07 May, 2011

Why ?

Why don't people with learning difficulties have the vote? Who decides how learning -difficultish you have to be before you are not eligible to vote? One of the most vulnerable areas of society does not have a voice.

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The Book Nut said...

In reality, they many times have the advantage over us "normal" folks! I have seen more love, compassion, unselfishness, and many other wonderful qualities in "handicapped" people than in most others! When you see a man abusing his family, or a mother abandoning her child, or any other terrible act, it makes you wonder if we have made a mistake in who we label as "challenged"!

Maybe if they voted and the rest of us didn't, we'd end up with the best governments ever!

We can learn a lot from those who supposedly can't learn very well! Ironic, isn't it?