21 July, 2010


I downloaded Under the Dome by Stephen King. Now I do like my Stephen King - I've read the full version of The Stand- so I had high hopes.
Reader, I gave up after the first few chapters. The goodies seem too good and the baddies seem too bad - where are the shades of grey? I felt I knew where the story was going in that Barbie will be framed for Angie's murder and it will all go a bit Animal Farm/Lord of the Flies....I just lost interest.

17 July, 2010


However much I have enjoyed myself that day/evening out my bestest bit is coming home. Coming home, giving the dog a cuddle for being such a good boy when we were out,changing in to my dressing gown and watching something on the telly from the personal planner to unwind. Oh and after yesterday at Latitude, using a loo that flushes!

11 July, 2010

Chick Flick

I was watching a chick flick - a respite from football and grand prix- I won't say which film as I'm giving the ending away. At the end the heroine is told :you made a difference to him, you changed him
And I thought : DON'T SAY THAT! That is where women get all fecked up in relationships and get bitter and feel let down. They want to change the men. They want ot make a difference. No, no, no! How would you like it if someone tried to change you? The transformative power of love is a dangerous fairy tale.
I would have liked it better if they had said: he could really relax and just be himself round you.

08 July, 2010


When I got in today Steve was in the bathroom. "I'm in the bathroom!" he yelled.
Note to reader: we have one bathroom in the house and it has the only loo, sink and bath.
I made myself a drink and went upstairs to empty the washing bin. I heard the bath room door bolt lock. "Its all right I don't want to see you on the loo!" I yelled back. I put the washing on, drunk my drink and started to think...he is taking his time. I also heard him grunting and hoped that he would at least open the bathroom window when he had finished his "business".
"You can come in now" Steve called. Oh yuk, why would I want to do that?!?! But I went in anyway (in sickness and in health and all that). And you know what he had been doing? He hadn't been douing his "business" He had been changing the loo seat! Instead of the rickety pine seat we now have a brilliantly clean, white plastic seat.

05 July, 2010


The Littlest Dude knows that I like reading and bought me a second hand copy of Stephen King's Dark Half. I'm very touched by his generosity. I really like Stephen king and had read the book many, many years ago. I'm re reading it and enjoying it, but it is so violent and even has the c word in it a few times. It is a really inappropriate gift to get from a 10 year old!

01 July, 2010

My Feet

This week I attempted to wear my Clarkes "super soft" soles sandals to work. Reader, my feet are cut to ribbons. In this heat I have had to wear large plasters over the blisters covered by my sockettes and sturdy shoes. And reader these were not sexy sandals - they were big, black sensible things.
I don't know how Carrie Bradshaw does it.