24 June, 2010

Marriage and babiesand happiness

Reading the paper today I came across an article of the "don't leave it it too late to marry and have a family" type.
This used to make me cross, but now I think , oh well they probably print rubbish like that to get letters in.
I think it is simple. Marry when you meet the person you want to get married to, and not a moment before. Try to get pregnant when you want a baby. There are no guarantees whatever your age.
I've seen some very unhappy people who got married, because it was the "right time" and had children because it was the next step. I also know unhappy single people and childless couples. There isn't a formula for happiness.

23 June, 2010

Mum celebrates England's Win

I ring Dad to talk about the England win. the phone rings for ages (that is nothing new, they can never remember where they left the cordless). The phone is then picked up and it sounds like it has been dropped.
Me: Hello? Hello?
Mum: Is dad with you?
She sounds about 80. She sounds feeble and sick
Me: Mum, are you all right?
Mum: Is dad with you?
Me, v. worried, what is going on?: Mum its me, Gina. Are you ok?
Mum: I am sozzled.
Me: What? Where's Dad?
Mum: I'm sozzled.
Me, patiently: Why are you sozzled? Where's Dad?
Mum: I went to the pub with Angela and Jo. I've no idea where Ted is.
Me: Do you want to call him?
Mum: No.
Me: have you had any water?
Mum: Bye.

I give it 5 minutes and call again.
Dad: hello
Me: what's going on with Mum?
Dad: We went to the pub with Angela to watch the football. She had 3 glasses of wine. Your Mum can't take her drink anymore.
Me: She doesn't even know you're there Dad.
Dad: I bought her home!!!

We're through!

We won, we won, we won!
Now the worrying about Sunday starts...

22 June, 2010

20 June, 2010


I was 28, single and living at home. I was fed up. I recently ended things with my boyfriend, although really he had end it with me. Well , when someone tells you that they don't love you anymore but stick around because they may change their mind..... you leave. Well I did anyway. I think that is a very cowardly way of dumping some one - dumping with out the responsibility.
Any hoo, I was fed up. I was never going to meet any one. Angela suggested I move out and get a place of my own. But I didn't want to do that, I liked living at home. I know that is not a coll thing to say but I did. My Mum and Dad are good company, and if they were yearning to have the place to themselves they didn't let on.
I wanted a dog. In times of emotional upheaval I want a dog. We got Goldie when I started senior school(new school , new area and hormones - what a combination)We got Tommy after the failed fertility stuff.
Dad did not want to get a dog. he pointed out that I would meet some one, get married and leave the dog with him.I pouted , we got a dog.
Terry was a tiny black and white Jack Russell. I had read about the breed - intelligent , good dogs the books told me, easy to train. The books lied. Terry was a wonderful dog - but feisty - a terrible escape artist and thought she was a huge dog. terry was hard work.
5 months after getting Terry I met Mr Robbo.
Terry did become Dad's dog. He tried many things to stop her escaping out of the garden, she always bested him. Dad would put her on diets (as she got older she did get a bit porky) and she would sit in front of him, barking - demanding food.
Then on Friday at the age of 14 she had to be put to sleep. It was a good age and she was a good dog. As long as she got her on way!
I did feel sorry for Dad, he lost his dog on Friday and then England played awful at the World Cup.

13 June, 2010

Sunday Stuff

I bought 2 books for my Kindle today. The only sad thing about Kindle is that sometimes that the books I would like to buy aren't available to download in the UK. Mr Robbo has told me that I can not trick Kindle that I live in the US, which I think is rather mean of them.
Mum and Dad came round to watch the footie on our wonderful telly. Reader, imagine our disgust when ITV HD suddenly cut to commercial break, just when Gerrard scored. Unbelievable. And the apology was a mockery - experiencing an interruption indeed.
I read the latest Kim Harrison book Black Magic Sanction . One of the things I like about her books that is the ambiguity of the characters. I really like Kelley Armstrong's OtherWorld books but the characters are either good or bad. I find Kelley is more of a comfort read - I'm not going to get any nasty surprises.

12 June, 2010

Cut and Colour

Nothing lifts the spirit like a nice hair cut. My grey (white) roots have been today and my hair has been cut on a spiky asymmetrical cut. I feel quite groovy. I've painted my nails (typing this v. gingerly) and now off to meet Mum.
Obviously will not be going out tonight -COME ON ENG-ER-LAND!

10 June, 2010

Guilty Pleasure

Steve is out this evening. So I made myself a delish curry and am watching SATC (the first one)on my ( I mean our) brilliant HD telly. I taped SATC from HD Sky movies and now we have got the new amp I am listening to it in 5:1. It is brilliant!!!