30 October, 2007


I went to the Doctor's this morning. I am crippled with pain in my lower belly and back. Ok - that might be a slight exaggeration, but I don't really get pain. I get the odd heavy cold(Mum reckons I suffer more from colds because I've got little nostrils...guess I'm still her little precious)and period cramps but this ..this really blumming hurts. I think the cystitis infection has spread. I went to the Doctor and explained my symptoms and she gave me a prescription for some anti bacterials, saying that they would help with the "discomfort." Discomfort! Reader I hobbled into the Doctors. I'm in such discomfort I have even lost my appetite. People that know me (or even look at my photo in the corner) will realise that I must be in a quite a bit of discomfort to be off my food.
As ever I wonder how people who are really ill bear it.

28 October, 2007


In the paper today there was an article about Lucid Dreaming - it must be in the air because I'm sure I read an article about Lucid Dreaming the other week. Basically it is making your dreams work for you. For instance a Mum wanted to sort out child care for her son. So before she fell asleep she asked "Where is there good child care?" Lo and behold she dreamt about a park near where she worked ...where there was a good child care centre.
You know what I think? I think that there is something disturbing about having to make every second count. Sleep is sleep. You're supposed to be switching off, relaxing,taking time out. Sleep is not a problem solving exercise.

BTW I've got cystitis this weekend. Not good.

26 October, 2007


In Asdas tonight I must have accidentally cut some one up with my trolley, as when the girl walked past she yelled "She didn't realise what's she's done!"
And then I thought oops she means me (seconds before I had heard the same voice say after you, but I thought it was someway behind me - I didn't realise she meant me!) But as she herself had pointed out if I didn't even realise that I had done it - I obviously didn't do it on purpose. Anyway if you are reading this- sorry I cut you up with my trolley.

And a thank you to the young chap that got the bootle of ginger beer off the top shelf. I couldn't even reach it on my tippy toes.

25 October, 2007

Oh No

Since the car accident we've had a hire car through the insurance. today Steve went to the parked hire car , only to find some one had rammed the bumper. That is £250 excess we'll have to pay, as the whole bumper needs replacing and who ever rammed it didn't leave their insurance details.
And the vacuum cleaner has broken.
At least we have our love for one another. Who needs money anyway?

24 October, 2007


From 16 to 21 I had a boyfriend who was a complete mind control nut job. I was just too young to realise it and thought I was the problem. Towards the end everything I did was wrong, my self esteem was lower than whale poo. I was too big, too noisy, too thick, too ...Gina. I lost all faith in my own judgement. the good news is that once you get rid of a creep like that it is surprising how quickly you can recover - and you do learn not to let that happen to you again. But it does leave you with the odd button or two. I hate being told that I'm noisy,too loud. There are times when I am loud I know that the people telling me that I'm loud are not being control freaks - they just stating a fact. Intellectually I know that they are not out to get me - but my heart doesn't know that.
So I'll sulk instead. then they will be sorry when they will keep having to ask me to speak up.

22 October, 2007


Steve and Jason have a theory that for a marriage to work the husband has got to be a bit scared of his wife. I don't believe Steve is scared of me - if he was I wouldn't get all the saucy back chat or the questionings of my wisdom.
However I had to rethink this when we were round my parents. We were all sitting in the living room and the phone (that is in the hall) rang.
Mum (stares at Dad):PHONE
Dad with out a word gets up and answers it.
Me: Mum! if Dad ever yelled at you like that you'd go mad!
Mum (bewildered innocence): What?
Perhaps Steve and Jason are right.

21 October, 2007


After much searching Steve has finally found a car. It is a silver W reg mondeo and he will be making it up on Friday. Steve needs to sort out a cover note and get the car taxed. It will be nice to have our own car again. We have had confirmation from the insurance car that the old car is a write -off. If it hadn't been for idiot driver that car would have lasted years. Grrrr.
I thought last night's rugby match was good, as I didn't give up hope untill the last 15 minutes.

20 October, 2007


This is one of the many reasons I love the Little Dudes.

Aaron to Mrs Evans (his teacher): Is a cone made out of a rectangle.
Mrs Evans: You tell me Aaron.

At home , Angela is cooking when Aaron comes running in holding a cone held together by LOTS of sellotape.
Aaron: its a cone!

The next morning at school.
Mrs Evans:Well Aaron is a cone made from a rectangle?
Aaron: Mrs Evans you know it is!
They both laugh.

19 October, 2007


I haven't blogged for a bit because I've been busy. I haven't even seen Heroes this week.

Ah - there is the front door bell - our Friday night takeaway had arrived. See ya later!

13 October, 2007


There is a house near where I live. It is my fantasy house. I think it may have been built in the 19th Century. It is detached and looks like it could have once been a vicarage. It is now for sale for about £700,000. A tad over my budget. What I can't understand is why the fantasy house owners would want to sell it. I suppose it is just not their fantasy house. Or perhaps they are fed up of that woman and her greyhound walking past extra slowly and staring at their house every week.

12 October, 2007


Last night a disqualified driver crashed into our parked car. Steve had popped over Tim's and had parked his car where he always parks it. thank goodness Steve wasn't in the car , or that Tommy was in the car.The disqualified, uninsured driver's car and landed in a front garden. The disqualified, uninsured, possibly inebriated driver tried to make a run for it, but luckily neighbours helped to restrain him and the police quickly arrived.
Steve has spent all day talking to the police and insurance company. Our car is a write-off. If an uninsured driver damages your car you're as good as uninsured. There are no words to explain how angry we are. I know the main thing is that no one was hurt. Well, apart from our car.

08 October, 2007

My Dead Dog

Penny has been dead for 6 months and not a day goes by when I don't think about her.

It was my idea to get a second dog as I felt that Tommy was becoming the most spoilt dog in the world. Steve wasn't so keen but gradually came round to the idea. We took Tom with us to the kennels and Penny was the third dog we saw- the first 2 having growled at Tom. Penny waited until we were driving back home before her and Tom had a growl fest....
Penny's tail was always wagging and she would follow you everywhere. She'd be in front of you walking backwards,tail wagging. Penny seemed to be asking "what ya doing? Can I join in?" Penny adored Steve,she was really his dog. When Steve would come home late from a DJ stint she would run downstairs to keep him company. His wife and other dog didn't even wake up. Penny was a jumper, we would often be eye to eye. Penny had a real lust for life. She was also the most destructive dog I've ever seen when frightened. She hadn't any tolerance for storms or fireworks.
Life is much quieter with out and a lot easier. When we come home there isn't an underlying dread of what we will be coming home to. For the first time in 4 years I haven't had to hide my slippers (penny would hide my slippers. Last month I moved the spare bed and found an ancient slipper wodged underneath)She used to hide the post in her bed as well.
Although I think of her I don't feel sad as I know she had the most fantastic life.

07 October, 2007

I want ! I want!

I want three toilets and a dining room. I don't care that there is only two of us and we normally have our dinner on our laps whilst watching telly.
To vent my property jealousy I waited till Steve went out* and rearranged the living room. Then I went upstairs to have a bath (in the only bathroom this house has!)and noticed Tommy had thrown up grass on his bed. Tommy has a double bed in the back room. He has a pillow and 2 duvets. I stripped the bed and put it on a very hot wash. I might not have a dining room but then not many dogs have their own bedroom.

*Steve hates it when I rearrange furniture. It really gets on his nerves. He is fed up today because Lewis Hamilton had to retire in today's race.

06 October, 2007


Last year someone raved to me about Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. last week I was in Oxfam and I saw a copy. I thought -ah that's the book that that girl thought was brilliant. So I bought it. Reader, I didn't get passed page 53. What is the deal with the brother being called Chapter Eleven? Is that in reference to something- is all made clear late or is he really called Chapter Eleven? I feared I was in the world of tricksy writing that makes the reader feel clever for reading it. has any one out there read it - is it worth persevering with?
BTW the book that I would describe as brilliant is Never Let me go by Kazuo Ishiguro. The story stays with you.

Shopping in Asda today there was a shelf stacker that had Downs. Bravo Asda.

05 October, 2007

Borough market

I went to Borough market today. If you've seen the film Bridget Jones -her flat is at Borough market, above the pub. It was very foodie and expensive.Full of lovely things that I could get cheaper at Asda. The people running the market stalls were very posh. There weren't any stalls selling out of date magazines. I think I'm more of a Walthamstow market girl myself.

03 October, 2007

My life as a train track.

My life can be traced along the Fenchurch street-Shoeburyness line.
I was born in Plaistow, just a little way after the West Ham stop. East ham depot -I lived in EastHam till I was 11 (then we moved to Ilford- different train line, but poetic licence and all that.)I went to 6th Form at Upminster, and when I first started work I commuted from Upminster. Those were the days of the slam door trains. When we lived in EastHam we used to have family days out at Chalkwell, Mum thought it nicer than Southend. Steve and I first lived together in Westcliff. I worked in Southend for 14 years (this is getting scary now- how is all this time possible?)and we now live at the end of the line. As the next stop is the sea, perhaps we could get a little boat and row to Kent.