13 September, 2010

Comfort food

When I'm at work , my comfort lunch is : cheese and coleslaw and cucumber baguette,cheese and onion crisps (with some of the crisps in the baguette) and Diet Coke.
At home it is spaghetti hoops and cheese on toast and a cup of Earl Grey.
My comfort dinner at home is :lasagna with a glass or 3 of merlot. Or a shepherd's pie, in fact I am cooking a shepherd's pie now.
Food that sinks the spirits: oven chips and a bean burger.

10 September, 2010

Now we are wed

I was reading Anna and the Ring, a blog about a girl's preparations for her wedding. it got me thinking, I've been married nearly 12 years. What are my words of wisdom?
The first year of marriage sucks. You will argue loads. I still don't know why this should be, it just is. Like gravity.
Never forget , that he is now your next of kin. HE CAN TURN OFF YOUR LIFE SUPPORT. Bear this in mind in your daily dealings.
After the first year, things do settle down. You remember why you got married in the first place.
You may have married your best friend, but with time he becomes more than your best friend.
These are the people who I take notice of and who can change my mind, in order:my husband, parents and my sister.
I can go off and do new things because I know he is there in the background to support me.

05 September, 2010

When white goods go bad

I have had quite a busy time and there is a lot of stuff that is blog worthy. But that has been over shadowed by my washing machine scaring the ba jaysus out of me.
We've had the thing for at least 8 years. Steve thinks we had it at the flat, but I'm pretty sure we bought it when we were living here. Any how I put a small load on this morning ( I like to start the week with an empty washing basket) and then there was a big BANG and it died. Steve changed the fuse in the plug, but it was still dead. Steve then went off to do his radio stuff and I took the dog for a walk.
When I got back I could smell burning rubber. Going in to the kitchen, smoke was billowing out of the washing machine.
Now , this is when I surprised myself. I never think of myself as a practical person. But I ran (ran!) the under stairs cupboard to switch the mains off. After opening the windows, I then tried to take the plug out of the washing machine (which is on the side of the machine). To do this you have to move the washing machine to the right. But it was burny hot to the touch! Undeterred I got my trusty oven gloves and wrestled with the fecking thing (as I was now beginning to think of it) and took the plug out.
I dread to think what would have happened if I hadn't had got home when I did.