28 April, 2011

Royal Wedding

William and Kate are getting married tomorrow. I am going to cook a full English (veggie ) breakfast and sit down to watch the event.
The first Royal wedding I can remember is Princess Anne to Captain Mark Phillips. I was 5, thought it was all very boring and was extremely annoyed Play School was cancelled. of course the telly only had 3 channels then.

17 April, 2011

10 April, 2011

Nice to know

You Would Pick Your Sweetheart Again!

You and your signifiant other are truly in love. You've connected and bonded with one another.

You have a caring, respectful relationship with lots of open communication.

That's not to say things are always ideal. What's important is that you're both committed to the working on relationship.

You don't need to look any further. You've found your perfect match... one that you'd choose again if you had to do it over.


It has been a beautiful weekend. I spent yesterday at the beach Hut with Mum and Dad. Now, I am very careful when it goes to the sun- slip, slap, slop! However I was lulled in to a false sense of security - it was quite windy out on the balcony, and I thought I was well covered. But - I caught the sun, especially my nose. My nose is RED. I can't believe it! I am normally so careful, I can't remember the last time I got sun burnt. I've got a red nose, and my arms are borderline burnt. I'm ashamed and feel a bit silly. The way the sun caught my nose - I must have a big hooter. I've spent today out of the sun.
Above is a picture of Tom, enjoying some rays.

08 April, 2011

So its just me, then.

I had a really horrible shouty nightmare last night. The kind where you wake up with a headache. It was really horrible , I was arguing with Mum and Angela. In real life we get on smashingly.
Speaking to Angela I mentioned the horrible dream , and asked her if she ever had them.
"No, never." She said.
Then a bit later Mum rang (Angela had tipped her off about my nightmare) - and no, she never has them either.
So, its just me then.
Do you think I should buy a dream catcher?

07 April, 2011