29 November, 2009

Blogging whilst the bath is running

Loving the new cooker! The new cooker smell! The lovely sparkly clean-ness of it all!

I've de-activated my Facebook account. I started getting messages from "friends" with viruses attached. The last message - wasn't v. nice and I just thought life is too short for this type of silliness.

Met Sharon yesterday and we had a gorgeous lunch at a Thai restaurant in Leigh. It made such a good change. Both agreed that we must do this more often. I also bought some wooden Christmas decorations, a tad pricey but they are gorgeous and will last for years.

Right - bath is ready now! Bath and the Archers omnibus - a very English way to start Sunday.

16 November, 2009

Cooker RIP

Saturday evening I made a lasagna, Popped it in the oven, set the temperature at 180 C and went off to do exciting things, like watch TV. After 30 minutes I went back to check on dinner. The lasagna was stone cold! The big oven was broken! I went and turned it off at the mains, put it back on again and it still didn't work And why should it - you can't reboot a cooker can you?
Luckily the top oven still works so I cooked it in that. As the cooker is at least 20 years old - it was my Mum's old cooker and she got it second hand- I think it is time for a new one. I felt a bit sad though - it was a really good cooker.
On Sunday we watched Disney's Christmas Carol. Yes that's right not Dickens' Christmas Carol, Disney's. It was v.good although I felt a bit sick with all the swooping /flying across London scenes.

14 November, 2009

Under the stairs

There was a horror film called "The people under the stairs". Having just cleared out our cupboard under the stairs I'm surprised they had the room.
I paired up shoes, re homed the summer jackets. Hauled up weirds bit of computer to the computer room, to ask Mr Robbo are they are any use? Threw out shoes that have I have never managed to break in. Got a door hanger thingy and hanged up the coats. its a lot better. It will never be a thing of beauty and there still isn't any room for deranged looking people (we tend to hang out in the living room) but its a lot better than what it was.

13 November, 2009

Only 13 friends

I'm getting a wee bit fed up of Facebook. Numerous Mafia Family requests, balls being thrown at me (do I want to throw the ball back? NO) the friend requests from people who barely say hello to me in real life....but I have just read something that made my eyes pop out.
My Mum is on Facebook, she doesn't use it that much and all her friends on Facebook are people she knows well. When I looked at Facebook just now it said "Gina's Mum has only got 13 friends , suggest friends for Gina's Mum."
Don't you think that is mean? Only 13 friends, my bot. At least she knows 'em.

08 November, 2009

Sunday Stuff

It is Sunday morning and I have just had the luxury of being able to take my time getting ready. Steve has gone out taking the dog with him. I ran the bath and lit candles. Actually it was a good job I wasn't in a hurry because those matches are a bugger to light. It took me about 8 goes to get the match lit. I speak as someone who learnt how to use matches in the Brownies.
East Beach had a firework display last night. At least I think it was the fireworks, some of the bangs were so loud I wondered if Foulness was firing on all cylinders. If those of you who aren't local, we live Foulness Island , which is Ministry of Defence land where they test firing ranges. Usually we remain blissfully unaware of what is going on, but some times it can make the windows rattle. Tommy was a star, though. It was obvious it didn't like all the bangs, but he just curled up under my feet , looking glum. Its the first year he hasn't peed in the house, during fireworks. It has only taken 7 years!

03 November, 2009

Come Again

This weekend I was reading an interview with Russell Brand. The interviewer asks if he was good at sex, him being a sex addict and all. Russell say yes, the interviewer asks him how he could tell and he answered, he could tell by the reaction of the other person. He then goes on to say he found a woman's orgasm as terrifying. I can't remember how he described it but the gist was what was terrifying about it was the complete loss of control, the woman becoming goddess - like, the sheer abandoness.
Sitting on the train this morning, a random thought crossed my mind. Could, just could, these women been faking a teeny tiny bit?

01 November, 2009

Wet and wild

I've mentioned before that I like walking the dog in the rain. This morning it has been hammering it down and looking out at the garden the bushes and trees were swaying in the gusty wind. Tom looked at me expectantly, he was happy to go out in it...what could I do?
Tom was kitted out in his coat. I put my big anorak hoody, warm jumper, jeans and boots. Leaving the house I had to hang on to the hood , to stop it blowing back. My jeans were soaked through and the dog looked like a big black rat. Walking out to the beach there were lots of windsurfers , catching the chopping waves. Tom and I watched them for a bit - we couldn't get any wetter, and Tom didn't seem bothered.
When we got home I towel dried the dog. Peeled off the wet clothes (even my socks were wet) and sorted out some dry warm clothes. I'm glad we've got a cozy house.
I don't intend going out again today.