30 December, 2009

The Noughties

When Big Ben strikes midnight tomorrow it will be an end of a decade. its true! As you get older time does go faster!
The main things that stand out for me this decade is :
Littlest Dude being born.
Little Dudes starting school.
The Robbos buying their first house.
Getting the dogs.
Dave being ill ..but getting better - thank goodness.
Fertility treatment
Changing jobs.
Starting my blog.
Completing my Open University courses.
Family trips to Centre Parcs.

And want do I want to do next decade? I want to go to Japan. I've been wittering on about it for years- time to start putting together a plan.
And if this decade is the Noughties, is the next one the teenies?

24 December, 2009

Its nearly time...

We had the Little Dudes this morning and we took them down to the beach. I love the beach on Christmas Eve, it is deserted. We were all tightly wrapped up against the cold AND all the ice had gone - so the dog got his first long walk since the snow started.
When we got back we watched Fred Claus. I thought it was really funny. I think the littlest Dude thought he was watching a documentary. He was glued to Santa Tracker
The boys were telling me how their Mum's Waitrose home delivery hadn't turned up. It was supposed to be delivered yesterday but the system crashed. Angela got the delivery today - but with bits missing. The nightmare before Christmas indeed.
Merry Christmas eveyone ! Hope you're not too excited that you won't sleep tonight!

22 December, 2009

It's Here!

The mammoth Tesco delivery Christmas shop has been delivered. Cupboards, fridge and freezer are bursting with goodies.
Let the festivities begin!
BTW - Deep Heat works. (see previous post).

21 December, 2009

Deep Heat

Well it had to happen. I slipped, feel right on my bum bum in an ice cold puddle just outside my house. I wouldn't mind but I so very nearly made it with out falling over.
Am massaging Deep Heat on said tender area.

20 December, 2009


It has been snowing. I don't mind snow, but I HATE ice. I'm scared of falling over. We live down a side road and it is very icy. I haven't managed to take the poor dog for a walk. We only made it part way down the road, I was losing my balance and so was he. It makes me angry I think the council should make sure all side roads as well as main roads and pavements are gritted.

15 December, 2009

Pick, pick

For a couple of months I've had this spot thing on my leg. When I went to the Doctor about something else, I mentioned it. She took a look and said it was a wart. The doctor suggested I buy a wart removal thingy -jig from the chemist.
I meant to readers, but kept forgetting. Then to my shame, I started picking at it and worrying it. It became a bad habit. It looks disgusting now - I will get some wart stuff tomorrow. But really. I should know better.

14 December, 2009

Quick post

This year I have got the majority of the Christmas presents on line. Oh the bliss of ordering stuff in the comfort of my own home- and as most sites don't charge for delivery any more, it normally works out cheaper. And even better all the stuff has been delivered, so I'm not worrying about it getting here for in time.

12 December, 2009

Damon and Me.

I can't believe that this is my first December post. Time does fly.
I started to watch Kirstie's Home Made Christmas and to my surprise found myself shouting at the television. It was patronising and twee. It did not inspire to make presents infused with energy, time and love. Arrrgh!
I was watching MTV last night. I normally do this when a. I'm a bit drunk and b. can't be bothered to go to bed/waiting for Steve to come in. We both had our work Christmas dos last night and I got home before Steve. Blur's Boys and Girls came on. They looked so young! Then I felt a bit sad as they are the same age as me, and I looked young once as well. Told you I was a bit drunk. Steve was a bit drunk when he came in and he totally understood me when I started to babble on about my heart felt connection to Blur. Which boils to down to the single fact I 'm the same age as Damon.
Then we both fell into bed - after I took my make up off. I may have been a bit drunk but I am still a grown up.