30 June, 2007


I'm on the telephone to my nephew. He is a Dr Who fanatic, so I can geek off to him and he thinks I'm cool not sad.

Me: Did you see the Doctor Who cartoon this morning?
Joe: No I don't watch them. They're silly.
me (shocked):I thought it was good!
Joe (being polite to his aged aunt):I'm glad you liked it.

The shame, the shame.


My dad says that if you live in England you can't take any notice of the weather. I've agreed with that - I quite cheerfully do the gardening, walk the dog in most types of weather, but the past few days have been ridiculous. I took Tom for a walk in a mild drizzle and came home soaked. The heavens opened just as I got to the point of no return. I know that we're lucky that we haven't been flooded (I heard a funny but horrible joke about at least all the Bull Eye winners have got somewhere to cruise in their speedboats now)but I'm fed up being soggy.
I watched the Doctor Who cartoon this morning. It was really good and was voiced by the proper actors. I was a bit worried it was going to be voiced by sound a likies. I don't know if it was a one off or a series. Its been years since I've watched telly on a Saturday morning. I suppose that is because I'm a grown up. Allegedly.
The cartoon was about finding a ship that showed you your heart's desire. Martha's was the Doctor (big surprise) you never found out about the Doctor's (he is so mysterious!). It made me think about my heart's desire. It would go like this:
Steve: Where am I? Where are my clothes? You know what? Grand Prix is noisy and boring. I don't think I'll bother watching it any more.

Pink Fraud

Just got in after seeing Pink Fraud at the Riga. They are a Pink Floyd tribute band. I think tonight they played mostly B sides. It was a bit boring. And my legs ache from all that standing around.
Nice to meet Steve's mates though.

28 June, 2007

Just a thought..

Do you think Gordon Brown is really the Master and he has gassed Tony's Cabinet?

26 June, 2007

Work stuff

I'm at the photocopier, copying my last 2 appraisals when Lesley, a senior manager I've never worked for but know , walked past:

Lesley: Are you applying for a job.
Me: Yeah, !!!$$$$* have got some jobs going
Lesley: Are they in Canada Square?
Me: Good Lord no - I'm not going to change trains to get to work, too much of a faff.
Lesley; Ha ha Gina you are funny.

Who's joking? I mean it.

* I'm not telling you what job I'm going for yet. I'm paranoid.

25 June, 2007


Its a blumen' secret how they get people to buy this rubbish. AAARRRGGGHHHHH
So glad I got it from the library and didn't pay twelve quid for it.

Lucky me

I don't normally blog about work but due to work changes I'm looking for a new job. Steve is has been great helping me with my CV. I'm applying for a few jobs in London and he has volunteered to do the cooking and week day shopping. What a sweetie!!!(in a macho way obviously). Ruthie has been brilliant as well - even offering to lend me some smart clothes if I get to interview. I'm a lucky girl.

Got The Secret out of the library - that has been a lot of ho hah about this. I think it is about putting out positive thoughts or something. Anyway wish me luck with my job hunt.

24 June, 2007

Food I don't like

Hannahhas written a blog about food/drink she doesn't like.
Here is my list:

instant coffee.
sweet wine.

So if you ever want to invite me round for dinner I'm pretty easy to cook for.

A quick Doctor Who question - are they saying that Time Lords are like vampires in that humans are strangely attracted to them?

23 June, 2007

You Are a Peacemaker Soul

You strive to please others and compromise anyway you can.
War or conflict bothers you, and you would do anything to keep the peace.
You are a good mediator and a true negotiator.
Sometimes you do too much, trying so hard to make people happy.

While you keep the peace, you tend to be secretly judgmental.
You lose respect for people who don't like to both give and take.
On the flip side, you've got a graet sense of humor and wit.
You're always dimplomatic and able to give good advice.

Souls you are most compatible with: Warrior Soul, Hunter Soul and Visionary Soul

New Photo

Came to the painful conclusion I am not photogenic. Can understand totally why some people put on photo of their feet as their blog picture or a cute cartoon.
BTW still haven't got hair remorse.
PS. In you look in the corner you can see Panda.

Books and Stuff

Got my Amazon delivery of my G A McKevatt books today. Brilliant! Still I've got my pile of library J D Robbs to get through first. The librarian actually commented on how many I'd checked out (7). I've read 3, 4 more to go. I'm really enjoying them but I don't know if they are re-readable. I really enjoyed Heroes but I don't know if I could sit through it again. I think some stuff you watch/read to find out what happens. You really enjoy it, but at the end its done. Then there is the stuff you can re-read and re- watch (not a word I think, but will do for my purposes)again and again. Buffy, Angel and Doctor Who being prime examples. It doesn't matter that you know the ending, you just enjoy being in their little world. I know what happens in The Shining - but I love that book, and am gripped every time I read it; although I don't think I'll re-read The Stand. I suppose it is the difference between plot driven and character driven stories.
I know lets do a list!

One Night Stands:
The Stand- Stephen King
Shawshank Redemption(really loved that film but it was so emotionally draining I couldn't watch it again)
Polo- Jilly Cooper
The Water's Lovely - Ruth Rendell

Enduring Love:
Rosemary and Thyme (these are my favourite comfort watch at the moment)
The Shining - Stephen King
Rivals -Jilly Cooper
Any Agatha Raisin book - M C Beaton
High Fidelity (the film not the book. Although I liked the book)

and things I'd thought I'd like but hated:
Wicked - Jilly Cooper (Jilly - I couldn't even finish it.)
Seven (didn't stay till the end it was so rubbish.)
Ghost Country - Sara Paretsky

22 June, 2007

Mrs Miggins and Mr Whoppy

Looked at Mrs Miggins's blog today. Mrs M hasn't updated her blog in AGES, thus depriving me of a giggle. I looked at it just now and nearly wet myself - she has changed her background, Hurray! I thought, Mrs M has updated her blog. I was wrong. She has just changed the background. That doesn't count Mrs M.
I was thrilled to see Whoppy has updated his blog - that's more like it!

20 June, 2007

Chop, chop

I've got short hair now. It's a tad shorter that the photo I showed Julie. (Julie cuts my hair.) Short hair is my default hair cut. My hair is so thick it has bowl like tendencies and I've never got the hang of straighteners. I wonder how long it will take for remorse to set in? I'll keep you posted.

BTW - anyone got some tasty marrow recipes? I've got one the size of a baby in the fridge and I want to do it some justice.

17 June, 2007

What the..

Against my better judgement I read an Amy Winehouse interview. The interviewer was making a big deal about how Amy is actually a very devoted wife. To illustrate this, we're told how Amy, in a restaurant, divided her meal in 2 and gave the other half on plate to her husband. He didn't even have to ask.
WTF?! That's an example of freaky control eating. If husband wanted something to eat he would have ordered something. Ooh it feels better to write that down, I've been stewing on that all day.

It seems I got very smashed last night. Steve told me he has sorted out Esther's email address.
Me: Oh does Esther need new email?
Steve stares at me: So you don't remember the conversation then?
Me: Blimey I was pissed wasn't I?
Steve: yes you were.

Still at least when I get out of it these days the worst things that happen are I forget a conversation about e mails, seriously consider (but decide against) not bothering to take my make up off before going to bed and am sound asleep by 11.

I, Geek.

I am getting fed up with watching 'to be continued ' on Doctor Who. Really enjoyed the episode- what a twist! I'm going to check if they are any watch fobs that I haven't noticed before lying about the place.

We* were talking about the Paul McGann Doctor Who film. I always thought I watched it with Steve. I secretly think that Steve is the geeky one and I'm the cool one. But the film was made before I knew him. So I must have watched in all on my own. I think I must have watched it by myself because the little dudes hadn't been born.** I now realise that I've always been a geek! Especially as I was about 27 at the time, living at home with my parents and watching it in my bedroom. And it was probably shown on a Saturday night.

* Unless otherwise stated 'we' refers to Steve and I. I get fed up of writing Steve and I or Steve and me.
** Angela, Mum and Dad aren't that bothered about Doctor Who. Yes I don't understand it either.


Yesterday evening Steve went over his dad's to watch the Grand Prix practice, he dropped me of Esther's on the way. Esther has recently moved and being nosy I was looking forward to seeing her new house. Esther's old house was lovely -big with a large garden but this place is really special. The garden is enormous and the backs on to fields with horses. How lovely is that? The house is big but is not over whelming, the rooms are quite cosy.The living room over looks the garden and fields. If Esther and Darren were 30 years older they would like the decor, you can tell the previous owners spent money on the place.
However Esther plied me with red wine - it would have been rude to say no, and I'm afraid I ended up rather smashed. So smashed, in fact, that when I got ready to go to bed I was seriously considering not bothering to take my make up off! Luckily I did make the effort (my pillow cases were clean on that day!)I'm amazed that I haven't got a hung over this morning - although I did get up at about 3 and took some panadol.

16 June, 2007

Ring and things

One of my hobbies is staring at Jeweller's Windows. They don't seem to mind.Last year I was looking in a shop window and saw this fabulous wedding ring. It was quite wide, gold with a triangle pattern. I'm not describing it very well but I really liked it. My own wedding ring is a gold flat band with five (tiny)diamonds. I do really like it but I've worn it every day for the past 8 years. I fancy a change. Honestly when I mentioned it to Steve he acted like I wanted to change husbands, the fuss he made. He kept saying 'But it is your wedding ring, your WEDDING ring. You're winding me up - right?'
So to wind him up I suggested that on our 10th wedding anniversary we should renew our vows and we could exchange new rings then. How Steve laughed. To be honest if it bothers him that much I won't get another one. I see it just as a ring rather than a symbol of marriage. Steve says I'm mad.

15 June, 2007


Thank goodness the working week is OVER. When we got home from work we took Tommy down to the beach (but not on the beach as dogs aren't allowed there in the Summer. It may be my city roots bit I think it is brilliant I can just walk to the beach. I love being beside the seaside.
Have just discovered JD Robb I wonder if she has got a My Space page?

12 June, 2007


I found a dog this morning. She was a English Bull Terrier puppy and she was running in the road. After a couple of false starts I managed to catch her.(Tip - you catch a dog by pretending you're not bothered - then they walk up to you and while they are having a sniff you can grab their collar.) By this time Steve had come back from getting diesel and was surprised to see me clutching a wriggling puppy and trying to dial the number on her collar. Steve rang for me - it was a More than number- they contact the owners. Five minutes later the owner rang, luckily they lived quite near. They were very grateful and we managed to get to work on time. It made a change to the start of the day.
Watched 'the season finale' of The Tudors and was astonished to learn that Wolsey killed himself. That aside I really enjoyed the Tudors, apart from all the sex scenes. Am I the only one that find sex scenes - well just a tad boring?

11 June, 2007

Frodo Friends

I've been reading this blog. Now I don't want to get all coy ( I hate coyness in blogs) but I'm not going to link to this blog. It read by invitation only ( and I got an invite! - I never get invited to things. My parents didn't even send me an invite to their party. Just took it for granted I'd be going.)Any how Secret Blogger (referred now to as SB) was writing about friends yawning whilst SB is talking to them. I could really relate to that blog. Now I have got a small circle of friends (and I'm related to about half of them)but when I was younger I was the victim of the yawning or even worse the stifled yawn -while I'd be spilling my guts out. I call it the Frodo syndrome. That is said friend thinks that they are the star and you are the support (ie Samwise). Just like Samwise they expect you to drop every thing and follow them in their marvelousness. You tend to hear from Frodos when things are going wrong with them. Which usually means when their boyfriend has dumped them or they thinking of dumping their boyfriend. You know when everything is ok when you stop getting the daily phone calls.
As I got older I realise friendship is as friendship does. Eff off you Frodos!

10 June, 2007

Robbo rule 1.

I really enjoyed Doctor Who this week. In fact I'd say it is my favourite, it certainly made me jump. I'm keeping a close eye on my Nao figurines.The story was so good I didn't notice that the Doctor wasn't in it much.
Stayed up very late (for me) last night. Just wasn't tired. Steve went to bed about eleven and I watched X files on ITV4. I used to love the X files. I remember when the film came out we had booked tickets to see it with some friends. We had just started to live together. On the night I felt rough so Steve went out and I went to bed. As I said this was early days in our relationship and we were still at the love struck stage. I was sound asleep and something made me wake up. The flat was in darkness and I could make out a shape in the bedroom doorway looking in at me. Reader, I nearly had a heart attack, I thought that a nutter had managed to break in to the place. The silly sod (that's Steve by the way) hadn't wanted to wake me up and was looking at me with eyes of love.
That's how Rule number one was made. When you come in always shout 'hello'. Even if it means waking the other person up.

09 June, 2007


Took the little dudes to East beach this afternoon. They had their fish nets with them. They caught mainly sea weed. After they went home I had a bath as I was all sand gritty. Now I'm in my pyjamas, exciting times in Robbo World.

07 June, 2007

Me me me

1. My front teeth are wonky.
2. I'm scared of heights.
3. When I walk passed a dog I always smile at it.
4. I'm five foot seven and a half. I never made it to five foot eight.
5. When I like a book I'll re -read it loads of times.
6. I've got a scar on my neck from an operation I had when I was a baby. I hate having my neck touched.
7. I'm three and a half years older than my sister. Most people don't realise that we're sisters because we don't look like each other. A lot of people think Angela is older than me.(I think it is because I'm so immature rather than I look younger.)
8. People tend to think Steve is older than me.That makes him mad.
9. I haven't got a middle name.
10.When I was 6 I broke my arm playing Daleks. I was running and managed to run into a wall.

06 June, 2007


I feel wiped out today. Steve was doing his hospital radio show straight from work. He told me to take it easy when I got in. So what did I do? Didn't listen to Steve, that's for sure. I did all the dusting/polishing as soon as I got home - before a cup of tea and didn't even change out of my work clothes. Obviously my hormones dictated that the house needed an emergency clean. Then I changed into my jeans and put the kettle on. Tom came in to the kitchen and I decided he needed a walk. Coming home after walking him I realised I had forgot to do my flies up. Bloomin' hormones.

05 June, 2007

The Road where I live

I was interested to read Hannah's comments on her blog , about being unhappy where she lived. Steve and my first home was a one bedroom flat. Despite the lack of space we were very happy there ...until we had a drug dealer and his prostitute girlfriend move in downstairs. It is horrible feeling unsafe in your own home. We were lucky that we were renting so didn't have to worry about selling it. We bought our house in 2000, back when houses were affordable. We are very lucky that all our neighbours are , well neighbourly. I'd feel comfortable knocking on their door if I needed anything. I don't take this for granted though, after my experience in the flat I am only too well aware it only takes one bad apple...
I don't think neighbourliness (is that a word?) is about money. I have friends that live in a very desirable road and her neighbours don't even acknowledge her. Then again my parents live in Thorpe Bay which has a reputation for being stuck up, but Mum and Dad feel very at home there.
My heart goes out to Hannah , stuck some where she hates. I think it is everyone's worst nightmare.

04 June, 2007

Well this is the last quiz I'm doing ..

Slow and Steady

Your friends see you as painstaking and fussy.

They see you as very cautious, extremely careful, a slow and steady plodder.

It'd really surprise them if you ever did something impulsively or on the spur of the moment.

They expect you to examine everything carefully from every angle and then usually decide against it.

Looking on the brightside, I like her haircut.

Horror fans

It is my Dad's birthday today and we all met for a meal last night. Very nice it was too. I was sitting next to the Little Dudes. Angela, being a clever Mummy bought them felt tips and a drawing pad to keep them entertained. Reader, they spent the whole time drawing sharks eating people, the Scream mask, evil weapons and Jason of Jason v Freddy fame. Angela said that red felt tips always run out first because of all the colouring in of blood that they do.
Me: Can't you draw anything nice?
Little Dudes: No!
They wanted me to tell me what happens in Scream 2. As a responsible adult I wouldn't. So dear reader, they lie. Joe said 'You might as well tell me. I've seen Scream 4' The Little Liar!

03 June, 2007

Geeky Gina

Okay I admit I moaned about last week's Doctor Who but I really enjoyed last night's episode. Especially the bit where Joan tells the Doctor where to get off. The actor who played Baines was excellent - how did he get his face to look like that? Russell T Davies has been saying that the next series will be the last because of the heavy work load. (does Russell really mean that, or are they in pay negotiations? A heavy work load never seem to have bothered Joss Whedon.) I think the way forward is one off feature length episodes. Talking about Joss, The Doctor seems to have followed the Buffy formula of a Big Bad for every series. Big Wolf, New World, Mr Saxon. (Mr Saxon must be the Master - I can't wait)
The only reservation I had about last night's episode (I'm such a geek -see how seriously I am taking all this) is that it had a narrow definition of love:get married, have a family. Where traditionally the message has been love is where you find it and one size doesn't fit all. For example the episode with Peter Kay and Marc Warren, Love and Monsters. When ever I see Marc Warren on telly now I always think of Elton. Although both episodes had the message that meeting the Doctor messes up your life one way or another.

By the way I'm eating fish again. I know all the reasons I can give you are excuses not reasons, but I didn't want you to think I don't eat fish, when now I do.

02 June, 2007

Be Warned....

You Sometimes Hold a Grudge

You aren't exactly vengeful, but you're not going to forget when someone wrongs you.
And while you'll forgive the small things, you don't hand out too many second chances to people who really screw up.

These things are addictive!

Monkey magic

You Were Born Under:

Full of spunk, you are the original party animal.
You bring fun, activity, and stimulation to any event.
Self-control is not one of your strong points; you have been known to over indulge.
Cheerful and energetic, you can turn the most boring thing into something fun.

You are most compatible with a Rat or Dragon.

The Grudge

Ruthie came over last night and we got to talking about scary films. I think the scariest film I've ever see is The Grudge. I won't say what happens in case you haven't seen it - and it is well worth seeing. Apart from the first five minutes I watched the film from behind a cushion. There is no let up - there aren't any 'you can relax now it won't be scary in this bit' bits. At one point I foolishly let my guard (and cushion) down and SCREAMED. I made Steve and the dogs jump.
I'm still a bit scared of stairs. I'm glad my house hasn't got stairs in the living room. Stairs that are situated behind my settee. Where I would be innocently sitting watching telly or reading or knitting. Unaware of anything coming down the stairs. Yes, Ruthie, I am very glad indeed...