I'm doing now- but the pay and benefits are good. I've always viewed work as something I do to fund my real life. I want to be able to leave the job at work when I go home. Now I am wondering if that is enough. What I would really like to do is to work part time. Perhaps one day...

On a brighter note - Doctor Who starts next week. Hurray! That wil keep me going til Heroes is back on. I don't know about anyone else but I couldn't bear Torchwood.

23 March, 2007


Look at me, sitting on the settee updating my blog! The only downside is that I see my reflection on the screen and I am looking down. Not an attractive angle.

I want to share with you things that I have learnt (and I don't mean French or Geography):

Don't drink and dial. It is a hard lesson to learn -but those telephone conversations never end well.
Watch how he treats his Mum - because that is how he'll end up treating you.
Its boring but you need to have a cleaning routine. Otherwise mess builds up.
People can't read minds. Even if they love you very much.
Life is too short to read a boring book. Just because you've started it doesn't mean you have to finish it.
If it takes longer than five minutes to do your hair, you haven't got the right hair style.
People don't listen if what you are saying they don't want to hear.
Don't believe everything you hear.
Don't get sucked into someone else's soap opera.

Has anyone else got any tips?

BTW I have changed the title of my previous post as Steve's friends were taking the micky.

22 March, 2007

Steve is the Geezer

Took the plunge and bought a lap top today. It took Steve hours to get the blummen thing on line. I don't know what people do if they haven't got a Steve. It kept crashing out and defaulting to IP6 (wtf). I really admire his patience, he just kept at it until he solved problem. Steve is my hero.

It is a great lap top. I'm pretending I am Scully when she used to type up her reports at the end of the programme. It was a X file getting this working!!


I was reading an interview with David Tennant, where he said that someone told him he wasn't as good looking in real life. I have long suspected that to be the case with actors. In films they are well lit, got make up on and wearing nice clothes. I think it is the character you fancy rather than the actor. For example I never thought much one way or the other about George Clooney until I saw him in Solaris. I sat through most of the film open mouthed. It is one of my favourite films. But George hasn't done it for me in any other film. Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor- zilch in anything else. I don't know why but as the Doctor I can over look the big nose, big ears and skinny face. I suppose the exception to this is Keanu Reeves. I could watch him in anything (and have). He is getting older now and I'm a bit worried that he will go down the dyed hair and eyebrows route. Don't' do it Keanu!

21 March, 2007

Ladies who lunch

Had another of my birthday treats. I had my facial this morning - if I had the dough I would have that done every week. Then Mum, Angela and I went to lunch. Considering it is a Wednesday it was packed - and there weren't many men there. Not that I was on the pull, but it struck me there are a lot of ladies of leisure that live round here.

Mr Robbo has finally started his blog - www.steve.dj. F1 fans will find it interesting. In fact if you are not a F1 fan you will find it interesting.

Just heard the basic rate of income tax has been cut - stealth taxes will probably go up.

20 March, 2007

Because she's worth it

Thanks everyone for all the cards and happy wishes. I got some H Samuels vouchers from work and indulged in my Nao habit. She was a bit expensive but totally worth it.

Little known fact - it snowed yesterday (I know thats not a little known fact) the last time it snowed on 19th March was 1985. I was walking home from school at the time. My boyfriend bought me a black and white portable telly. Black and white! And we only had 4 channels to watch. Those were the days.

19 March, 2007


Happy Birthday to me. Perhaps that is why I am up so early. Sheer excitement. Or is it true that old people don't need so much sleep?
Had the second of my treats yesterday. We all went round Mum and Dad's. they had happy Birthday banners and balloons ( I think it was more for Joe and Aaron's benefit than mine). We had a delish buffet and I managed to blow out all the candles on the cake. Aaron has started to charge cash for his pictures now. The prices range from 10p to 50p. Quite the little entrepreneur. In one of their comics there was a competition to win a Wii. I tried to explain to them that the answer would be in the comic. They didn't believe me so when I found the answer I went from zero to hero. We rang up the expensive phone line to enter. They fully expect to win now. When I pointed out that I should win it because I found the answer, they laughed. "Oh Gina you can't even play PS2 properly and you don't know what a x box is."

Watched Casino Royale. I can now understand what all the fuss about Daniel Craig is about. Don't you think sex appeal is attitude rather than looks? Generally conventionally good looking people are pretty bland. I liked the dark tone of the film, it was a James Bond for grown ups.

Watched part of the Top 100 Stand Up Comics. Jim Davidson going on about how he f*cking hates women, and if he didn't have to f*ck them he'd have nothing to do with them. Is that supposed to make me laugh? And the way he tore in to Jo Brand was unpleasant.

18 March, 2007

Flying the flag

It may surprise you to learn that Mr Robbo loves the Eurovision song contest. So we watched "Making your mind up last night." I think it used to be called "A song for Europe". This is where the UK choose a song to enter for the Eurovision (a note to my Non European readers.) I was half reading my book and half watching it. I was mildly surprised to see that a French girl had entered. Yes I know Gina G is Australian and Celine Dion represented Switzerland, but still. However Scooch made me put my book down and give it my full attention. I thought their routine was brilliant and I loved the bit where they turn their flight trolleys round to make a Union Jack. I am so glad they won. I got in touch with my inner camp. I also liked the bit where Terry Wogan and Fearne Cotton announced different winners. To me that is the real spirit of Eurovision. Cocking up on live TV.

I was mortified to discover I have been spelling Reiki wrong. Why didn't anyone tell me?

17 March, 2007

Nagging works

I have had the first of my birthday treats. Sharon and I went for a Japanese. Sharon and I used to go out together a lot , but with our disposable income getting smaller over the years (mortgages, taxes, save share schemes, high maintenance husbands..) we make the effort to go out on each other's birthdays. Sharon was telling me about an article she had read. It was saying that separate bedrooms are a good idea, as men are untidy and clutter the place up.
"But I have got a nice tidy bedroom." I said.
"What Steve doesn't leave all his crap on the floor like Tim does?"
"No. We put our dirty washing in the clothes basket. Steve has got all his radio stuff on his bedside table. Steve is pretty tidy."
It wasn't always like this. When we first started living together that was the main thing we argued about. Steve's messy ways drove me mad. Now he even vacuums the comers of the ceilings. He vacuums better than I do. Unasked he empties bins, wipes the kitchen work tops down and throws things away. I don't know who is more surprised his Mum or me. When I first met Steve, his Mum actually warned me that he was messy. Ladies, nagging works. It may not be pleasant at the time but it gets results. A bit like revising for a really big exam.

Started to use all my Lush soap, creams and bath bubbles. I feel fabulous but smell like a tart's handbag. (now where did that expression come from ?)

16 March, 2007

Birthday Cards

I'm off next week (off work that is) so I had my birthday at work today. I got loads of cards and presents. Decided that I like working there after all. As you may have guessed I am a very shallow person.

BTW weird mark nearly disappeared. No other weird marks have appeared, so that's good.

Grand Prix season is starting this weekend. Oh deep joy. Steve will be getting up at 3am tomorrow. Then he will tell me all about it. *sigh*

15 March, 2007

Reiki Relaxation

Just come home after a sublime Reiki session. I felt peaceful. Its interesting how each session is so different, my last one was intense. It is also strange how it affects the practitioner, Claire said that she felt very relaxed too. I feel like I have just had a hot, relaxing bath. I could quite happily go to bed now!

14 March, 2007


Unbeknown (is that all one word - it looks odd typed) to me my in box needed restarting - so I got all my emails all at once. It was great- it made me feel v important and popular, as long as I ignored the fact that there were spread over a few days.
I've preordered the new Harry Potter for Angela. A lot of people think that he will be killed off don't they? Children don't usually die in fiction though - not unless their life is horrific (Water Babies) or you are unlucky enough to be Beth March. It was awful when she died. Its like Ring of Bright Water - who saw that coming ? And the end of Watership Down and Fiver. I know they were animals but the books were children's fiction. Perhaps Harry might die after all.

13 March, 2007


We got home a bit earlier than usual and took the dogs for a walk over the beach. It was so relaxing. Collected some shells for the fish tank and the dogs had a paddle. It was like a teeny meeny mini break.

On a puzzling note, woke up today with what likes a love bite on my neck. As it is certainly not a love bite (Steve's teeth were in the glass on the bedside table) am a bit confused. Hope it doesn't get any bigger, or any more weirdy marks appear elsewhere.

12 March, 2007

Manic Monday

Today at work was mad. I feel quite worn out. Went to Subway lunch time and asked for a Veggie Delite and watched in amazement as he started to sprinkle chicken over my sub. I know some restaurants think fish are vegetables but this is the first time I've ever seen someone think chicken is a vegetable. Day got worse from there really. We had run out of muesli so I went into Sainsburys after work. I got the lazy mute cashier, the one who can't even be bothered to tell you how much the bill is, let alone ask you if you've got a nectar card. I once asked a cashier how I can get a nectar card and she was flummoxed so no I haven't got a nectar card.

11 March, 2007

I Love my PC

There has been such excitement in Robbo World this morning. Steve has finally worked out how to make Stumble compatible with Internet Explorer. I love Stumble. before we (well Steve )upgraded the computers we could use it through FireFox. Let me tell you about Stumble - you submit a profile of your interests and it will show you pages it thinks you will like. Ruthie, if you thought Heroes was addictive you should try Stumble. I was thrilled to see the recent amendments that they have made - as I haven't been able to use it since December -you can really narrow down the topics you're interested it. I've signed up to a feed reader - so I'll be notified when my fave blogs are updated - so much better than trawling through the blogs. Will I ever get any work done?
You may have noticed that I have updated my photo - I now realise my new haircut looks the same as my old one. Steve took the photo from a slight angle to try and hide my numerous chins.
I had to get up about during the night to let Penny out- the moon was glowing. It was really golden. I have no idea why it was doing that but it looked like the sun in the night sky. I'm sure I didn't dream it.

I was reading the gardening section today and in the the to do list it said plant gladioli bulbs. And I have ! I did it this morning!! That is the first time ever I have actually done something from the to do list. Which makes me wonder why I read it in the first place.

BTW the little critters pictured are Lola and Reggie. They keep Ruthie pretty busy.

10 March, 2007

Mum and Dad

We went round Mum and Dad's last night. As you walk up to their door security light comes on that completely dazzles you. I always spend the first couple of minutes with spots in front of my eyes. We ordered a take away - we tend to do that instead of one of us cooking - much more relaxing for the designated cook. Mum phoned the order through and told them to get a move on. Well what she actually said was "And how long will that be? 45 minutes. Well as quick as you can." Which proves my theory that the older you get the less you care about what you say.
Then she did something that really shocked me. She took off her cardy and hanged it on the back of the armchair. We were never allowed to do that as kids. Their suite is ERCOL for goodness sakes. It cost a fortune. When they first got it 3 years ago we weren't allowed to sit on it if we were having a cup of tea, in case of spillage. Joe and Aaron weren't even allowed in the living room. And now she is hanging up clothes on it. Dad took the offending cardy out.
When they first got the Ercol settee and armchairs the cushions were feather filled. They were a nightmare - the cushions kept losing their shape and you kept slipping off them. They have had them replace by foam filled cushions and it so much better. So my furniture buying tip is don't buy feather filled.

09 March, 2007


Horrendous day at work. Blummin awful. On the plus side got lots of compliments on my hair - I don't care if I had to solicit them ("Do you like my hair?" "Yes")
I'm working on a short story to submit to Hackwriters. Did the first draft in the third person, but I find writing in the third person really hard. Trying not to used "she" or their name. It all gets a bit muddled. I think I'll rewrite it in the first person. I'm really rubbish at thinking up names as well. For one of my OU stories I used the dogs' names, it was quite funny reading Ashley's critique of Tom and Penny.

08 March, 2007

Haircut part 2.

Hair cut euphoria now worn off. *sigh*


Just had my hair cut and I love it. it is unusual for me to like how I look so I am making the most of it.

07 March, 2007


Guru Nanak Dev - does he ring any bells with you? Aaron had home work about him. I had to google him - he is the founder of the Sikh religion. I'm ashamed that I didn't know that, I always thought I had good general knowledge.

The door bell rang at about 8 this evening. I opened the door (which really gets on my nerves when Steve is in. I think he should answer the door in case it is a violent nutter) to find a very young man trying to sell me life insurance. I said no thank you, very politely. But what a rotten job, he looked so nervous and was a bit stammery. Perhaps he had disturbed some violent nutters and was worried I feel really sorry for him. Still didn't buy any life insurance though.

06 March, 2007

Finding Saturn.

In a rare quiet moment at work I was explaining to Graham how you can spot Saturn at the moment. He was amazed I knew- I told me I watched The Sky at Night last night and they explained it. If used wisely TV can be educational. This is how you do it (spot Saturn, not watch educational telly) -

Find the Plough (or the saucepan). If you follow north 45 degrees from the bottom right hand corner you will see the north star. The north star is what the sailors used to use to navigate before they discover longitude. This is nothing to do with Saturn, but is interesting.
Now if you go south 45 degrees from the bottom right hand corner you will come to an oblong cluster of stars - Saturn is the brightest star. Of course you can only see this if you are in the Northern Hemisphere. When I was south of the equator I found it miraculous that I was seeing different stars from the ones at home.
Another tip that they gave last night was if you have a telescope - leave it outside for a few hours so that the telescope is acclimatised to the temperature. You will get a better view.

BTW did anyone see the moon eclipse on Saturday night? Seeing that you can understand why people have always been intrigued by the stars.

On a personal note - Hannah if you are reading this I haven't been able to see your blog -I just get a black page.

05 March, 2007

2 weeks to go.

Two weeks to go to my birthday. The good news is I've booked a week off work . The bad news is I'll be 3! I've recently noticed that people must lie about their age. You know when you read the paper and there is a caption under the photo -Mrs blah blah-32. 32 my ar*e!42 more like or she has had a very hard life. Or perhaps been out in the sun a lot. A suspiciously large number of elderly looking people seem to be 36.

I have started planning my birthday treats. A meal out with Sharon Friday week. We're going to a Japanese restaurant. Out with Steve on my birthday - probably to our fave Indian and then a Chinese with Angela and Dave the following Saturday. Thereby covering most of Asia in 3 easy meals . On the Wednesday for my birthday present, Mum is treating me to a facial. Then Mum, Angela and I will go out for lunch. Of course these are birthday treats Plan A and are subject to change at short notice.
I won't be coy about my age , I'll be 39. Steve would like it noted that he is actually younger than me. There was once a nasty incident when someone thought he was my Dad. There was even a uglier incident when someone thought I was dad's wife. I suppose Dad does look good for his age but it was weird.

04 March, 2007


Just read the Style issue of The Times. it is a special men's edition - but I bet many men won't read it. It is all about aftershaves (they call it scent, but they mean aftershaves), clothes and women. One article was about how the writer had a young lady in his bedroom, only for her to walk out because he had a clock radio from Argos. Apparently she objected to its cheapness. I think Argos should sue. Gentlemen if a lady makes her excuses once she is actually sitting on your bed, it has nothing to do with the make of your radio.
When Steve and I began dating, I bought him some Penhagalon's aftershave. It was very expensive. The bottle was made of heavy glass and come in a silk lined box. I think he wore it once just to be polite. Steve isn't really into any of that. If its not radio controlled he is not interested. (He was beyond thrilled with the radio controlled watch I gave him for Christmas.) I watched the Ian Rankin interview last night on BBC4 talking about Rebus. Ian is married and was saying he gave Rebus a lot of characteristics he hasn't got. Ian said unmarried Rebus is allowed to make a mess in his flat. That hit a chord, Steve hasn't been allowed to make a mess in the last 9 years. A lot of our arguments have been about messiness. Talking about arguments- I never believe those couples who say "Oh, we never argue." Who are they kidding?

03 March, 2007


I like to think that I am an educated woman. I like to think that I am well read and aware. I do have reasons to think this - I read the quality papers, I grow my own hair, my nails aren't "gelled". I buy quality not labels (well except for le creseut, but I've blogged about that obsession enough) I don't have a tattoo. When I visit a city I go to the art galleries and museums. I watch foreign language films. My favourite artist is Egon Schiele.
However I do have a dark side-
I love Nao/lladro figurines - i know they can be twee( can be...) but i really like them. I have ever since my Mum bought one when I was about 12. I have two pieces that have pride of place in my living room which my friends have never commented on.
I am enthralled by the Masked Magician.
I'm gutted Rosemary and Thyme have been cancelled.
I say "afters" "living room" "loo" "settee" "dinner" for the evening meal, "pardon" "serviette".
I'm a sucker for diamonds.
If I had had children I fancied the names Bailey and Brogan (Steve didn't - he asked me why I just didn't call them chav).

Changing the subject I was reading the Telegraph (see, see i am posh!) and there was an article about the Compact Group. It originated in San Francisco and the idea is to buy only things you need. If possible buy things second hand or preferably recycle/lend /borrow. A couple of years ago when Steve and I were really skint we did cut down on shopping. We had no choice. We started using the Library more, shopping at Lidl and Aldi. I stopped going to the shops at the weekend as something to do. We're better off now but we have kept those habits. Going to the library has saved me a fortune and i don't miss Saturday shopping. I think the Compact group is a good idea.

02 March, 2007

In sickness...

I am not a natural nurse. Steve has taken to his bed, gravely ill. he asked me to bring him a drink. I got told off for pouring too much drink in it (wtf...). he has managed to get up now and i 'll change the bed as I don't want to sleep in Stevie sicky sweaty sheets. i do feel sorry for him, he isn't well - is that just that I haven't got any patience. Any way we got married in a registry office and you don't make any promises about sickness and health. Did you know in a registry office you don't actually make any vows, you make statements. We didn't write our own vows - its hard enough writing a blog. Some thing like : I promise to stay with you unless you get on my nerves, someone better comes along or you get ugly - well, its just not romantic is it?

01 March, 2007


This may shock you but I think I am in danger of becoming dowdy. I stopped dying my hair a year ago - I was shocked to realise I liked my natural colour ( I hadn't seen it for so long.) I've given up on high heels - they do look nice but I like to walk fast. And i have never manged the art of walking fast (or just walking normally ) in high heels. All my shoes are flat except my going out shoes. But my next going out shoes I'll buy will be flat. I don't have hair straighteners. i don't like wearing low cut tops anymore - I'm worried I'll have some one's eye out.
I do wear make up and perfume. I wash my hair every day and shave my legs. I moisturise. I put on a face pack once a week. I wear nail varnish on special occasions. But I don't make the effort I did when I was younger. I don't think it has to do with being married...most men don't notice what women wear anyway. I think its laziness.